How do you get yourself to eat a healthy breakfast when you’re under a lot of stress?

William C.
In this fastest runing world, a healthy breakfast is very important for me.
It helps me to do work throughout the day. So i need to manage the health breakfast anyway.
Eugene Y.
I remind myself that my breakfast is giving me fuel to deal with my day. If it is a stressful day then I doubly need that fuel to tackle it
Uir Q.
I'm still learning how to eat breakfast because I'm not a morning person and I don't like breakfast. But since I downloaded this App, I am eager to complete each goal wether I'm stressed or not.
Aquil Q.
Eat a smaller breakfast if you're not that hungry. But still have one. Know that it's part of a healthy lifestyle and that you need that energy from the breakfast to feel better and be less stressed
Filippa W.
Usually when I am under stress I am hungrier. But I try to make something healthy to eat and not just a fast food, because I know I will regret later if I don't. That's because I don't like fast food anymore. I love eating healthy and I feel good when I do eat. Healthy food might want more time to be prepared but it is tastier so I choose to go for it. I wanted also to say that I barely can go out without breakfast, under rare circumstances
I think it is the most important meal, without it I can't do nothing.
Rita Q.
I only think that my body need energy,
and if I don't eat breakfast I feel weak I can't work well I'm get slow I need healthy food in the morning for to function right…
N Dia C.
I put what I'm going to make for breakfast gathered together in an open, obvious spot at the front of my fridge so it's what I first grab. I also try not to let junk food in the house.
Dana G.
I think that preparation is the key. If you prepare the night before and have all the ingredients that you need or even make your breakfast the night before, it is much easier to eat healthy.
Gordon O.
I try to make it as simple and easy as possible. The easier it is, the less stressful it will be on top of everything else. For example, instead of cooking a full meal, I would eat an easy fruit like an apple or banana, an easy vegetable like cherry tomatoes, celery sticks, or baby carrots, maybe some nuts for protien or buy some pre-hardboiled eggs. Stocking up on things that take little or no time to prep or clean up make eating healthier seem like a lot less work.
Kylian Q.
I bought cute little glass jars with fitted lids. The jars make me slime (I know that is silly). On Aunday I fill 7 jars with the oatmeal, raisins, chia seed, almonds and poppy seeds. Then I can fill them with water and put them in the fridge or I can put hot water in then and let them sit for an hour or so.
Jacob F.
Whenever i think of this tiny steps of great success iam happy and do the given task with much interest so there is no problem for me😊
Mary Y.
Keep it simple. Plan and prepare what you want to eat ahead of time, so you can grab and go. Keep meals light if you aren't very hungry in the morning. Remember that feeding your body well will decrease stress in the long run.
Nolan F.
When I'm under stress it's hard to eat healthy food, but I remember that we are what we eat so that kind of food helps me to concentrate and be confident.
Jackson X.
You remind yourself that you are not the stress you feel. You remind yourself in-order to combat the stress you must have healthy body.
C Me Y.
Have all the ingredients for something that is satisfying and easy fruit and nuts for taking with you if you’re going out … water is ✅preparation is key for the easy factor
Wilma Y.
I choose something small, my stomach can’t not handle a large breakfast. I keep it simple, 5 min tops to make.

Put water on to boil
Measure 1/4 cup oatmeal
.5 teaspoon chia seed
Dash of salt
Pull out peanut butter and spoon
Fill water bottle
Water is usually ready if you add a small amount
Measure water as needed
Let it soak while doing hair and eat while getting dressed and out the door

