I tend to skip breakfast, but some argue it’s better to take some quality protein in the morning. What are your thoughts?

Vassilissa F.
I am agree that proteins are important in the morning. Personnaly I'm on a low carb diet and eat some eggs with a salad for the breakfast

Rodney U.
Personally I can't imagine skipping breakfast – I wouldn't be able to focus in the mornings, and would become so cranky by lunch! But understandable that sometimes it's unavoidable, or just easier. I'd always say start the say with some simple protein based meal, whatever suits your diet – bulk cook some of your favourites to grab and go! Good luck 🙂

Emma E.
I used to not eat breakfast and since I started eating a good and healthy breakfast I feel more energetic and awake the whole day.

Fagr E.
Your mind needs food .. so you get energy from food and protein takes more time to be digested into your gut than carbs so pls would you eat some protein meals in the early morning to keep you fill and focused ?
Oatmeal with fruits ….eggs and cheese and vegetables Oh yummy

Agostinho P.
I’m bad at eating breakfast. I believe it’s good to have something in the morning whether that’s protein or not. The first step for me is to eat something then slowly transition onto protein once I’m in the habit of eating in the mornings.

Inchara X.
I used to do the same thing, I would have a glass of milk and some biscuits. Though it was enough. Once I started having breakfast, I felt more energetic and I could stay focused for a longer time.

Pat T.
I think that having a healthy breakfast with some protein is a great way to start the day. It tends to give me much needed energy and the protein helps to keep me full and not overeat at lunchtime or graze before dinner. I try and get a decent breakfast in at a reasonable time every day, but with my early starts for work (3:30am), it is a bit early in the morning for me to get a meal down, so sometimes my first meal isnt until 12pm. It is a lot like a 16:8 fast pretty much daily, but if I know work is going to be full on for that day i will have a small handful of nuts to tide me over. It is completely what works for you, your body and your schedule, but I feel it is important to have that first meal of the day healthy with protein, to set yourself up for a day of clean eating.

Dave X.
I think this is true. I do struggle with eating in the morning as well but I started drinking coffee/tea first and then have food.

Abdoullah P.
That's true, also consider your body type ie either you're an ectomorph, mesomorph, Endormorph which determines the amount of carbohydrate you need for a good energy reserve and deter unnecessary snacking. read more on the subject.

John G.
I skipped breakfast everyday for years. It feels convenient when you are rushing out to get your day started, but that is shortsighted.
Learning to grab even a simple breakfast helps solve several problems for me. First, it motivates me to get up a little earlier as I started looking forward to this meal. Second, it helps me be more productive when I get started on my work. Third, I am making better choices for lunch since I am not as hungry. And finally, I am not as snacky in the evening since I have a good breakfast to look forward to.

Ga L B.
A well rounded complex protein meal replacement that is low in sugar and high in protein can be a great way to get in nutrients and vitamins if you don't have time to eat a healthy breakfast

Frederick F.
Definitely a good protein breakfast makes me start the day right, makes me last longer til lunch, and I tend to make better lunch choices cos I'm not too starved.

Pauline E.
Ithink it sets me upfor the day. Less hungry, stabilised mood. It helps to plan what youre going to have the night before, check you have enough eggs etc.

Overall i am happy i have set this habit and plan to continue it. The protein part is important. The focus is real. I plan to get some vegies in there at breakfast as well like a sweet potato omlette thing. I feel proud of myself for sticking with it for a week. Xx

Erin O.
Definitely get a protein packed breakfast. I found on days when I skip breakfast my mind and body don't function as well and everything seems off

Marina O.
I never skip breakfast, even if it makes me late sometimes. It gives me a lot of energy in the morning and wakes me up. If I don't eat breakfast I'm more tired and irritable. Even if it is just a granola bar I grab something

Martin F.
I think having breakfast in the morning is important but it depends on the person. I would not be able to function throughout the day because I would be hungry. On the other hand, I know people who don’t feel hungry in the morning so don’t eat breakfast.

