How do you become more awake and fast in the morning?

Aaron T.
I get prepared all I need for the next day ready and handy before going to bed a night before the next morning. I set a routine for all my routine in the morning. So as to meet up with my resumption at the office.

Dylan S.
As Soon as i wake i count to 10 and then i get up. It's hard but just do, and don't think so much about it. Then I drink a glass of water. I would recommend putting it next to your bed at night, so it's there when you wake up. Then i take my curtains away from my windows to get some sunlight in my room. Maybe open a window. I then make my bed. At this point i am already kinda fresh. But i get fresh very easily.
3 more things that helps me is eating a healthy breakfast, washing my face and brushing my teeths.
To be faster in the morning i would recommend that you find what you are gonna wear the next day and put it on a chair or something.
If you have to bring a back somewhere, pack it the night before.
And also have som easy healthy breakfast ideas ready, so you don't have to spend a lot of time making food.
I hope that this helps<3:)

Daria N.
When you wake up, you can do some exercices for breathing. You can found some on "Make Me Fabulous". After that, go and wash your face and your hands, and after that drink a cup of water. It can help you a lot.