What other ideas do you have for breakfast besides smoothies and eggs and oatmeal and quinoa? Also, do you have any healthy lunch ideas that are around 300 calories?

Betty U.
Oatmeal banana pancakes. 1 big banana turned into smush, two eggs, and 3/4 cup of oatmealflower, i use regular oats bc i like them chonky
Silvia T.
I usually have breakfast with a cup of tea, some fruit and a bowl of cereals.
For lunch 50gr. of pasta with pesto and a salad with lattuce, carrots and tomatoes
Laci O.
I love spinach and grilled chicken. If I am not in the mood for something healthy I eat steak and eggs. For breakfast, keto pancakes with chocolate chips if I’m craving sugar. Home made pancakes (made with bananas) without chocolate chips and one egg otherwise. It is not as bad as it sounds. I am blessed to have the time to preprep my meals. Sometimes my kids grab food off my plate and they ask me to cook it for them lol This app has really motivated me to stay dedicated to my eating habits. I was skeptical at first my after my free trail there was no way I could just stop lol It is officially a part of life. I can’t wait to see what is to come!
Clarence O.
This is hard for me to answer since I eat all of these things mainly for breakfast! But another really healthy breakfast option is avocado on toast. Or even some greek yoghurt and fruit is good!(just watch sugar inbox that). For a low calorie lunch try a ham/egg salad. Just some veggies(lettuce tomato cucumber spinach, that sort of thing) add somebody protein(not a whole lot needs to go in!) And possibles some tortilla chips! Finish with a healthy dressing and tada!