Do you always have fruit and veggies with breakfast? The only way I can manage both is in a smoothie, otherwise I have eggs with veggies and don’t want fruit.

Jose F.
When I feel like it. Sometimes I just eat veggies with eggs or something else, I think of a fruit for an example an apple like dessert.
Mikkel Z.
I rarely have fruit with my breakfast because breakfast fills me up quite quickly. But I guess the easiest way to incorporate fruit in your breakfast is through smoothies. Good idea!!
Lo C C.
I don’t but adding a yogurt to the mix helps me get some fruits in. Honestly I usually skip the veggies because I want a little bit of a sugar rush in the morning
Jasmine E.
You don't REALLY need to always eat breakfast with fruits and veggies. Just eat a healthy breakfast that will make your stomach full for hours.
Adam G.
I usually have a fruit as the first thing I eat before actually eating breakfast. This way it's out of the way. Sometimes it's just a banana or a few grapes. Once you have had your simple fruit it's easy to proceed with breakfast. Breakfast becomes easier. You have your vegies and your other breakfast item and you had everything you needed for the day.