Alexander B.
I keep easy things handy that don’t require a lot of effort to prepare. Things like hard boiled eggs to make egg salad on toast – 5 minute, tops. Or nonfat Greek yogurt with a scoop of frozen blueberries or a fresh chopped peach.
Debbie F.
Well, if you are a college student or have a lot of work, make preparing the meal time to relax, when you are stressed at night, just put your favorite music and but a banana and milk in the blender and make a smoothie for tomorrow morning
Dennis Z.
Meal prepping helps a lot. If you make it so that the meal is already waiting for you then it takes away some of the stress of thinking of preparing something while you are stressed.
Milton P.
Usually, the more stressed I am, the easier to make my breakfast will be. So if I'm relatively stress free, I can devote some time and energy to make a good ol' omelette or other complex dish. But when I'm on edge, I tend to just eat a piece of fruit and yoghurt with honey. Since when I'm stressed, I tend to make mistakes more easily so the simpler the breakfast, the less the chance of those mistakes happening.
Freddie Z.
Plan it the night before and plan for something light. Yoghurt and mixed frozen berries. Fresh are nice but if you are feeling stressed you might not feel like you have time to prep them.
Naja P.
I make it an easy part of my morning routine. I keep pre-cut fruit, Greek yogurt & whole grain cereal on hand. Protein breakfast bars or a smoothie to go if I’m rushing out the door!
Ad Le C.
One main thing that helps me is understanding what a good breakfast can do for me. Keeping that as my core. Whatever it is that I am stressing about or stressing to complete, I can simply handle much better with an amazing breakfast! It is going to help me power through whatever I am stressing about. Once I have decided I must have this necessity, I just take some really deep breaths to calm me down, tell myself very nicely that I am just going to take a small break to finish off the breakfast and I can very soon be back to stressing about whatever, but this time will be back with some energy boosters. Once I have calmed myself, knowing I can at anytime get back to my stressing chaos, I focus only on the breakfast for a small amount of time and voila, I ve had my great breakfast!
Ritthy C.
I don’t know, have the same question. It is hard to eat healthy when you are under stress, I think you need strong determination and to prepare what you will eat would help.
Hans Dieter G.
It is in times of stress that I find breakfast to be most important. It adds a bit of normalcy to my day, something I can count on when life gets chaotic. Even if I am eating a bowl of granola while half-asleep. It gives me a time of quiet before the busy day ensues.
Felix C.
I found a healthy breakfast keeps me energized and prepares me for my day. When under stress I have to remind myself how beneficial this is
Felix W.
I'd recommend a smoothie – use frozen berries and a protein powder and you have a healthy meal in 5 minutes. You can also drink it during your commute, if needed.
Julia X.
Breathe and think it will do me good in the long run. Then choose a breakfast that is light but still gives you energy and just take your time to eat it. Enjoy and then get back on the road with your stressful life
Louise Z.
I think of it as a time to calm down and think through what's causing me to stress and try to solve it. That way I'm more likely to associate a healthy breakfast as energy for "thinking time".
Lambert X.
This can be hard. Stress takes away your appetite, as I’m sure you already know. Oftentimes when we are busy, stressed, or depressed we neglect our self care. There are several ways to circumvent that mental block. One way that works for me is to start with something small. Anything from a yogurt to a glass of orange juice. What this does is remind your body that you are in fact hungry and you’d like to eat now. Even if that doesn’t open up your appetite, at least you’ve put food in your system. A similar offshoot to this can be choosing your favorite food or treating yourself to something nice. What this can accomplish is getting your brain to prioritize food over the stress it’s experiencing. After all, we all love good food. Another thing I do is utilize my breakfast time smartly. I allot myself time to decompress and mess around in addition to simply eating. Trust me, you’ll look forward to breakfast when you can have some extra time before the stress really kicks in. Hope this helps! Feel free to ask anything you’d like.
Joy C.
I usually stress eat. But when I don’t eat something healthy it will affect my performance throughout my morning. Making me less efficient at work. It also helps that I pick something easy to make in the morning. I make it, pack it, grab & go.
Elouan Y.
Make it easy on yourself—keep lots of healthy, quick options available. Fresh fruit and boiled eggs are easy to grab on the go.
Curt J.
I tell myself, "I'm not gonna let 'this' control me. I'm in charge." I keep frozen fruit and flax seeds for quick smoothies when I don't have the energy to cook.
Zedeci Y.
I really try to not worry about how I feel in the morning (not a morning person) and make a choice to eat a healthy breakfast. My feelings end up catching up to my choices.
Veli E.
