I don’t have much time so I meal-prep my breakfast in the evening. Do you have a good recipe for meal-prepping a breakfast?

Kaitlyn N.
personally, when I don’t have enough time to eat breakfast, I usually prep a bowl of Greek yogurt with varied toppings eg fruit (blueberries; strawberries etc), maple syrup/brown sugar/honey if you prefer a slightly sweeter breakfast as greek yogurt can sometimes be quite sour. I recommend adding granola too as an alternative 🙂

Roger F.
I don’t have a meal prep recipe. But I want to start the process of meal prepping for every meal. It would make it really easy for me to meet my calorie intake goal without thinking too much.

Adriano C.
Usually, when I know that the next morning I won’t have much time to make some breakfast, I leave a coupe of things done or think of an easy recipe to cook the night before. For example, I buy some of those breads that are already toasted and I make an egg the night before. The next morning I warm it up while I’m getting ready and I eat quickly and take a couple of fruits with me to snack on the way. Or I just cut some bananas overnight and put peanut butter on the toast the next morning with the banana slices on top. I hope that helps! 🙂

Deneisha O.
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