What food is a must-have for your breakfast?

Lourival Z.
I think there must be carbohydrates, either it’s rice or potato cause I think that’s important to improve your energy. Also protein, I usually consume one egg in the morning for breakfast. I think another foods like fruits and vegetables are also great for breakfast but I rarely consume it, so yeah maybe I should change that one and add fruits or veggies in my breakfast
Gloria Z.
eggs are a typical thing for my everyday breakfast, because they give me what i need of protein. i try to be innovative with them. and with that i could have some oats or bread just to complete my carb's necessities for the breakfast
Elisa Y.
A porridge. If I have sandwiches, then cheese. Anything I enjoy actually. But I need for sure a big fulfilling breakfast, because I can get hungry very fast, in 3 hours after breakfast
Robby P.
Peanut butter and jam on bread. A fast breakfast that gives me the protein I need to start my day. I also find that having something sweet In the morning curbs my sweet cravings throughout the day.
Alyssa J.
Anything with eggs. French toast scrambled egg, baked egg with toast, etc. With an eggy breakfast, I stay fuller for a longer period.
Edeltrud F.
Oats… these can be a part of a bowl of poridge or a smoothie bowl or even just with cereal. Oats are amazing the fuel you and reduce the amount of snacks you have in the morning. Thanks to having oats as part of my breakfast I have had a decrease for 2 snacks in the morning to none! 🙂
Jud Q.
A must have for my breakfast used to be a nutella toast. But since gaining a little weght and trying to be healthier it changed to a green smoothie (or a smoothie in general.)
So I guess my mixer is my must have 😀
Hanim R.
bread or rice or pancakes. with delicious fruits and vegetables. i m vegan so i eat a lot of plants. and i need my cup of coffee as a celebration!
Elio Y.
A must have for me is pancakes. You can customize them any way you want to, because of that it's difficult to get tired of it.
Dioclene A.
I always try to eat some sort of carbohydrate with some fruit, whether that’s a smoothie and a piece of toast or some Weetabix with raisins as I find it gives me lots of energy for the day. However, if I have more time in the mornings, I love making myself a bigger breakfast: eggs, a fruit selection, and a carbohydrate of some sort is perfect!
Marina N.
It's not so much about the food itself but the macros within that food!! A must have breakfast for me must include at least one source of carbs, protein and fat. Whether it's savory or sweet, I leave it up to my body to decide!! Not every morning is the same, not having a pre planned breakfast can help me tune in with my body