I make sure that I have ingredients ready for my favourite breakfasts. I always have eggs in the fridge, fresh fruit, frozen berries, frozen vegetables to throw into an omelette, cereal, nuts and oatmeal. Breakfast is my main meal every day. It is the one meal I take my time for, sit down and enjoy. That way I get my day started with the right kind of fuel and chill.
Rasmus G.
The key is to recognize that you are under stress. Next try to understand what is casting it and what is the solution that are in your hands. Once you know what you can do …Go do it. And you will see you will be calmer. It works for me.
Silke Z.
Hmmm.. well I’m not really sure cause I’m never under that kind of stress but I’d say to think of how hungry you would be during the day if you didn’t eat breakfast
Gerald O.
I dont know. I actually am not under a lot of stress right now, but I would advise to just think about the end result, and think about how much better you will feel after eating a healthy breakfast.
Valdin Ia O.
I try to prep my breakfasts the night before. My favourite is overnight oats with rice milk, blueberries and coconut flakes. I make a few at a time so I can grab them and go in the morning. I also like green yoghurt with oats and blueberries and honey. Or a protein shake with chocolate eprotein powder, peanut butter powder, banana and flax seed.
Amelia Z.
I try to remember that I felt better for longer after eating breakfast the day before. I just pick something small to eat. A small apple and spoon of almond butter is do-able.
Franklin O.
I remind myself that life is a series of habits, both good and bad. Willpower is shown to be mostly false and can cause depression when you over exert it. The better way to improve life is create meaningful habits and breakfast sets me on my day correctly.
Susanna Z.
I have bananas at home. I love bananas, so I just eat one at my way to work.
Takes nearly no time and works really well. Just always have your favorite healthy food at home.
Tai Ara Z.
I prep. So the night or two prepare I’ll make eggs at night when I’m less stressed to make it. So in the morning, if I’m running late, or didn’t get enough sleep, I have something to heat up.
Ariovanda E.
I’m really bad at making sure I eat breakfast so with make sure I have something easy like granola and yoghurt ready to go or grab something from the canteen when o get to the office
Massimo T.
I start by calming myself down. Doing a breathing exercise (like the one on the Apple Watch which has you consciously breathe in and out for one minute), and putting on some Young Living essential oils (the only kind I trust) like Stress Away, Orange, or Valor help me clear my mind just enough to put back the sugary cereals and unhealthy snacks I gravitate towards when I’m under pressure, and instead cook a quick egg, wash some carrots, and peel a banana. My body really thanks me for that afterwards. Hope this helps!
Valdemar Z.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Always try to eat something in the morning which found that i feel much better during the day as i dont feel hungry until lunch time.
Beverly X.
I have eggs or glass of cold coffee with lots of milk and less sugar. I don't like fruits so I order something like a waffle to eat.
Kasper Z.
I told myself to push up becouse if i stick my goals at the end of the day i will be happy otherwise the full nutrient breakfast help you to refresh and deminish the stress
Tilde Z.
I dont deny I tend to miss then at times. But has and when I can , I'll try my best to stick with my losing weight and staying healthy goals
Marius E.
Even before fabulous, I had a strict breakfast routine. Mine is simple, and takes less than ten minutes. I make instant oatmeal and while that’s in the microwave I pour a glass of trop50 + calcium orange juice and start the keurig for coffee. I think for me, its a very automatic thing at this point, but I would say look for efficiency. If you want oatmeal or toast, get another component ready when it’s doing it’s thing in the appliances. If you want eggs, maybe have all your ingredients set aside in the fridge the night before so all you have to do is grab them and throw them in the pan. Breakfast is a time where I sit and I think about the day ahead, so I look at it as I owe it to myself to have a healthy one. This helps my mind have time to go through it’s checklist while I’m ensuring I’ll have enough energy and feel good to complete all my to dos. For me, it’s less about the food and more about the time I take to eat it, if that makes sense. The time is some time that I use to feel less stressed and relax into my day. Thanks for the question, I’d never thought so much about this before!! I hope it helps!
Ellen U.
Ideally I have some back up, either a protein shake or bar that will at least give me a little stable burst. While not fully complex or as long standing as a fully prepared breakfast, it helps in a pinch to at least know you have something.
Britney P.
When I'm under a lot of stress I can't eat. So I prepare the evening before. I have to wake up a little an spend time in the morning to take a shower, get dressed and such. And while I travel I drink a smoothie with protein of brown rice, fruits and vegetables. 🙂 When I eat breakfast at work, I eat eggs, with leavygreens and tomatoes, avocado and basil.

