How do you make enough time for a good breakfast?

Esther F.
I make it a priority. Also, I really like to eat, so I look forward to it. 😀 It is bright side of my day. 🙂 Preparing food for myself every morning reminded me how much I like preparing food for me and for others. It also gives me feeling of taking care of myself.
Martin E.
I try to make it quick and simple: Boil an egg on low heat while I’m getting ready. By the time I’m ready, they are too!
Toast two slices of bread while cracking the egg shell. I make a sandwich and it can be eaten in 10 minutes. I take my coffee in a travel mug, and grab a banana or apple for the road.
Jelena V.
I wake up eaelier.
Make sure that my breakfast is simple and helathy, that it doesn't take much time for preparation. And I eat it slowly without rushing.
Zoe J.
A good breakfast can take no time at all! I’m rushing most mornings so I’ll grab nuts and fruit that I have ready to go. Make snack bags of nuts and dried cranberries and have plenty of fresh fruit in the fridge! My quick go to fruits are bananas, honeycrisp apples, and kiwis! Preparation is key. Get it all ready the night before so you can grab and go!
Erin J.
I prepare my breakfast the night before by putting 8oz of yogurt in Tupperware with a tsp of flaked almonds, tsp of chia seed, 1/3 cup dried oats, and a handful of berries. I pop it in the fridge then take it out in the morning and take it with me. I get to work 5 minutes early and just eat it in the car! It takes 2 minutes of prep the day before! It's a small amount of effort and planning to keep you fueled until lunch! (: Good luck.<3
Malege G.
Every night I decide the content of my breakfast and ensure that it contains all the ingredients my body will need to be energised and healthy through out the day
Raquel C.
If I drink water last and first thing my head is clearer when I wake up and it's easier to persuade myself to get up a bit earlier to make time for breakfast. Also – soak the porridge oats/ oatmeal in water the night before – ready faster and tastes much better!
Tilde A.
I make sure I wake up 2 to 3 hours before I have to go to work and I get ready first. Then I make coffee and that prompts me into making a better breakfast. I try to stay away from my phone so I can focus on doing what I need to do to have more energy and less fatigue later on.
Tracy J.
I usually try to decide what I want for breakfast the night before, and set whatever food items together in my kitchen. For example if I'm going to have eggs with oatmeal, I'll leave a small plate and bowl together on the counter next to the oatmeal container with a note for 'eggs' in the bowl. I also get up an extra half hour earlier than I normally would so I don't feel rushed to get through my morning routine.
Carmen R.
It's not a simple thing. I always wake up two hours before I have to go anywhere so I have some time to prepare and relax without rushing myself.
Meghan E.
I make a plan of what I want to eat the day before, and if it’s a breakfast that’s gonna take some time to make, I’ll get up earlier.
Becky J.
Well, for me a good is doing better then when I started. And I skipped breakfast almost every time. I am single so a loaf a banana bread lasts a week, hard boil eggs only take the time to peel, also a microwaved egg is quick and you can scramble it with pre cut veggies. My brother would do a variety of “muffin baked egg omelettes” which can be ahead of time and just reheated in the morning on its own or in a sandwich.
Charles U.
I meal prep. Morning routines are so difficult for me. I have a hard time just getting out of bed. Because I am aware of this, I needed to come up with a super quick breakfast strategy since I leave myself barely anytime to get dressed. So I make breakfast sandwiches on the weekends and freeze them. I begin by mixing milk and egg in a bowl. I heat up a pan and pour a little bit of the mixture in a stainless steel ring. Once the circular egg is done, I put it on one half of an English muffin. I place bacon on top then a slice of cheese. I top it with the other half of the English muffin. I wrap the whole sandwich in cling wrap, put it in a freezer bag, then freeze it. I make a bunch of these since they last for 2 months in the freezer. Come Monday morning, I put the frozen sandwich on a plate with a paper towel. Place it in the microwave for 1 minute… And my day begins!
Gabriella Q.
Having breakfast foods you're excited to eat can help you get out or bed earlier. Packing breakfast to go. Or preparing it ahead of time like over night oats or putting smoothie ingredients in a baggie in the freezer
Dwayne T.
in the day before i always plan how many time i need to eat and don’t be late, so i just wake up in this time and i prepare what i already decided in the day before.
Stephen R.
I prepare most of it the night before and heat it up in the morning. You can also choose cereals with high protein or grab some fruit that's easy to eat on your way to work, like grapes or an apple.
Petar X.
I don't either I prepare my breakfast the night before or make something fast in the morning (like peanut butter toasts with tea). I prefer to go through my morning routine as fast as possible so that I can start working earlier.
Margarido Q.
