Is it still okay to eat breakfast like say you wake-up at 3pm but I still crave eggs and toast (the things I like for breakfast) it’s probably best to eat those yes?

Martin N.
It’s still high protein – so I say, sounds great! If 3pm is your usual wake up time then it’s still classed as breakfast!
Sigmar X.
No. I think you should have lunch instead. Have a healthy lunch so like a salad or fruit . You should have a treat like a chocolate bar or packet or crisps so that your diet Is balanced. Sandwiches can also be a healthy option if you make an egg sandwich or salad sandwich.
Almut E.
I think it's totally okay to eat breakfast foods at any time of day. Sometimes my family and I have breakfast for dinner!
Siobhan Q.
Yes! I say that whenever you wake up the first meal you have counts as breakfast. My work and school schedule varies and if Im doing an early workout I probably won’t eat more than a granola bar until after so that I won’t get nauseous during but the first “real” meal (to me that means something with good carbs and a fruit or veggie) ((on good days :)) is my breakfast. Progress over perfection – if you fall off a few days don’t beat yourself up just get back to it as you can. Eggs and toast is a great breakfast.
Justina X.
A cup of water would be better that early in the morning. Then take your breakfast at your usual time. Atleast that's what I do.
Issica O.
Listening to what your body wants is wise. What foods we eat and when is a cultural decision, as humans we’ve evolved to be able to eat what’s available – no reason why not to!
Suzanne R.
I think it’s okay to eat what is considered a breakfast food for lunch or dinner. One of my close friends got married a year ago, and she & her groom loved “breakfast for dinner” so that’s what they had at their reception. My dad would fix us waffles and eggs for dinner occasionally as well.
Hannah C.
That‘s totally finde I‘d say! Breakfast is about giving you a kind of base for the day to start with, the time doesn‘t really matter as long as it’s giving you proper energy!
Jennifer U.
Sure it’s OK! I think oftentimes what we’ve come to think of as “breakfast foods”, “lunch foods”, etc. is culturally conditioned. And if you look through cookbooks or recipe blogs from around the world, you’ll see it’s ok to eat most anything for breakfast—as long as it works for you. I feel like it’s ok to eat “breakfast” at other people’s lunch times, too! (I eat toast and eggs for lunch or dinner, too, sometimes. Like when I’m too tired to cook but want to eat more than cereal 🙃)
Mae R.
I think you should eat lunch at that point, or you can eat that too, I don't know, you need to check what your body needs and see if it's healthy for you or not
Ramona F.
Yeah but I wouldn't count it as breakfast, I would count it as lunch, but breakfast foods are okay for any meal in my option
Vicky T.
I would say to eat your breakfast when you wake up no matter at what hour you wake up. But eat breakfast just once a day, don't est like 2 breakfast on one day instead of 1 breakfast and 1 dinner.
Brandon Z.
Yes it is okay. I do that some times too it is acctually called brunch. Breakfast for lunch. And if you wanna eat it you eat it
Sofie E.
Id say yes because even if you are waking up at 3pm you might as well get the most out of it, and that sounds like an energizing breakfast. So I think it's okay to eat that right when you wake up whenever that is.
Suly N.
Yes. Eventhough you woke up in afternoon, that doesnt mean you have to eat lunch. Sometimes, having a heavy first meal of the day can affect some people in a negative way.
Megan Z.
Yes! Eggs are a great source of protein. They are also filling. It’s better to make something that may not be conventional to make than to snack on food that adds no value to you.
Noelle F.
If you wake up late and want breakfast food, eat breakfast food. It still counts as breakfast as breakfast is the first meal of the day and if you wake up late you should still eat breakfast as its still your first meal of the day.
Sunny W.
It’s best to eat consistently daily, but go ahead and satisfy that occasional craving. Smoothies are great throughout the day too.
Mario C.
Yes it's completely fine. Plus, eggs and toast will give you proteins and carbohydrates. That's good for your health you should go for it.
Good luck!
Brad P.
No, because to establish a routine I need to follow a timetable. If I wake up at noon, I should eat lunch, otherwise my body will “understand” that the day is starting at that time, when it hasn’t.
Stacy R.
Breakfast is meant to fuel your body for the day, so I suppose, as it is morning for you, it is fine to do your regular breakfast just when you wake up. No matter the time. All in all, it would be better to wake up before noon for a good sleeping cycle, but not everybody can find themselves waking up early! Good luck! 🙂
Robert P.
I think as long as it’s a well-portioned, healthy meal then who’s to say you can’t have breakfast for lunch? I have a lot of friends who work late/overnight shifts and often the afternoon is their “morning”! And when your body is just waking up it might not be good to overload it with a heavy lunch or dinner type meal. I’m no expert tho lol
Alyn N.
I definitely do this!! For me, my challenge is gaining, not losing weight, but I think eating a solid breakfast is ALWAYS a good idea. I’m naturally a night owl so I’ll eat breakfast at noon or one normally, then lunch at around 4, and dinner at around 8-9 (and lots of snacks in the evening). I also think our bodies want more mild/bland/gentle foods first thing in the morning—not spicy or heavy ones. Your body knows best so listen to it!! 🙂