How do you keep your weekly food habits simple to prepare but interesting week to week?

Thea G.
I prepare ahead and I love color in my food. I also look up recipes that are simple and colorful. Pinterest is very helpful
Mia J.
Batch cook simple ingredients like veggies and potatoes so that it’s easy to cook things but you’re not in a box with what you make since they’re just ingredients.
Sue N.
I eat the same breakfast Evey day.
I fix a Dutch oven Sunday dinner with a rotating list of turkey breast, chuck roast, chicken breast, rump roast, and for fifth Sunday catfish stew. Then I follow a monthly dinner menu based on weekdays: Monday Chicken, Tuesday Crockpot, Wednesday leftovers, Thursday beef or chicken noodles with Sunday leftover meat if not eaten entirely for lunches by then, Friday out to eat, and Saturday pizza. Lunches are leftovers from Sunday and then Monday and Tuesday.
Mauricio N.
I always eat scrambled eggs and fruit. What makes it interesting is that I always make a different Mexican sauce to put on them. Sauce will last me around 4 days.
Loris Z.
I love mealkit services, as they cut doen on prep time and keep things interesting. The downside is just all the packaging.
I also plan my menu every Sunday for the rest of the week. I plan breakfast, lunch, dinner and one snack per day. I try to let some ingredients overlap to ensure that fresh ingredients don’t go off before I use it. I ensure that every meal include 2 portions of veg, a protein source, some healthy carbs and a fat. Using that principle, I can start combining ingredients to make a variety of meals. Knowing food groups and what counts as e.g. a portion of protein, will help you to identify foods that you can include on your weekly menu.
Alyssa E.
On Sunday I make a menu with healthy and variable food, so I can easily control what I eat. I also prepare a meal because it helps me to save time.