What have you been having for breakfast? Do you find different foods affect your day?

Harold R.
I’m having the same breakfast everyday at the moment until it gets boring, then I’ll experiment. The most important step for me at this moment of my journey is to make breakfast a habit. I drink a healthy shake made of oats, banana, chia seeds, peanut butter/cashew nuts and honey. I sometimes change the milk to either oat or soya milk if I want to be a little fancy with it. I know that I feel more sluggish during the day if I don’t have breakfast. Good luck on your journey!
Caroline Q.
I’ve always been a big advocate for having breakfast an even use to run breakfast programs at schools, however I now do intermittent fasting and only eat within an 8hr window each day (12:30pm to 8:30pm). Since switching to this, I’ve noticed improvement at work in the morning and I’ve also been better at maintaining weight
Elmer W.
Congee and 1 egg and a smoothie. The congee and egg fill me up and sustain me and the smoothie gives me a boost of energy. Yesterday I wasn't hungry until well into the afternoon.
Fred E.
A protein heavy breakfast has proven the best for me. I have tried making breakfast one of my heavier meals by including eggs along with some Other form of protein such as bacon or sausage
Jerome Z.
Eggs and fruit/spinach smoothie usually. Sometimes veggie sausage or turkey bacon as well.

I feel more energetic for my workout when I eliminated eating eggo waffles for breakfast.

Elijah A.
I change my menu everyday, and breakfast had became my favorite time now. I didn’t notice the effect of different food, maybe because my menu consisted of many raw ingredients.
Lonnie G.
Porridge on work days, fills me up! I spend the day snacking otherwise. Weekends, there is time for a leisurely breakfast 🙂
Lisa O.
I have not really been planning my breakfasts very well. Mostly I’ll grab a handful of nuts – which is better than nothing but not the best. I need to plan ahead better for this.
Alexis Z.
Sometimes i eat cereal when we have nothing else in the fridge/freezer but most times, i only have time for pancakes and a piece of fruit.
Kelly X.
High protein foods like fruit oatmeal and plane yogurt.also tea and eggs are a very good choice,u can really get creative and just eat and cook anything that’s high in protein and has no sugar,but i like keeping it simple so i just eat the same stuff everyday
Karl Friedrich Q.
Omlette and oatmeal. Yes – better balance and cooked food feels better, snacks or processed food for breakfast negatively affects my day.
Francyelle A.
I have been having eggs, oats, apples and peaches in some combination for my breakfasts. I don’t know if I am noticing and big improvements yet, but I am hopeful with more time it’ll start to feel the effects.
Rebecca T.
I get an early start in the am so I have some Greek yogurt, chia seeds with some fruit or honey before I leave at around 6am then I have an egg with spinach at around 9am.
Alice T.
Porridge with nuts, seeds, fryut and honey. Sometimes I don't have breakfast due fasting. I have a brunch fruit and nuts
Vincent J.
I eat oatmeal everyday. It makes my body full and energized. I feel good. When I go to travel, I try to eat their local food
Bet Nia N.
I have been eating healthy foods using recipes from my 8fit app. For example, this morning, I had a smoked salmon and egg wrap with greens, which was really delicious. I think adding something more filling, like meat and carbs, helps, because when I was just eating eggs I was really hungry, which distracted me during my day.
Isaac P.
Bread and eggs or peanut butter. Salads or fruit bowls, oats or cereal. I always try to make it simple and healthy. A part of each food group is always necessary to have. But most of all make sure you enjoy.
Christoffer W.
Great question!I have been having a serving of fruit with an additional source of protein and fat. For instance, I enjoy cherries and a small slice of breakfast sausage. I have found that I stay full and satisfied until lunch without morning grogginess.
Terrance Z.
I’ve been having a banana and peanuts for breakfast and I find that it gives me energy and keeps me somewhat full until lunch time..I think I should add eggs as well though!
Dennis T.
I have oatmeal almost every morning. It removes the stress of planning and deciding, which frees my mind up to work on more important matters. Like me. 🙂
Katherina O.
I eat the same thing every morning: an omelette with vegetables, shredded cheese, and topped with a spoonful of plain Greek yogurt. It's the only meal I never change, and I never get tired of it. I'm not sure why, since I get bored with other things very quickly. It keeps me full until lunchtime, and my day just doesn't feel "right" anymore until I've had my omelette. Even if the rest of my day is a complete disaster, it doesn't seem like a waste if I at least got up and ate my omelette.
Sieglinde B.
Eggs, toast, fruits and oatmeal in different varieties. Like preparing the eggs differently or using different types of bread.
Arine F.
I've started to really like a fresh banana in the morning with my water. Almost to the point where I crave it when I wake up!
Frederikke Z.
I try to stick with the same foods . But I do try to get other things in there to help get more energy. Yes different foods to have an impact on my day
Noah T.
Having the same breakfast every day works the best for me. I don't have to think what to eat. I usually eat porridge made on water
with plane youghurt or scrambled eggs with ham.
Heidi J.
Consciously choosing healthy food like fruits, oats and peanut butter. Eggs are also in my diet. I stray from anything processed
Clarisse Y.
Today and yesterday I had cottage cheese with fruit and nuts. I do enjoy breakfast better when I change things up; it’s just cottage cheese is easy.
William Z.
I've been enjoying nuts and fresh fruit in the morning. Sometimes plain yoghurt with cereal, berries and honey. I only see a difference if I eat too much. It slows me down. I need to find the right balance between eating too little and over doing it.

