What things do you eat besides oatmeal, quinoa, eggs and smoothies? I need more ideas. Also make-ahead ideas.

Matias S.
I usually besides the things you already said, I eat a bolw full of fruit (sometimes a mix of fruit and others only one kind of fruit)
Dita N.
Make ahead light English muffin and egg, Canadian bacon, one slice velvets cheese light breakfast sandwiches and wrap up individually and put in fridge then microwave quick in the morning!
Bobbie T.
Are you on a special diet? Any restrictions? I am an ovo-lacto vegetarian and not calorie restricted. I like whole wheat toast with hummus or nut butter (peanut being cheapest), whole wheat waffles with berries, bean and cheese taco salad with fresh veggies, corn bread with veggie, lentil or split pea soup, curry rice and beans, baked sweet potatoes, ratatouille, air fried potatoes, beets and carrots, pad Thai, sushi, whole wheat pizza….. Does this help? Pasta with pesto, fruit salad, yoghurt, whole grain grilled cheese and tomato sandwich, asparagus soup and mushroom quiche…