What do you do when you really do not want to eat in the morning?

Lucien T.
I start with a bit of water. That tends to start my body going. Then move toward something light like a fruit that is refreshing. By this point, I'm usually well on my way to getting a complete, nutritional and body/mind sustaining breakfast.
Kavana Q.
I have only a banana or something small. I don't usually like eating a lot in the morning because it makes me nauseous. Or I exercise first so that I can work up an appetite
Emma Y.
Moats of the time I eat something that is already made from a previous day. Eg. Waffle, cake, cookies. Something with fast sugars
Jaquie P.
Sometimes I just eat a little later. Usually I eat something small but dense, like a handful of mixed nuts, or an apple or banana with peanut butter on it. My brain thinks of it as a snack then, not a meal. I know if I don't eat anything then later I'll be really hungry and eat too much.
Maria R.
It’s hard. I don’t force myself to eat if it’s too early, otherwise I just fell sick. I normally wait a few hours, don’t eat straight away after wake up. And just have something light, like a yogurt.
Anton C.
Usually if I do not want to eat in the mornings I sometimes put it off till later in the morning when I'm feeling more hungry or more up to it. If not that, sometimes I skip breakfast but that isn't the right thing to do to keep healthy.
Golnaz D.
I'll have a cup of tea or just a cup of coffee mix.
A coffee mix, is a mixture of coffee, sugar and a little bit of cream.
Jodi I.
It depends on why I don't want to eat. If I don't feel like eating but need the energy, I find a lighter meal like granola, nuts and fruit is a good option. Otherwise, I drink water and coffee until I naturally feel hungry and ready to eat. Hope this helps!
Jonael I.
To be honest? I just don't haha. I'll just eat something small like a banana or something. It's really hard sometimes because I usually get hungry 2 hours after waking up. But then I'm already at work:/
Acilino B.
Eating breakfast is a very important part of the day as your body is getting nutrition after 8-10 hours. Eating a healthy breakfast energises you throughout the day and keeps you active.
I generally prefer to have a very light meal at night – preferably some soup and bread. This also helps me sleep better and I have an appetite when I wake up. I've made it a practice to eat within 2 hours of waking up in the mornings. Whenever I feel like I don't want to eat a heavy breakfast, I eat fruits or cereal with some peanut butter (lots of protein) and almonds (rich in vitamins and iron).
Annette J.
I try to consume something that is not big but full of the nutrients that I need like juice or milk and yogurt. It isn’t much but it is full of good stuff.
Danique N.
Honestly, i never even thought about not eating in the morning. It has been such a habit that I am always hungry, or i just take something out of habit
Philip N.
i usually wait a bit; do something, drink water to fill my stomach for the time being. something to let me want to enjoy the food. even if the meal is small, if you’re struggling to eat, just remember that eating anything is a great start. i sometimes gain a want to eat breakfast after looking at food or drinks people make until i think that i want to try it!
Laura Q.
Drink water or coffee or a cup of tea and see how you feel after! Maybe after, you'll feel like you might want to eat a little bit.
R Mi Z.
If nothing convince me soon as I wake up. I'll try to wait, do other things that I need to get done then I'll go back and make a something small.
Usually that turns into a nice big breakfast.
Or I'll think about the consequences, of how much it affected me in the past. And I remind myself that this is for me.
Riley P.
Well. I keep it simple most of the time. Like I try to have a glass of water, an orange and the coffee machine ready for a cappuccino. If this does not work I bring the food for a 10am snack. It’s also a matter of time. I wake up always at the last minute. And then this whole breakfast thing is not in my culture (we have a coffe) so I try to do that as a medicine if I am really not in the mood. So I know it’s something I do for my health. I try to reprogram my mind: I am not using food to fill my inner emotional vacuum but to sustain me.
Sathya S.
I rarely feel that when im not at work. During late hours of work i love to sleep long. I sleep till the edge of my office time and skip my food to get in.
Jeppe C.
I find breakfast is the easiest meal to cut out or postpone if you’re intermittent fasting. If you really need to get fuel in yourself early but don’t have much of an appetite I’d suggest either a small bit of easy protein such as a boiled egg, a cheese stick, a handful of nuts or even a couple of sausages. Another good option is a warm morning beverage like Bulletproof style coffee or bone broth. Both of these are fairly light tasting if you’re stomach seems slow to wake up, but get valuable protein in your system.

When I was taking care of a friend who struggled to have any appetite and keep food down after surgery, (super dangerous for him because he was a “brittle” type 1 diabetic )the bone broth and high protein collagen gelatin worked really well.

Taylor F.
If I'm not hungry after having some water in the morning, then I will have something with milk. A cup of milk in coffee or tea (lattes!), a chocolate milk, or just plain milk! It has a great balance of macros, vitamins and minerals, and a kick of natural sugar.
Cason Q.
I never don't want to eat in the morning. Its more that I am sometimes too lazy to make a good breakfast and go to something like wholegrain toast and jam or butter.
Laura C.
I’am familiar with that feeling so whenever I don’t feel hunger or I really rather be doing something else, I push muself to do some exercise, basics (maybe some jumping jacks or some dancing around) nothing too hard, mostly to move my body a little, 8 minutes at much.

After that I feel my body asking me for food or energy to keep moving.

Colleen Q.
I usually have a banana. At the very least half a banana and give the second half to my dog. Bananas are so filling on their own and it lets me feel like I haven’t skipped out while still setting a healthy bare minimum
Selmo S.
I end up having a coffee which gives me a caffeine spike and makes me feel temporarily energised despite a lack of breakfast
Eleanor I.
I do stretching when I don't want to eat in the morning. Stretching makes the blood circulate and by stretching, I feel more energized and ready to eat breakfast.
Sophie Z.
If I don‘t want to eat in the morning I probably then just don‘t. I then try and eat lunch instead. When I go to school on a normal day I never eat breakfast.
Am Lie Y.
I drink extra water. Sometimes my hunger needs a boost in the morning, especially if I'm super tired. Drinking extra water helps wake my body up and my appetite will often follow on. A piece of fresh fruit or a smoothie may be easier to tolerate than something aromatic or savory like many traditional breakfast foods.
Aryan N.
I used to have a glass of bournvita/a bowl of cornflakes at first.But before pandemic I used to have nothing at all sometimes…Because I'd be late for my classes.Which was held from 8 am to 6pm.And I was unable to wake up early in the morning.Because I had to go to sleep at 12 am or 1 am.after finishing the assignments…I was lacking in a few classes . That's why I also quit basketball.And took extra classes and because of those class times my lunch was not sure as well.So I was only depended on the canteen foods.And in Asian countries,they provide oily foods a lot.So,having no other choice.I had to eat them.and after college I had to go to the coachings.And there goes my not having lunch.after 6pm.with my exhausted body.I couldn't make time to play any sports.I go to my home.and take shower and then have dinner.which was way early then my usual dining time.I became unhealthy because of that.and lost the fitness in my body.But now at the pandemic time,Before using fabulous I used to have a cup of tea and one or two biscuits.And that was my breakfast.