Luna A.
I made a large batch of green lentils to have for breakfast this week. They are vegan, tasty and easy to make. In the morning I warm them up, add a little flavoring – like balsamic vinegar- and enjoy! I feel more awake around 10 AM when otherwise I would start to lag.
Tonya E.
I don’t find different foods affect my Day except when I have foods that are high in sugar for breakfast, for example, a muffin. Then, I find that I have less energy throughout the day. These are breakfast foods that I often have: oatmeal with chia and flaxseeds as well as fruit in there, different types of smoothies (Homemade), avocado with toast (if you want with a desperate bowl of fruit), or a (Homemade) parfait. Another good option is a homemade acai bowl. Hope this helps!
Hermano C.
Normally I will eat eggs and whole grain sourdough toast. I try to eat a breakfast with protein and carbs so I will have energy and feel full.
Fritz G.
I try to make eggs and veggies but if I have to work early or just don't have the time I will grab some deli meat and cheese and it helps me get going. I like to eat at least something in the morning so i don't get busy and go most of the day and then wear my body down.
Ella Z.
Something very light – a smoothie or coffee with maca powder.
Different foods do different things for different people. Most important is to listen to your body
Lino Q.
Hi . For first day I have milk and honey and butter . A different butter . But for second day I decide to have a food make of grains
So just do it my friend
Brittany F.
I have been trying to find something to keep me full longer so I am not starving by Lunch time. Thus far, nothing has done the job. Lately I have done wheat bread toast with organic jam. Possibly a protein bar, some nuts, or fruit on the side. The hungrier I am by lunch, the hangrier I get.
Annaliese Y.
Have been eating a quick breakfast consisting of a shake mix, would like to change to a whole food breakfast but waking up with enough time has been difficult. The shake is better than no breakfast
Sara J.
Today it was toast and it was fine.
I feel like I don't eat much of fruits when I don't it them in the morning.
Other than what I eat, I realized that when I eat breakfast is really important in forming my day. I really need to stop eating late breakfast or brunch and ruin my days.
Vicky Y.
Eggs are constant. The other accompanying dish that I make vary. Sometimes I make oats, sometimes fruits, sometimes bread. I am in a good mood when I have this kind of breakfast.
Ralph Z.
I usually go for fried or boiled eggs with some ham or cheese. All proteins! Somedays I'll have dark green veggies, fried.
Eduardo P.
I find eggs or peanut butter in some form to be the most filling breakfast however I often wake up kinda sick to my stomach and both of those are kind of hard and both of those are kind of hard on my stomach so if I'm having a if I'm having a really bad day I drink a cup of almond milk which has lots of protein but is a little bit easier to digest
Eva C.
For a few mornings I was eating a honey nut rice cake with peanut butter, a sliced banana and some cinnamon dashed over it. I felt it gave me lots of energy! But I don’t eat it every morning. I have also had a blueberry muffin cup treat and a bagel thin with some cream cheese.
Justine T.
Yesterday was scrambled eggs and fruit, today plain yogurt with kashi protein yogurt. A good breakfast Is whatever you want it to be!
Mathilde I.
I've been mostly having eggs for breakfast and then have anything on the side different kinds of cheeses, or sliced veggies, or peanut butter on toast, anything available in the kitchen really. I try to keep it healthy, no processed food, no super oily stuff, no sugar crash foods. I think eggs give you power for the entire day, however if you're vegan then oatmeal and smoothie bowls are a great alternative for that energy boost you might be looking for!
Alban S.
I was have bread with cheese or cream cheese, coffee, eggs, fruits. Everyday I change it according the time I have to prepare. I hint I give is organize it at night! (sorry the grammatical errors, I'm Brazilian 🙂 )
Jeff A.
Mostly scrambled eggs with different sides and herbs, like a 1 sausage. I’ve added more eggs and removed the toast now. Also adding in some fruits from my gym, like Apple, banana and Oranges. Today I’m going to have cereal and see how it affects me. I also have a protein shake in the morning as I’m putting on 10kg of muscle to reach my desired weight.
Alex N.
I tend to stick with 2 hard boiled eggs with sliced avocado because it’s easy and yummy and keeps me fuller longer than some other things. Sometimes on a slice of Dave’s killer bread. I like to also scramble eggs with spinach and green onions and cheese. That can be done quick too… if im in a hurry I just pop it all in the micro and head out with it 🙂 oh and yes, other types of foods, ie; oatmeal, fruits and lighter meals just don’t cut it for me, I’m hungry quicker and have less energy 🙂
Jacob P.
Yesterday I had coffee with my breakfast which I do not normally drink. It did not sit well in my stomach and even today I am eating carefully to avoid getting an upset stomach again.