When I do have time to eat breakfast at home I eat oats with homemade almondmilk. Some mix of nuts and seeds and ecentually some fruit of green powder like spirullina or chlorella. And superfoods added.

Diane U.
By making a tasty and satisfying breakfast. For example i consider eggs and bacon healthy and very satisfying even if i skip the toast. Another really delicious breakfast is an avocado greek yogurt and milk smoothie with a tad of honey and stevia when I'm craving something heavy and sweet. Obviously nobody is perfect sometimes i just lack energy and let myself go for an unhealthy breakfast. Then just try again. Nothing else to do.
Perry U.
Easy choices and plan it out ahead of time. Even just an apple with peanut butter is better than nothing or going to "feel good" snacks
Silje W.
Always think that you need a healthy breakfest not only for the morning but for the whole day with no breakfest or a late breakfest you have a weak battery
Gissele S.
Preparing the night before is key. It makes you feel like your day is complete so you can go to bed and get a good night’s sleep before waking up to breakfast all nicely laid out in front of you.
Javier Z.
I am bipolar, so eating a healthy regular diet with low sugar and other stimulants (like coffee, soda, or chocolate) is detrimental to my mental as well as my physical health. It’s so important, but also super hard. That’s why on my days off, I take a muffin tin and put a biscuit in each space, then put eggs, sausage, and cheese over it and bake it according to the biscuit instructions – all the the week I can grab one as I run out the door along with a little water bottle I put some milk in and I have a breakfast I can eat on the way to work! This little action has made it possible for me to get a well rounded breakfast in with really very little effort, even when I feel stressed or tired!
Jessie Y.
Think of it as a step to combat stress. Food full of good vitamins is like your antistress cure. It won't stop the stressful situations but will strengthen your ability to handle them.
Marius C.
If I’m under a lot of stress, then even if I don’t feel like eating, I know rationally that I need fuel to help me overcome the stress. So I try to focus on the fact that I’m fueling myself to take on the day.
Ragendra Q.
Have all the ingredients prepared as much as possible the day before. Mornings are always a bit stressful when having kids, so preparing the day before helps a lot.
Donald Y.
I don't crave unhealthy breakfast foods. I crave unhealthy lunch foods lol breakfast had always been an indulgent meal for me because I grew up with eggs and toast so that's what I love.
Lino U.
I never compromise with breakfast at any cost. As soon as I wake up I feel hungry and the only thing which makes me feel full is roti, one cup of veggie and one cup of tea.
Roberto J.
Usually if I'm under a lot of stress my appetite increases. I eat oatmeal almost everyday even if I'm stressed. I try to control myself to not eat anything at least for another hour after breakfast.
Zoran S.
Breakfast is compulsory, even if I am getting late for the office, I use to have my breakfast first, and I usually gets up early in the morning to get the morning routine done
C Lestin N.
If it's time for breakfast 1 drink 2 glasses of water, then do a breathing meditation (for relaxation) for a few minutes. After I'm calm I consider the time I have (if "no time for breakfast" is my excuse) and either grab a Protein bar or make a Protein Smoothie. I make a decision to sit for whatever time I have and be mindful of eating my breakfast. I am not one to skip breakfast. Ever. Even if I think I'm not hungry or have no time. Part of my goals include healthy food Plan.
Luis T.
I usually keep things handy or opt of options which I can make bit faster like quinoa,oats. Also cooking makes me feel relaxed.i also keep stuffs like banana,muesli which are very healthy and easy to make.
Gloria B.
Find something you enjoy! There are lots of different options for a healthy breakfast. It doesn’t just have to be boring cereal or whole wheat toast. Personally I really enjoy oatmeal and look forward to it because not only do I like the taste, but I also know it’ll keep me full till lunch and won’t leave me feeling gross later.
Caroline Z.
I make the easiest and fastest healthy breakfast as possible, for me that is weetbix and banana. Cooking breakfast is too stressful for me. I also use breakfast time as a chance to read and relax before starting the day, therefore, I always look forward to breakfast.
Martin Q.
Because i love breakfast and i like eating healthy.. it affects my mood in a good way and also it increases my concentration.. So let's keep doing it!!
Darrell W.
I would have a smoothie or protein shake. When i am stressed I can get super anxious and it makes it difficult to eat. A smoothie goes down easier!
Isobel Z.
I'd focus on reducing the stress and not having that situation occur. Failing that, allocate time to acquire and prep things you can eat with minimal effort: breakfast bars, shake, banana; things you can take out, eat n chuck the wrapping. Again, long term solution should be to prevent eating under stress, by resolving stressors / giving yourself more time and resources to handle things, like waking up earlier n prepping ye food.
Elen A.
A healthy breakfast could help you dealing with stress. Try to enjoy the time you spend preparing and eating your meal. Make it a moment of relaxation.
Alison E.
Find the easy healthy options. For example I love banana with a spoon of peanut butter /not sugared but with honey/. It's delicious, healthy, easy and fast!
Louella Y.
My two favourites when I am stressed are porridge and oat and smoothies.

