How much caffeine do you consume in a day?

Lena E.
I normally only have one cup of coffee a day but if am really tired I will have two and on the days I train I have energy gel to Enhance my performance.
Debbie U.
A little, I don't drink coffee, but I do love tea, especially black tea and milk tea. And I often have a cup of milk tea for my breakfast.
Anja X.
Honestly, I don’t consume any amount of caffeine coz according to my studies in this field, I know that caffeine isn’t very good for health. Instead, I exercise and do yoga every day and listen to music or read books to relieve my fatigue. My advice is consume less. Have a very good day! Hope you have a wonderful life
Catherine B.
Usually I start my morning with a cup after my water intake, then further into the day ill have another and sometimes I'll have a third. I have had times before that I've had up to five cups of coffee specifically my caffeine weakness! I'm cutting down the amount and maybe one day switch to only tea but will see.
Sam N.
Actually i drink about 2_3cup of tea and if there will be a talking meeting or family gathering then it will be added with one cup of coffee or 2cup of tea