Does anyone have any health breakfast options? I’m looking for some inspiration.

Floyd C.
I choose a breakfast that is quick to enable it to fit more easily into the morning routine.

As such I choose a homemade protein shake containing banana, cocoa nibs, peanut butter, almond milk and chocolate protein powder. This is sufficiently filling for the morning.

Gary R.
Multigrain cheerios, greek yogurt, oatmeal (unsweetened) with berries, a banana, one slice of toast with a fried egg and avocado.
Kassandra E.
Be careful, "health" breakfasts aren't always healthful. For example, smoothies sound like a great breakfast, but can be high in sugar. Stick close to lots of proteis like eggs, healthy fats and slow carbs.
Avery U.
I’ve learned just to keep it simple and eat what you like. I was never a breakfast person, so I kind of have to force myself to eat in the morning, and that’s not gonna happen if it’s something I don’t like. I stick with scrambled eggs and tortillas and hot sauce, smashed avocado on a bagel or multigrain toast with pumpkin seeds and feta cheese, or some overnight oats if I remember and have time the night before.
Alicia C.
I prepare boiled eggs, olives which my mom prepare for us, cheese, honey. I ate all of them with a a hot Turkish tea. It feels me much better.
Earl T.
Personally, my breakfast consists of Fiber One/Probiotic/Grape Nuts cereal with unsweetened almond milk and frozen berries. I also have a cup of coffee with creamer (I use a flavored one to get my sugar fix and not feel compelled to want to eat that stuff later and then alternate with half and half to avoid sugar.)
Urien I.
Scrambled eggs is a good one, mix with peppers, onion and a sprinkle of cheese. It’s really quick if you don’t have much time too!