Porridge can be cooked in a microwave in a couple of minutes. You can use water too if you don’t want to use milk. I’d recommend that you use a nut milk etc though as you’ll be lots more nutrients compared to just water.

Oat based smoothies are another favourite of mine. They follow the same preparation as porridge really, but are ideal when I’m feeling depressed and anxious. I found a smoothie maker in my local store for £10, so you don’t need to spend much to make your life easier and less stressful.

Kitty U.
After starting the Fabulous journey, I knew breakfast would be a challenge. I rarely eat breakfast and don't feel hungry for hours in the morning. To start this habit and make it seem easy, I time myself making and eating a bowl of scrambled eggs. It takes me ten minutes. So on the mornings that I feel stressed out, I tell myself that it will only take ten minutes and I should do it.
Andy U.
If I'm stressed/not hungry/feeling pressed for time, I will just grab a handful of almonds. I keep them on the counter so they're in front of me and I'll keep a second bag in the car if I know I'm going to be super busy. It helps me go for something healthy and saves time. If you don't like nuts, having hard-boiled eggs or a banana ready to go is another quick, healthy, and satisfying option. Hope that helps!
Sylvia Z.
Well I guess it depends by what U mean when you say a stress. If you mean stress as in a lot of stuff to do then grab a small quick yet nutritious breakfast, like a banana or an apple. You can eat that on the way to work or university or school or whatever. If you have time in the evening the precious day, try to prepare breakfast for the following day, like a musli bar or a healthy sandwich. If even that is not possible have a banana or an apple be left out thr night before so you can just grab it on your way out. Yet if you mean stress as in the emotional feeling of being overwhelmed, sit down and organise your time. Write to do lists or write a schedule, prioritise tasks and all that, yet make sure to organise time for a healthy breakfast. Block it out in your schedule, have it be part of your priority numero uno self care routine in your schedule or to do list. It will benefit all your other tasks that will follow
Malu P.
Just give yourself the needed time to embrace your body and give it the energy and nutrition it needs to give you more satisfaction to cope with stressing situations. Just give yourself sometime
Rebecca J.
I always try to think about the breakfast I’m about to prepare, and the sensations it’s gonna give me. So, it fuels me to enjoy cooking and eating every morning, and repeat it everyday.
Chad J.
I always try to have something prepared beforehand. Most of the times I know I will be stressful certain weeks, so I prepare pancakes or frittata and put them into freezer in little olatee, ready to be microwaved and eaten in 10 minutes. If a stressful event occurs and I didn't expect it, I drink a protein shake and be okay with an unhealthy addition. It's important to be kind to yourself, things won't be perfect every day. 🙂
Megan S.
If the stress is extreme enough, I usually just go out to get breakfast at a fast food place so I don’t feel like I’m wasting time – but a healthy option, like buy a salad from subway or McDonald’s. Salad for breakfast is okay! Learn to love fast food salads so you have options when you are too stressed to make food, but need to stay healthy.
Constance Z.
Protein bars!