Malgorzata O.
Skipping breakfast would be good for weight loss but not in a healthy way. If you feel sick in the morning have a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit something which is light but has lots of protein and gives u energy to go on throughout the day.

Ariadne F.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It is a big moment to charge my energy, drink water and be prepared to my day.

Amira X.
Don't skip it, it's hard because never in my life did I have breakfast but now I make more time to do so. And everyday I can eat more and more. Tbh I feel good now and full till noon and I don't crave sugar or fast food.

Tracy F.
When I have breakfast, my day always goes better!! I’m a firm believer in a healthy breakfast with some protein, veggies, and a healthy complex carb.

Samantha O.
Having a breakfast high in protein will kerb your hunger until lunch,but it's important to get carbohydrates on board too fuel your body till your next meal.

Dennis U.
I think protein is important In the morning. You can grab a granola bar or a peace of cheese or turkey or any other kind of meat (or even egg) in order to full yourself on the go. Hard boiling an egg night before and eating it for breakfast works well!

Oscar C.
For sure, you even can prepare some healthy snacks yourself during weekend and than use them during week. For example raw protein bars. And granola ti mix it with yogurt.

Valerie U.
I would suggest grabbing at least a small handful of nuts or dried fruit to snack on in the morning, since that’s how your metabolism gets jump started! I understand some people have trouble eating in the morning, but getting at least a small amount of nutrients is key.

Louise G.
Breakfast helps you avoid foods and snacks you know are not healthy because you have energy! It sets your day up for success and initiates a positive outlook, since you took time for some self-care. Enjoying your breakfast and considering what it took to get that food to your plate in your house helps build gratitude for the earth and your neighbors.

Ellen O.
Quality protein not only gives you energy but also helps maintain muscle mass, being awake and having a healthy body. It also helps digest food. So yes, protein is deffo important in the morning!

J Nai O.
Some sort of sustenance in the morning is definitely important! So is drinking water. These habits jumpstart your metabolism for the day (which keeps your body regulated; you know, on a schedule) and give you FUEL to get through the day.
If you don't feel the desire to eat, drink a glass of lemon water when you wake up. It starts your engines. Or, just start small. Make some hard-boiled eggs and add a little seasoning to taste! They only take 5 minutes so you can get ready while they boil. GOOD LUCK!

Alan P.
I used to not be a breakfast person but once I started making myself have a good fried breakfast in the morning I found that I had a much better day

Sophia Y.
Good question! I think it depends a bit on how you run your day. I eat breakfast around 6:30 and then lunch around 12, with journaling, a work out, and 3 hours of work in between. I definitely could not make it to lunch without a good, slow-digesting breakfast. But if you prefer to get up later and have a brunch a bit later, I think that could be just as sustainable! Having the protein is of course important whenever you make that meal happen.

El Onore E.
Make the time for a good, full breakfast. I’ve noticed the days I do eat, I have more energy, concentration, and more productive than the days I don’t or only eat protein. When I only focus on protein, I have more initial energy that burns off quicker than a well-rounded breakfast with whole grains, fruit and protein.

If you’re worried about time, set everything up to quickly make in the morning. Or if you can, buy some cheap to go containers to eat on your commute or when you first get to where you need to go.

Laurie C.
I always eat breakfast. But….I always have a protein shake for breakfast. This way it doesn't feel too heavy and I can get moving quickly.

Ida N.
Real "life" cannot be an excuse. We skip breakfast because most of us say we don't have time. There's plenty of time, we just choose to spend it elsewhere. We skip breakfast because we don't carve out the time for it. We have to make time.

Eileen J.
I believe breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It fuels our bodies providing us all with the necessary ingredients to enjoy a full productive day.

Victoria S.
Big or good breakfast in the morning will keep you energized longer and brighten up your mood. I am usually rushing as well when leaving in the morning for work, but these days I’m trying to at least get an egg sandwich or ready made pancakes before i leave.