Better to eat before or after exercise?

Jaz G.
Better to eat before exercise, but please make sure to have at least 1 hour gap between your meal and exercise for digestion. In that way, you will be more energetic during workout to burn fat faster.

Cariana B.
I would say eat before you exercise because you won't be as much hungry as you would be exercising and then eating.

I learned the hard way when I didn't eat before going for my walks. I was so hungry I couldn't wait to get home and have food. I didn't care what it was. Make some thing fast and eat.

Lara Y.
It’s better to have a healthy snack before exercising so you have a bit of sugar in your body. If you don’t, you might faint. After exercising, have another healthy snack to replenish the sugar you’ve used!

Henry Y.
Eating before or after your exercise really depends on both the meal and type and length of session. Myself, I have some oatmeal and fruit half an hour before running or going to the gym. That keeps me going for at least one or two hours. I hate getting hungry during workouts, as I want to finish what I have planned. I usually have a more tasty meal as lunch or dinner after working out. As a little reward to myself. I guess eating is very individual, try to find out what works best for you.

Daniel P.
After exercise. Always after.
When you exercise, blood is diverted away from your digestive system as your body focuses on the task at hand; your workout.
If you eat before exercising, the food will just sit there, sloshing about as you move, not digesting and making you feel miserable.

Another benefit of exercise first is your metabolism is geared towards working out. You will burn more calories on an empty stomach and will have a more productive session.
After cooling down and taking a shower, your appetite will return. You may be inspired at this point to have a healthier, protein rich breakfast as opposed to carbs to continue the trend of the day.

Ernest J.
After. Drink water before and have a small snack if you really need it, but the full meal is better after strenuous exercise to restore energy without risking an upset stomach.

Lizzie E.
I personally do a little bit of both. I'll do a small snack before working out like almonds, a banana, maybe a spoonful of chunky peanut butter. After, a simple protein shake or something with protein can act like fuel for your muscles to prevent fatigue and soreness later!

Zenia F.
I guess it's OK to eat something small before exercise, just to boost your energy so that you can finish your program. But I think you have to eat a good amount of food after, with a lot of water to replace your lost power.

Lynn Q.
I think it depends on what motivates you better! For me, I like the peaceful time of making breakfast. Then I exercise, and it propels me into productive work! I could totally see the other way working for others!

Aisha N.
I prefer to eat after exercising as I’m usually on a tight schedule and working out after eating requires for you to wait for at least an hour, maybe 2, so you can properly digest which is a lot of time.

Itay Y.
Never eat right before exercise. If you feel in need of energy eat sn energy bar an hour before practice. It's more important that you be consistent with your protein and complex carbs throughout the week than getting proteins right after training.

Dennis J.
Eating should take place at least 2 hours prior to exercising and half an hour after. So to answer your question, after is better. I heard this from a personal trainer I worked with before, but I am not sure to what extent my answer is correct.

Lorenzo Q.
Before and after! Before to boost your energy for your workout (gym and similar) and after to regain energy!! If the exercise is running and similar activities it’s better to not eat anything before but only after (for the same reason of before)!

Mitchell F.
It actually doesn’t Matter, many scientific research’s showed that it doesn’t matter if eating before or after as long as it is healthy and energetic.🤍🤍🤍

Rona N.
I don’t think it makes a huge difference to results, just what’s most comfortable for you. Perhaps try both ways and see if it gives you more energy or makes you feel lethargic. It depends what you eat too..

Marius X.
It depends on what you are doing. Low or high activity? It's never wrong to wait with breakfast as long as you make sure you have something to drink first. But having a whole meal before a run can make the whole experience unpleasant. If you need something before exercise, grab a fruit or some nuts.

Fred Z.
I like to eat before, maybe because I'm eating just a lot of fruits in this period (quarantine). After the water I have a coffe (big Cup) anche big plate of fresh fruits and this breakfast bring me to desire to move

Marine Z.
I prefer to train after eating in order to have more energy, moreover, since my goal with exercise is to firm up the body and not lose weight this does not penalize me. Of course if I wanted to lose weight I would have to do the training first so as to burn the sugars I already have and not those taken with the meal.

Hamdi N.
I believe you should eat breakfast before you exercise because you won’t have enough energy to continue your exercise, let alone start it!