I have an extremely stressful job, and often don’t have time to cook or “make” breakfast.

In terms of being too stressed to eat, that happens at times too. That’s usually a warning sign that I need to check my priorities and maybe rest some boundaries.

I use my body as a barometer to measure stress. It’s not always about blindly following habits.

Esther U.
Try to pay attention to what you are doing while you are doing it. Lots of things are stressful. If you're worrying about something that you cannot do anything about RIGHT NOW you're missing the moment you're living in right now.
You've heard it many times and you know in your head that 1 of the best ways to start the day is with a good breakfast. So, today, you're going to have a good breakfast. Take out some of the fruit you bought for the week, and butter and egg (or 2). Put the fruit on a plate or small bowl, and cook the egg. Sit down at the table to eat. By paying attention to the simple things while you are doing them, you may find yourself enjoying what you are doing.
Surprisingly, after you feed your brain and body good fuel, solutions to things stressed about may present themselves.
Olivia Z.
Having something quick and easy in the morning has been the most helpful, even if that means doing some prep the night before (like overnight oats). I also try to have some quick and easy to grab fruit in case I didn't prep anything the night before. If you're not hungry because of stress, I still try to nibble on some nuts or dried apple before lunch time to try to keep myself in the habit.
Hellmuth C.
I make baked eggs w lots of veggies like kale and broccoli at least once a week and then it is easy to heat up a slice in the morning. It has become a regular meal. Other times I may grab fruit and a yogurt and/or nuts. Occasionally I eat out. Having water first thing each day has helped me not skip breakfast any more. I also stopped drinking coffee in the morning until after I eat something healthy, which has been a great reset. It is true that having a consistent breakfast helps start the day strong and less stressed.
Selma F.
For me, it’s all about planning. I have to have healthy food in the house and have things ready to go. I try to buy fruit on the weekend, wash it, have it ready to go in the morning. Sometimes I make little packages to go in a smoothie and have those in he fridge or freezer. If everything is ready, the smoothie with fruit milk and protein powder takes five minutes. It can be hard to avoid unhealthy things. An office where I used to work always had pastries and pop tarts in the kitchen in the morning. I couldn’t go in there! I brought a thermos of coffee to avoid it!

I also have some “go to”plans for eating out. Starbucks oatmeal (without sweetener) or their sous vide egg bites are quick and light.

It try to reward myself a little, too. I’ve cut back on coffee, but a single shot of espresso with light whip is about 30 calories and I really like it.

As I don’t know what kind of stress you are under, it’s hard to be more helpful. The key to getting myself to do it is, I think, to plan and build good habits over time as you establish a routine.

Good luck!

