Do you eat as soon as you wake up? My stomach isn’t ready for breakfast right away, especially after drinking a cup of water right away.

Noelle E.
No I don’t like to eat as soon as I get up. It usually takes about an hour for my stomach to wake up enough to want food and even then I don’t want anything heavy. I’d like to be able to just grab something easy but breakfast bars and the like have too much sugar. Fruit and yogurt is one of my favourites but it takes time to prepare.

Mafalda Q.
I do because I'm always in a rush in the morning. But when I don't have to get out of the house and go to work, I usually wait a bit before eating.

Flapping F.
I’m fortunate that my stomach is always ready for food, morning to night! More seriously, I eat a small breakfast in the morning. You could also rearrange your Fabulous morning habits so that breakfast is one of your later morning routines.

Maria P.
No I ususally eat one or two hours after I wake up. This way I have a short time to study before my day officially starts.

Rachel J.
I grab some fruit or a yogurt and usually eat it on the go. I've not been much of a breakfast person so I just have something small as like you say the water fills you up. So I would say I eat breakfast about an hour after my glass of water.

N Dio N.
No, I usually wake up early. When I wakeup I suddenly drink hot water along With amla juice . After 20min I ate few almonds and nuts . After 30 I drink green tea. Than after 45min I ate breakfast.

Eleanor Q.
No, i am eat just when im feel so hungry. But sometimes, yes, I do that :v
Ok i will stop it already and will remember if my stomach isn't ready for breakfast and i have to wait until ready. For

Omer F.
I used to eat as soon as I wake up. But then I realized that I'm eating because of the habit of eating as soon as I wake up. Now I'm waiting to be hungry, then eating breakfast or something small just to get to lunch.

Ola S.
I wake up at 7am and start working right away. I eat breakfast 2-3 hours after that, which is around 10am. I find it much better than eating right after waking up which makes me feel bloated. Drinking hot water with lemon at least 15 minutes before I eat also puts me in a more energetic mindset because I feel better physically.

Mia Z.
I have my water sat on my bed as soon as I wake up. Normally by the time I get downstairs I’m ready to have my breakfast within about 10-20 mins.

Leah I.
No, I don’t eat right away either. I have to wake up a bit. I like to drink my water first. On days when time permits I’ll usually eat an hour or so after I wake up. Busy days, I’ll drink a protein shake on the way to work.

Tamires W.
I am not sure about that 😕 because for me that is not happening, but for you I think that is because you didn't get used of it🤔, that mean after practising you will do it as well😁.
Also I don't think that you really should eat directly after drinking you could take a rest😕.
I am sorry for my bad English, and I hope that I helpt you.

Edgar W.
I personally have an autoimmune disease so I have to take my pills 30 mins before I eat so I find that it’s much better to wait up to an hour and do something productive e.g. yoga or exercise before breakfast ! It gives my digestive system time to detox and calm down. I don’t think there’s a correct length of time to wait, whatever works for you.

Lilly Y.
I don't eat as soon as I wake up, though shortly after. Today after drinking my water, I took the dogs outside for a few minutes to go potty, had a cup of coffee, then made breakfast. All of this happened within an hour of waking up.

Rana N.
I usually drink my water, exercise, wash/ shower, change, do my hair, do my bed, then go eat breakfast. I’m usually more hungry for it then.

Ariana E.
Yes, i usually eat as soon as I wake up even though I’m not hungry or not prepared to eat yet, I think I should change that

Stephen Q.
I don't. I drink water, exercise, then drink a protein smoothie with pineapple, apple, mango, spinach, chia seeds, vanilla protein, and water. Sooooo good!

Darielle O.
No. I eat approximately an hour later. After drinking the glass of water I do need some time before eating. Generally, I shower and get dressed before heading to the kitchen to do breakfast.

Olivia F.
For me, I drink water right before my breakfast so that I feel satisfied for a while, but I understand that as well. I do not get hungry in the morning, but I know that I need to make a habit of eating breakfast in the morning so that I will, in the future, be hungry in the morning.