Eggs do keep me fuller in the morning than anything else I have tried, but sometimes I get bored of eggs, even with the endless options.

I am trying to be the type of person who does not eat sweets for breakfast but instead eats a balanced meal.

Terri T.
Usually it’s scrambled eggs with bread (cheese or sometimes ham – I must eat meat because of anemia but i prefer not to) or yoghurt with fruits, musli and peanut butter. What affect my day it’s lack of breakfast 😉
Liliane F.
I've mainly been eating eggs along with Activia yogurt. For carbs I'll do some fruit and maybe some whole-grain cereal or oatmeal. I find that if I eat a carb-rich breakfast in the morning though, I tend to feel sluggish.
Chloe P.
I’ve been eating muesli with yoghurt and fruit. Haven’t experienced with other foods since I already know Muesli works the best for me. It feels light in the stomach yet gives me a full feeling for at least 4 to 5 hours
Susan Z.
A good breakfast make your day beautiful and your body healthy. I always knew it but there was no reminder before.. that's why I never had a habit. But now sometime I eat fruits sometime egg and also oats. I just love it. Also it has a good affect on my day. Whenever u eat food on your choice u will feel relax n happy. And thanks for the question , hv a beautiful n healthy life.Bye
Donna Z.
yes, I try to have some protein and healthy fat for breakfast. this week I’ve had a boiled egg with sourdough, miso soup with veg and seaweed. I’ve been full until lunchtime.
Sandro E.
I’ve mostly been eating a protein with fruit, and maybe a grain. I make water infused with cucumber & strawberry so that I’m more motivated to drink it. A really good recipe is egg frittata, especially if you add vegetables. If you’re more in a rush, I would suggest something like a hard boiled egg & a smoothie.
Kunibert Z.
It’s timely that you ask this today as I was reflecting on it this morning. I was eating an egg or two and some avocado with lemon juice and tabasco sauce. And I was really enjoying it and feeling full. Then I ran out and yesterday ate some toast and was hungry about an hour later. So today I had natural yoghurt with a chopped peach, some sultanas, hazelnuts, pistachios and a little honey. I’ve been feeling fab all morning.
Torben R.
Scrambled Eggs with green pepper, onion & tomatoe