Altino Z.
Your breakfast should always be healthy even when you are under stress so don't let that stop you from eating something good for your body just make your breakfast after you wake up immediately and then you won't skip it or replace it with someting unhealthy
Emile O.
Without breakfast your body will be hungry and less to higher levels of stress. So by eating breaskfast and a hearty one your body gets the nutrients it needs so help in homeostatic reduction of stress
Mara Q.
Set your alarm 15 mins earlier. It helps me to get up before everyone else and just have 30 mins to myself where I can eat a nice healthy breakfast. Plan the night before and after a few days you will start to feel the benefits.
Philip N.
Prepare it the night before so it's ready when I am. Make it mobile so I can take it with me if I need to or am not hungry when I get up. I also have decided to cut Me some slack and have grace with Me like I do others. I know how to create a healthy breakfast but when I'm struggling with stress or depression, it's more important for me to just eat and nourish my mind and body instead of punishing myself with hunger for not preparing. I reach for quicker maybe less healthy options until I get through the hump and then go right back to what I know I should be eating. Beating myself up doesn't help. Eating cereal instead of avacodo toast, eggs, and sauteed veggies is better for my well being.
Edelmira Q.
Get up early, cook as a meditation excercise, just appreciate what you are doing for yourself (and maybe someone you care about). Don’t rush and be mindful about it.
Pearl O.
Plan what you are going to have at the beginning of the week and make it something that is easy to make and portable so you can take it to the gym
Adam F.
I leave out all the cookware in the evening so all I really need to do in the morning is grab the ingredients and cook, or I think about what to make for breakfast the day before so I can already mentally prepare myself to spend 5-15 minutes cooking and realizing that majority of the time is really just me standing and waiting for the stove or oven or microwave to cook whatever it is.
Ann P.
A quote from Martin Luther King comes to mind, saying something like "I have so much to do today that I need to spend three hours in prayer". This goes to say that if you have a hard day ahead, you want to be as prepared for it as possible. So don't skip breakfast!
Urte X.
I do it because I know it will make me feel better throughout the day and give me the energy to feel okay. When I don’t eat a good breakfast I feel lethargic and weak.
Olivia U.
No matter how stressed you are. Force yourself to go to bed at a fixed time at night, schedule enough hours to sleep (try to sleep), Wake up on time and workout (walk, run, swim, etc), have a Fruit/vegetable/gran breakfast. After a few days sleeping, eating/digesting, thinking will Improve. If you make the above a habit, you will prevent stress.
Armandino A.
Even though stress can be turned into energy, it is still not enough fuel for your body to make it through a stressful day. A healthy source of fuel is essential to support that energy drain that stress lays upon you. And remember, it’ll take less time to make a shake at home then to go, order, wait, pay and grab a sandwich from somewhere.
Malthe Z.
I live by myself as a PhD student in GA. Sometimes it gets really much, one of the most calming things is to go to waffle House to eat a full breakfast with extra cheese on the counter.

If I am under a budget, I make something extra special for myself and sit and the counter in my kitchen to eat.

Hope this helps!

Cassandra Q.
I treat breakfast like something I have to do in order to have a good day. Do I want to feel sluggish later? Do I want to be hungry and unable to eat? That's a no for both questions. Can I find something I'll enjoy eating? Can I grab something quick an healthy? Probably. Healthy and the right amount of calories is all that really matters to me in the morning.
Marian C.
On those when I'm busy, i try to prepare bulk meals and snacks snacks such as boiler eggs. Whenever i eat out, i try to bring a container to half the meal which is usually too big and store it in the fridge for breakfast
Ana O.
Meal prep. If you can carve out one or two hours every week you can have healthy meals ready for the rest of your week. If you only have a few minutes you can at least boil some eggs or make a batch of overnight oats for the rest of the week. It helps keep you from making sub-optimal decisions because you're hungry and in a rush.
Andy Z.
By reminding yourself that in the long run, a healthy meal will make you feel better. Life will get stressful, but going back on everything you've worked so hard for, for one stressful day, isnt worth it.
Todd E.
Have a very basic breakfast option for these kinds of mornings and have it premade. I make a dozen boiled eggs every week and eat one or two with a banana when I'm in a rush in the morning. It's a good enough breakfast that's also portable too if I need to eat on my way to work.
Adam X.
Put out everything you need the night before so there is minimal resistance in the morning and you can fall into making breakfast
Ellie F.
If preparing the meal will take too long or your body really doesn’t want to eat because of stress — try making something quick and liquid, like a bit of protein powder mixed with almond milk, or dip a carrot into hummus. It can be small and quick.
Alicja T.
Deal with the stress. Organize your time better. Eat something easy like yogurt or a banana. Grilled cheese is good too.
Samantha Z.
Stress is a state of mind at a point in time. Cooking your healthy breakfast could help divert that state of mind. While cooking you can also think of activities that could get you out of stress. Online order or walking to your store / restaurant can deviate ur mind from the current state.
Happy and healthy meal could also change your stress levels.

