Are granola bars considered a good breakfast?

Elke E.
Yes they are, because they have complex carbs (oat), protein and good fats (oily fruits), but be carefull with the amount of sugar! It's better if it's sugar free. Complete ir with some yoghurt or fresh fruit.
Chris T.
Depends on the granola bar. If you're on the go, and running out the door, it's better than nothing in your stomach. Some people dont eat anything for breakfast. But if you can, take extra time in the morning to have a good sit down breakfast. I have a feeling granola bars were designed as more of a snack.
Julie I.
I wouldn't say it's a good option. But, "in a pinch" it can be better than no breakfast or something unhealthy. Of course, it would need to be a healthy granola bar…. something without a ton of sugar and fake ingredients…and include some protein, etc.
Rxbars have a short, healthy ingredient list. KIND bars have some options that are okay. Those are just some.

I usually have an organic instant oatmeal for breakfast, which has a low sugar count, real ingredients, etc. Super quick to make and eat. I can even carry it around the house and eat it while doing other things in the morning if I need to. I also have a glass of plant based milk. That's it… quick, easy, healthy! Tea is next 😉

Crystal T.
They sure can be! A heathy granola bar is a pretty decent breakfast, especially if you’re on the go or you’re not used to breakfast. I prefer them as part of a bigger on-the-go breakfast, since I still get hungry after one 😂. Just make sure the granola bar you choose is mostly whole grains and you’re probably good to go.
V Lson S.
Only if they are high fiber and low sugar. Most likely not though. A good breakfast is lean protein and slow burning carbohydrates.
Amber N.
It depends… you really need to check out the ingredients. Some brands market their granola bars as healthy food, but they’re filled with sugar and additives.
The best way you know that it’s a healthy bar is if you make it yourself ofcourse! There are a ton of recipes on the internet 😊
Hope this helps you. Good luck with your journey!
Higino Z.
Girandola bars Havel pi calories which can help you providing energy, but they mostly come from sugar and carbs which do not provide a long lasting effect as they burn fast, so in 1 hour you'll be hungry again. Prefer or add something with more protein and be sure to exercise to avoid fat storage provided by an energetic breakfast.
Kassiane S.
I think that granola bars are a great snack but not a good choice as breakfast because it's not a meal. Your first meal of the day should be one that provides you with plenty of protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and nutrients that can provide you with much needed energy and nutrition our bodies need. A good breakfast should have an adequate portion to equal a serving of most if not all the food groups based on your size and health needs. Potassium, vitamin- A,B,C,D, iron, calcium, fiber, protein and good carbohydrates are all good ingredients to make it a good breakfast. Peanut butter, eggs, grapefruit, bananas, oat meal, yogurt are all great starts to a good breakfast. Yogurt is a great source for probiotics and antioxidants that are much needed for healthy immune systems and system boosters when your not feeling your best.

So, although granola bars can be quick, tasty, healthy and satisfy your appetite for a little bit they are not, in my opinion, considered to be a good breakfast choice and I recommend putting forth a little more time and effort to get or make a better breakfast meal and not just a quick breakfast snack.

Kartik F.
The answer would be yes and no.yes,if it's home made and no when premade and with lots of preservatives.i would suggest you to make a home made version of it.i make my own granola bar with cashews,peanuts, almonds,unsalted pistachios,pine nuts,pecan nuts,chia seeds,flax seeds,pumpkin seeds, watermelon seeds.roast them and keep aside.grind up oats and chop raisins, blueberries, raspberries.make a thick syrup or paste from soaked dates and mix them in a pan on low heat and add honey to it.
Olivia B.
I don't think that they are good breakfast because they usually have chocolate in them so I think that having a chocolate the first thing in the morning isn't the best option
Tracey U.
I would look at the ingredients to see that it doesnt have many processed ingredients and it would be a healthy component to a breakfast meal