In order to get a good breakfast, I make sure I buy the ingredients on my weekly shop and then I prepare it the night before so I can take it to work with me. Healthier, cheaper and less time than picking something up on my way in. I do yoghurt pots with fruit and granola or salmon, spinach and boiled eggs in little containers.
Beatrice N.
It's definitely a fight most days. My sleep schedule hasn't been good, so it makes my stomach not want food in the morning. Like today it happened so I made sure to pack my breckfest and take water, an apple and collagen. So I was at least putting something in my stomach before and after yoga
Krin Z.
Do as much work beforehand as you can – the time spent ahead of time will more than be made up for. Overnight oats and boiled eggs you can take from the fridge and eat. Meal prep breakfasts like county potato hash, portion out each day, then warm it up in the microwave each morning. Get some high-protein, high fiber cereal and a banana (or some other fruit) for low-prep options. Then you're looking at 5-10 minutes max to grab food and eat.
Hans J U.
Great question, I'm thinking about the same. One option: set your alarm earlier and take minimum half an hour for breakfast. Other option (what I'm doing now): just a small piece of fruit or juice, or nothing until 12 (intermittent fasting).
Oleksandra N.
Prepare a meal plan for 3 days in advance . If in a rush, grab a granola & some yogurt and fruits to keep you energized on the go
Lison O.
In the recent past I struggled with my morning routines. Wake up, pray (I'm a muslim btw), eat breakfast, read and just be in the moment. I realized I like to spend a few minutes just being in the moment and doing nothing before going to work. If I do all these, I get to have a very good day.
I decided to start waking up earlier as my resolution for 2020 and Alhamdulillah I have every single day. Even workdays. With this, I have more than enough time in the day to do what I truly like to do i.e reading including making great breakfast. (I'm married and my wife helps me with that but It's stikk great to participate).
Sandra J.
when I was on balanced diet I have always prepare 3 boxes of salad which is quik. Often at my day off I have roasted some chicken cut it into portion put to freezer and have ready for the next day for my salads. Now I'm in ketogenic diet and I'm skipping my breakfast around 2pm sometimes longer I eat 2 meals per day so it doesn't get much time prepare all the meals
Lotte I.
Personally I make a part of my breakfast the night before. Think about over-night-oats of cut the fruit you want to put in you muesli bowl. Also I get up 10 minutes earlier so I can just sit down and really take time to eat my breakfast instead of eating it in a rush.
Mona F.
I usually plan it out and prep it the night before so I can grab it quickly. Most mornings I don't have time to cook a breakfast so I typically get something like greek yogurt or hard boiled eggs and fruit that is easy and quick but still healthy. I try to aim for decent amount of protein as well.
Elisabetta P.
Thanks to my partner's help, he takes care of some householdings and this allow me to have the time to do more things for myself. He also supports me in my resolution of caring more for myself
Jc F.
Honest answer is about knowing your environment. If you have a partner, then switching breakfast duties everyday can make it easier. But one of my favorite breakfasts is a protein waffle with nut butter, bananas and berries on top. I can be getting ready while the waffles toast (use a timer) and it takes less than 5 mins outside of toasting to assemble. it's about being aware of your space and your time. Could you get up 10 mins earlier so you have time to eat in peace? I know its complicated, but its probably not the toughest problem you solved this week. Best wishes.
Wilma P.
Prepare! Make sure you have food ready that does not take too long to prepare. Make sure you sleep well and do not over sleep! Breakfast is important
Emeline O.
I go grocery shopping 1x/week, I prep/cut everything for 7 days. I set whatever I can out the night before. I wake up early/give myself enough time to cook a great breakfast! It’s a wonderful way to start my morning!
Sebastian O.
I make time by getting the breakfast ready the night before or taking it on the way to work or activities every day. It's easier to eat when you have things ready and planned out for the next day. Good luck!!!
Delores Y.
I make a larger amount and store it for 3 days worth of meals. For example, I’ll make a quiche and divide it into 4 servings. Another meal I love for breakfast is steel cut oats. Again I’ll cook enough at one time that it’ll last a couple of days. There are plenty of recipes you can find for meal prepping on the internet. In the end this saves a lot of time and ensures I start my day with a healthy breakfast. Give it a try, I’m sure you’ll love it like I do!
Tink N.
Plan the day before. I love to make overnight oats, they are really simple and there are lots of different types you can try!! They keep you full until lunch too which is good if you have a busy schedule.
Justine U.
Just try it for a few days and if you feel a difference keep it going. I did and I’ve integrated it into my morning routine! I like oatmeal or cream of wheat because it is a one-dish hot meal and easy to clean up, plus it sticks with you for a long time!