Eat before or after a run?

Teresa Q.
I know there are benefits to fasted vs non-fasted runs. I prefer to do non-fasted runs when I am running in the morning because it makes me feel like I am starting my day with negative calories and I can eat a great breakfast to fuel my body! When I am running in the evening, I like to eat either a bun, couple slices of toast or a bowl of rice to fuel my run.
Jackson G.
I find it best to eat after as you may feel full and bloated when eating before, whereas running before you eat charges you body and gets your metabolism going, so when you eat after, you body will be able to process the food easier and more efficiently
Katherine Q.
I'd say before so that when you run, you can stop feeling bloated and burn off some calories rather than after where you've just exercised and then eat.
J Lia Z.
After. Eating before you run could cause cramps, and eating afterwards helps you refuel and recover. Always have a bottle of water with you and drink during the run or you could dehydrate. Good luck!!
Filippa F.
It depends on the day. If it's morning I eat after a run. If it's the afternoon I wait 1-2 hours after eating before I run.
L Vian Z.
I am not an expert but I do have a couple experiences with this. I have heard that it is good to work out on an empty stomach, because it is supposed to burn more fat. So the best time to do any exercising would be in the morning. Drink some water, do what you gotta do and then come home and shower and eat. I have a friend who couldn’t ever eat before exercising because it would upset her stomach.
Alexandra C.
I think it's better to eat Sompting small before running. Something like an apple or banana. And after run eat big breakfast. But try and you'll find out which is better for you. Loads of love.
Sophia Q.
It doesn’t matter for me. If u think it might matter to you then try both and see what makes you feel better. I suggest eating after though if u are concerned about throwing up. Eat before if you feel u would need energy.
Malou A.
I would say after is better. I've read that if you exercise in the morning before breakfast you are going to burn more fat than if you do so after. Plus I find running after eating (even if it's a little while after) can make me feel sick.
Alix O.
I would most likely say that eating after is better – I've read somewhere that eating after training helps regeneration and reparation, it makes sense… Although what is also important is to have enough energy before, so eating the night before or 4-5 hours before.
Katrine P.
I prefer to eat after, so I don't get a stomach ache. Sometimes, if I'm really hungry, I can sip some of a protein shake before and then finish it after and that helps give me some energy.
Lance O.
I think both you should eat a light snack like an apple before for energy and then after 30min or so have another snack or lots of water to reenergize you.
Rahel X.
A small snack some time before running so I don't feel like passing out 5 mins into the run. Any meals or big snacks after the run so I don't get any stomach problems.
Otelo O.
Eating after a run is better.bif your stomach is full you risk your muscles squeezing and making you nauseous.
Food also tastes much better after a good workout!
Katia B.
Before and after a run: before a run a light snack that can provide you sustain energy (with more protein than sugar); after a run, a nourishing meal with banana so you can replenish yourself and your muscles.