Yes I do. When I don’t settle for the unhealthy fast food option (pizza, hamburgers, fried chicken) I feel much better over a longer period of time.

For breakfast I’ve ate eggs when normally I eat cereal and I’ve noticed I’m not as hungry as quickly as I would be after eating cereal, which helps me to feel energized up until lunch.

Philip W.
I usually always make sure to have a fruit, like a banana, as well as something more substantive, like a bowl of cereal, eggs or nuts. I find it good to eat nuts on my commute to school/work to keep nourishing.
Nathan Q.
I have a "egg"wich i found at the store. I do think what you have first sets the stage for what you want later in the day. Even if i don't necessarily crave bad foods later, i do think it's easier to eat bad since you already have. It's kind of a give up for the day.
Albert C.
I find having protein in the morning gives me the most energy. I usually have 2 eggs, half of grapefruit and yogurt. Completely filled me up 🙂
Elisabeth E.
i like to either have oatmeal with brown sugar or sometimes eggs, i find that my mood isn’t really affected unless i don’t eat which means i’ll have less energy.
Samantha T.
Lately, I've been eating cereal and milk for breakfast most of the time. At least once a week, I have eggs scrambled with ham, cheese (Velveeta), onions and peppers. I also like oatmeal, fried eggs and toast. In a hurry, I have milk and a protein bar.
The eggs are definitely more filling than cereal and milk.
Lillie C.
What I have for breakfast depends on how much time I have in the morning. When I have more time, I try to make something nutritious and delicious, like sweet toast with berries and peanut butter. But if I don’t have a lot of time I usually go back to my old staple of cereal and milk. I think the amount of nutrients I get and how fast the food digests makes a different on how my day starts.
Karla Z.
Good question, I usually have some “over-easy” fried eggs and string cheese. I don’t have much carbo’s and that seems to help
Marie W.
I had a dragonfruit smoothie, scrambled eggs and tomato yesterday. Today, I had avocado on toast and plain yogurt. I didn't feel hungry at all until lunch time.
Laurine T.
Oatmeal is my go-to breakfast these days. It’s pretty quick, very filling but doesn’t make me feel bloated, it gives me energy for when I workout, and I can make it in different ways. Typically, I add some kind of fruit, like banana or apple, and cinnamon. I make it with almond milk instead of water. Sometimes I make overnight oats with almond milk, slivered almonds and chia seeds.
Alfred C.
I have been eating eggs, coffee with no sugar and toasts. I also add a fruit after the main meal (usually a banana or an apple). As exercise I have walked about 400m after breakfast just to get the heart pumping! 🙂 I feel good and more importantly, I feel confident that change is on the way. Small steps are the key!
Lisa R.
Depending on the day and how much time I have, how hungry I am, and what I'll be doing that day, it varies. If I know I'm gonna need a lot of energy and protein, and I have time, I'll make eggs and toast and have fruit as well. If I'm not very hungry or I'm in a hurry but I don't want to skip breakfast, I'll have some cereal (I have Quaker Oatmeal Squares or some form of granola) and grab a banana and a swig or two of Kiefer. I find that eggs hold me over for longer, usually, as long as they're paired with other foods.
Marius E.
I've been making oatmeal with blueberries and honey. I find that it makes me full without making me feel guilty first thing in the morning. I also like how it's easy & cheap & I can focus more on lunch & dinner.
Baqui N.
Protein yoghurt or oats with protein powder are my 2 fave. If I have something with little or no protein. I get hungry again fast