If I eat enough protein and healthy food (veggie, whole grains etc.) is it bad to eat a little bit of something sweet?

Jenni O.
No I think if you deny yourself something every so often then you’ll more likely not sustain healthy eating. Isn’t it all about balance as they say?
Mema N.
If you are maintaining weight you can eat something sweet as long as it is within your daily calories, same goes for other cases.
Hildegardo E.
Nope, it's fine as long as in moderation! I've found when I cut out everything sweet for good, my good eating habits crumble. Sometimes cutting out some of the sweet stuff for good can do more harm than good, or at least that's what I've found. So just eat in moderation tho 🙂 and if you do cut stuff out make sure it's slowly done eg no cold turkey on anything! As it's more likely you'll go back to habits that way. Hope this helped 🙂
Sander Z.
It depends. Sweets are best for short bursts of energy, like when you are doing a physically intensive activity. But otherwise, those sugars get easily processed, leaving you tired and hungry.
Aurora N.
I do not think a little sugar is bad. Just don't get to addicted. Sugar is really bad for your immune system if you eat too much. But a little won't hurt.
Zehranur Q.
Of course not 🤦 Just a little bit sugar can't make your life unhealty. You are eating it becuase you need it. Your body needs it. But if you feel so bad when you ate it, don't eat cause it makes you sad. If you feel so well and more energetic go and eat it. Decide with your emotions. Love yaa 💞
Blank X.
I mean I’m not counting anything here but eating breakfast lunch and dinner all relatively health compared to what I could eat instead