Don't worry, just stick on to the healthy habit, and this too shall pass. Happy Journey. 👍

Rosalyn W.
I always have my Juice Plus bars and Complete Smoothie Serving Size packets. When I need a quick breakfast, I can grab a bar or shake up a quick smoothie. It is fast, satisfying, fills me up until lunch and has all the nutrients to keep me going. Anxiety and Depression starts in the gut so if you feed your body what it needs, it can help keep those emotionsin emotions in check.
Joyce W.
I have switched my breakfast to Soylent, a nutritious meal supplement which has flavors that taste like delicious chocolate shakes. I never have a problem drinking one no matter how stressed I am because they taste like comfort food to me while remaining 100% scuentifically-regimented to be nutritious and good for me.
Peer Z.
When you're under a lot of stress breakfast always seems to be one of the most important things that tend to get puahed aside. I found that if it's a matter of not enough time to eat breakfast to meal prep. We usually get together and plan meal for the week on Sunday and work on prep work while I'm waiting for dinner to cook since I'm already in the kitchen. One thing I like to prep is breakfast sandwiches. I'll fix eggs, and either bacon or sausage for my husband (I'm a vegetarian, so the meat is a no go for me). Add a slice of cheese and either an english muffin or biscuit and it's ready to be wrapped and frozen. All that has to be done is pop it in the microwave for a few minutes in the morning and, BOOM, a quick and healthy breakfast in the morning. If you're cutting out bread, just leave it off and do it tv dinner style. Didn't have time to meal prep, or didn't prep enough? One of my favorite quick grab breakfasts favorites is peanut butter with a banana. Any fruit woth a protein is a good, balanced choice. Try greek yogurt with granola, or plain oatmeal with a fruit topping. There is so much you can do to make mornings easier. If it's a matter if lack of appetite due to stress, prep your favorite health meal for a little pick-me-up. You may not want to eat, but having something you really like is a great way to get yourself to at least eat something.
Sophie U.
When I'm under alot of stress I prepare light things like hard boiled eggs, sliced fruit, etc. the night before. In the morning after water I grab my stress free meal like the fruit and the boiled eggs and a hand full of almonds or crasins. Keeping breakfast simple works wonders.
Caroline P.
Planning ahead can be the lifesaver we all need. Stress seriously affects my life-my disabilities health and well-being are all directly dependent and interconnected to each other. So if I make time to plan my meals, schedule, and handle my responsibilities as I go along-it helps me on days where I’m not at my full capacity. One big thing that’s helped since I also have an eating disorder is to create convenient and small meals so that I can pick it up on the go from my house. Start with a fruit, some protein, carbs, and a bit of veggies. This could be an apple with slices of cheese, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes, a hard boiled egg and a slice of toast with peanut butter. Everything can be packed up the night before so I can grab it on the run. Good luck friend!
Miri Q.
I’m really bad at breakfast. Something that really helps is having the right tools on hand: granola or a mixture of nuts and seeds, and almond milk or yogurt is a great, quick, healthy breakfast. If I don’t have these things on hand, I usually skip breakfast and see how long I can go without eating 🤦‍♀️ No good!
Lee N.
I think about my blood sugars, or I ask michael to prepare it the night before like overnight oats or something. That’s relying on someone else but I do depend on him for lots of things
Eddie Z.
Treat your breakfast as quiet time for you. Try not to eat fast, and enjoy the taste of your breakfast. You can try waking up a few minutes early, or getting the breakfast ready the night before (ex.overnight oats)
Carlos X.
Have a bag that is pre-prepared with all the ingredients you need for a healthy breakfast. Then you can cook it in under five minutes and be ready
Liberto Q.
Buy good food ahead of time so when the stress comes it's still easily accessible. I think apple and peanut butter is a good easy breakfast that's delicious enough to compete with my stress.
Elmer C.
Eating good is the first thing that i’m doing for my body and for taking off all of the stress that i have. Starting with a good breakfast and focusing of that is really helpfull
Sophia Z.
Being stressed out doesn't give you the excuse not to eat breakfast. Throughout your day at the give you the energy you need to accomplish your goals.