How do you commit yourself to eating healthy every day, even on a time crunch?

Mikorn W.
make it consistent make it consistent make it consistent make it consistent make it consistent make it consistent make it consistent make it consistent make it consistent make it consistent make it consistent make it consistent make it consistent make it consistent
Ronnie O.
Hello, excellent question. I usually carve out a time in the morning like 15 minutes or more to just relax and breath before taking on the rest of the day. All my supplies are already ready when I want to use them, you can try setting everything up the night before or you can make it the night before so you can quickly take it out of the fridge. Hope this helps and good luck on your journey.
Luciene P.
The key to success is to plan ahead! Shop for the whole week and have healthy snacks available at all times. I also have a time crunch and I have found ready made healthy meals to be a huge help. Cook food for the week or use microwaveable meals from the store. RX bars are a great snack option and delicious on the go. Focus on high protein and high fat foods to keep you full and satisfied. Delete all your delivery food apps too, just get rid of that temptation. Have quick meal options available too, like packets or tuna and crackers, oatmeal, etc.
Zeezee C.
I make sure to always have a variety of different foods, snacks, herbs and condiments… Doing this makes things exciting and you won't miss a meal
Maria Z.
If you see a possibility of a time crunch, prepare for it by planning it in advance. Have a menu for normal routine and a healthy backup plan that you switch to just in case you don't have time.
Vernon G.
By remembering that this is for my health and myself, for my goals, and for me, and I'm trying to push myself to eat healthier, so I'm still pushing myself to become a good habit for me
Christoffer C.
be sure to plan out what your going to eat at the beginning of the day, so you don’t just end up splurging on unhealthy things because you don’t have enough time to get healthier options.
Teryn U.
We always have eggs, yogurt, and cottage cheese in the fridge. If we don't have time to cook something, I can always get a bowl of yogurt with granola and a piece of fruit. My fruit of choice is bananas. We almost always have bananas in the house. If I don't eat them all before they brown, I make muffins with them and eat one of those for quick snacks.
White S.
Not really healthy food, sometimes run out ingredients to make breakfast and sometimes I can’t make it on time, it really to me long time to get ready for it. But, I still to learn make the easier and healthier food to make on time with my time as student to get ready for anything especially morning routine. Just hoping I’ll get used to it in matter of time.
Efrosini P.
Well sometimes is a little difficult to always choose a really healthy meal . I think the key is balance . Is not bad to have a piece of chocolate or a burger . You can adjust those options in a healthier way . For instance you can eat four small pieces of chocolate at afternoon or instead of eating a whole burger eat half and on the Side have a salad instead of fries . Last but not least is really important to have a schedule for every 3 hours to have a meal 3 basic meals and 2 snacks , for me that was the healthiest I have ever been . If you want to loose weight and you don’t know how is good to ask a doctor or somebody that knows more .
Sasha I.
Combine fruits with oats. You can do overnight oats: 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1/2 cup milk, 1/4 cup yogurt, 2 tbsp chia seeds (gives a pudding like texture, although I just skip this), some maple syrup or honey, and your fruit of choice. Mix up the ratios to get a thicker or thinner consistency. Store in a jar overnight. Lately I’ve been adding more milk, less oats, and blending it all instead of storing it overnight. Makes for a filling smoothie.
Roland Y.
Planning weekly grocery. Go online plan the meals and buy the stuff I only eat. Plus get extra sweet or whatever craving around 2000calories per week.
August U.
Firstly, shop for groceries when you are not hungry. This will result in less processed and sugary foods. Then, do meal preps for your meals 2-3 days prior. Prepare snacks as well such as banana oat cookies etc so you will eat healthy the whole time even with a sweet tooth.
Marcelo Q.
I don’t usually eat breakfast and don’t have time to. I am thinking of somethng that is easy to make or boil or whole food like a fruit.
Raz Q.
I try to think how it’s going to make me feel after wards, sometimes I do eat junk but it’s only when I feel good with myself. Eating healthy gives me the energy to move and to see how I’m doing well with my life. I choose and try to eat healthy not only for the benefits of keeping a good weight but also for the benefit of loving my self and allowing my self other times to eat unhealthy
Stella N.
I try to be healthy and productive but it’s a bit hard..I’d like to see changes in that if I could at-least start eating healthy
Galilea N.
Well first of all there is no such thing as good and bad foods, they’re just food and some have more benefits than others so that’s one way to start, by changing your mindset and also knowing that you are what you eat
Rim U.
Keeping healthy foods easy to reach , and junk food out of reach
= helps me eat healthy most of the time ( 80% of the time )
Mario J.
Prepare and plan meals in advance. I prefer to eat the exact same thing every day so there is no hesitation in deciding what to eat each morning.
Michele O.
You gotta stop for a short period of your day think about what you want and then make the commitment to keep it.
Then every short period re eveluate yourself and recomit to you cause (this way it will constantly feel like a freah commitment, and no one breaks a commitment right away.
Helenice Q.
Keep all snacks out of convenient reach, try to look for delicious but health recipes and make stuff like cookies homemade if your really craving them