How do you guys start your day?!

Yvonne U.
A slow wake-up. Mr. Mini wakes up at 5(30), then I prepare a bottle and we cuddle for 15 min. By 6, we start tidying up the house. And listen to the radio.
By 7, I start preparing the breakfast table. The kids eat cereal or bread, I stick with yogurt, fruit and seeds.

Bet Nia P.
I start my day by getting up and choosing to do my morning ritual. It really helps get me up and started in the morning. Then I go onto where I need to be next.

Mason A.
Drink water, sit facing the sunrise and make a gratitude list, make my healthy breakfast, and then go for a short walk with my dogs, before getting ready for work or whatever the day holds.

Vincent S.
I start it with water, a breathing meditation, and reading a little bit. then I get out of bed to have breakfast and coffee, and then I get out my yoga mat (on lower energy days) or I go to the gym.

Erwan C.
A long luxurious stretch in bed followed by a good drink of cool water. I try to make time to tickle and chat with my cat before I get out of bed.

Tony Q.
My day starts by checking my phone and drinking water. I then get up, have a cup of coffee and oatmeal for breakfast and get ready for my daily activities.

Stefanie F.
Well for starters my 1 month old son normally wakes up around 5/6 AM to drink a bottle, after he finishes I burp him he falls back asleep and I grab a drink of water maybe cook eggs or grab a fruit and relax.

Kristina Z.
recently started with drinking water BEFORE coffee ☕️ that is a huge win! Then i take the dog out, make coffee, track my finances from the day before, and then head up to my office to do my “Deep Work.”

Herbert O.
I hear alarm, make coffee,shower feed cat, relax with a good breakfast making sure i drink water ,than off to work. Where I enjoy nor

Elfriede C.
When i wake up i used to breath on my bed. I like to do breathing before leaving bed. Then i brush my teeth and drink water.

Mia O.
First, I check the time on my phone. Usually, goes to the restroom to pee. If I’m feeling a little unwell, I check my blood sugar to confirm if it’s low. If it is, I continue to my morning routine. If not, I inject my insulin. My morning routine starts with drinking water then eating breakfast: always with milk. After breakfast, I’m still full so I can’t proceed to the exercise yet. I snooze it for 30 minutes but then after 30 minutes, I get lazy to exercise ‘cause usually I’m at bet already.

Diedrich S.
I wake up with my alarm, the have a drink and turn on my light. I get up and get dressed straight away so I don’t go back to sleep and then I got to the bathroom. I put on a bit of make up and then go down and get some breakfast, usually including fruit and a yoghurt. I brush my teeth and then get on with my day.

Rachel T.
I start with a glass of water, then try to keep the kids from destroying the house while I do my morning exercise routine

Alvin W.
By Opening my eyes with a smile on my face, sit on side of my bed have a drink of water, if you find you dont like water try getting an infusion drinks bottle put a slice of a fresh lemon and the same with a fresh lime, and its delicious, I then turn on my fav radion channel and get my clothes on and I'm ready to go , exercise after that I get my shower get dressed for the day and eat my breakfast. Hope this helps good luck hun.

Bradley C.
I recently started drinking water first thing in the morning, once my alarm goes off. I then prepare and eat a breakfast that consists of oatmeal with nuts and fruit or eggs with a meat (sausage or bacon) and toast. I usually have to wait 30 minutes before exercising for about 10 minutes, but now I think I will exercise first and then prepare my breakfast. I also meditate for 10 minutes before I shower and get ready to leave for work.