Would adding cheese to my breakfast eggs be a bad idea?

Emily E.
I don’t think adding cheese to your eggs is a bad idea because it is mainly protein that you are consuming. My recommendation is to not eat it everyday because everything in excess is bad for you. Hope this helps!
Jesse X.
I would say No, Breakfast is your most important meal of the day because that's how you start your morning. So, whatever you are eating will gonna reflect your whole day and eating fat will make you feel lazy for the whole day. So, what I recommend is have a protein rich diet instead. Do not consume so much fat in the morning. Have a oatmeal, eggs, juice etc.
What I love is having some almonds, oats and before all of that a bottle of water.
Elma E.
Yeah, adding cheese on breakfast egg would be a really good idea, but it totally depends on the person that he/she wants to add cheese or not. Many people like cheese and many people don't so yeah, if you like to add cheese, then just go for it!