Holm Y.
Great question! I agree, sometimes if you drink water in the morning, you might not want to eat right away. Just eat when you are hungry, but not too late or you will spoil your lunch. I don’t know when you typically wake up or when you eat lunch, but I wake up at 8:20 am and typically eat ten minutes after I drink my water.

Jasmine R.
I don't usually eat straight away during the work week. Sometimes I'm not hungry at all because my coffee holds me over. But what you eat doesn't have to be a big extravagant meal. It can be 1/2 cup yogurt and strawberries. Also it helps if you think of food as nourishment. You know your body needs it for energy and nutrition to start the day off right. I typically don't eat my breakfast 2 hours after I've gotten up for the day. If you're drinking water as soon as you wake up this should help. Also you may want to reorder your routine. If you workout before your day starts you work up an appetite.

Kenzi F.
No, I do not eat breakfast right away. I like to drink my water and let my stomach digest a little. I feel bloated after 30 oz of water

Ana F.
I normally don’t eat right away but I do eat in the morning. While I let my tea cool down and drink it I make me something to eat. Something light but I like to eat.

Frederikke A.
Actually you should wait at least 2 hours minimum right in the morning otherwise you will get a more upset stomach. Do not be concerned it is completely normal.

Terrance O.
I normally do my exercise first, builds up my appetite. I start water, meds, bathroom, throw on work out clothes that are already laid out the night before, then its headphones in and off I go. Its just a morning walk right now, but I'll get there. Then when I get back its straight to the kitchen – eggs or yoghurt and cereal is how im starting my days right now.

Simon Y.
I wait a little while I have water first, 1-2 glasses, then a cup of green tea, then about an hour after waking up I feel ready for breakfast

Kasper W.
I drink a full glass of water, then, my daily devotion, sort out the cats, tidy up a bit, and then make my breakfast. So, it's about a half hour before I sit to eat.

Diane F.
I usually drink my water, get ready, and exercise before I eat breakfast. When I eat after exercising it gives me time to cool down and congratulate myself for completing my workout.

Troy J.
I have a small stomach, especially for a man, so I tend to skip breakfast anyway. What I think of having a great breakfast is not in terms of size but nutrition. If my stomach only wants a banana and one egg, then I will give it just that. Having something healthy is better than nothing. Even if it's not healthy, I'm going to enjoy my one toaster strudel.

Freddie F.
I dont like eating in the morning. Sometimes my appetite doesn't kick in until as late as 5 pm. Sometimes it doesnt kick in at all. I either have to be really high or extremely hungry to actually want to eat. I've always associated food with death

Leoberto O.
No I don't eat it as soon as I wake up, firstly I drink a cup of water and go to the bathroom, tidy my room and then I prepare my food

Mads A.
Not really. What i usually do right after i wake up is go to the bathroom, brush my teeth then wash my face. I come back to room and drink my water then do a short morning skincare routine. After that, i make my bed them go to the kitchen and strart making something for breakfast!

Kim C.
I feel my body. Each day is a different day to me, so, if I feel that my body is asking for food right away when I wake up I have in mind what I want to eat and I prepare it for me. Some other days I wait to feel my hungry and after a while I eat.

Sara C.
no but that's ok. each body is different so it's better to do what works for you.
if i eat without being hungry i feel "heavy" the whole day. so i usually do it a couple of hours later (sometimes even 12pm)
if you are not hungry you shouldn't force yourself 🙂

Stephanie Q.
I don't eat breakfast I soon as i wake up after drinking water. I like to leave it for about half an hour to an hour most days

Camila R.
No, I do water, exercise, then get a good breakfast where I can relax, read, & journal. I like utilizing breakfast as a treat rather than a chore. Forcing your stomach when it's not ready just plain sucks. You know your body best. Just get that breakfast in around the first 60 or so minutes of waking up.