How do you bypass breakfast boredom. I feel like all the foods get monotonous over time

Catalin Z.
Its easy if you have enough motivation. For me its because i want to lose a few kilos and also take control on my life👍
Lauren B.
Hi! 🙂 Try to have a few options available, and maybe stick to one for, let's say, a week. Then change to another one. Or maybe keep your favourite one for special occasions, like celebrating your achievements, so you won't get easily bored. I hope I helped you.
Sakkara N.
There’s a huge variety of healthy breakfast. Saying this as a vegan with more restrictions. Fruits, ready made breakfast mixes, smoothies – almond butter, cold brew and banana is an easy one. Some days I feel like toasting a bagel. Eggs if you eat them. The key is to have a theme for a week. Too much planning could mean boredom but a theme a week is easy to stock to and still feels spontaneous
Falusi X.
I am always playing with the variety of fruits&vegetables. Adding to joghurt, oatmeal, smoothie or consume it naturally I can never get bored of it 🤤 I also bought many healthy cooking books which contains hundreds of healthy breakfast recipes. Some of them are quite challenging to prepare but I like adding new meals to my diet.
H Lio P.
I eat something different almost everyday. Sometimes it’s Greek yoghurt with cereals or bread with cheese and veggies, another day it’s al kinds of fruit, or wholegrain crackers with avocado, eggs (boiled of baked) or chiapudding. Take your time to truly taste and enjoy it.
Nino B.
That's so real. I like following healthy food pages on instagram and checking pinterest for breakfast and smoothie ideas. I'm working on becoming vegan. So learning how to replace certain foods with others is something I'm interested in right now. And I have a list of foods that I love to eat everyday so I find ways to incorporate them into breakfast somehow. For example, I love avocado so I like making avocado toast, or I'll pop some avocado into a smoothie or put it on top of my scramble. Im studying to become a dietitian so applying what I'm learning makes it more interesting. I hope this helps:)
Sarah F.
Try eating something youd would eat at a different meal (like breakfast for dinner but the other way around) maybe a nice sandwich or salad of hot foods sound like too much. Just try to switch it up for a couple days and that should help reset some.
Veronica Y.
Umh. I usually am good to not eat the same all the time. If i get tired of bread i'll eat yoghurt or something lighter and not as boring. I still work a lot with eating food that's good for me, and not what i want in that moment. But for today, since i've got the flu, i have eat less than normal, but drinked a lot of water. And i have also been eating a little bit more unhealthy because i needed sugar today 🤧☺️
Keerthana A.
You can mix different fruits and different flavoured oats. I do not take same breakfast two consecutive days. Always keep some gap before you have same food again
Ewa E.
I am kind of person who gets bored with same breakfast over a time so I keep switching my breakfast everyday sometime favourite upside sun eggs sometimes boiled one sometimes cereals otas brown bread and whole wheat chapatis and sometimes black peas or fruits and green tea it will be interesting thing to have breakfast on time if its mouth watering for you.
Ana M.
You can vary fruits and vegetables you add to your breakfast. For example , you can add to scrambled eggs tomatoes 🍅, avocado 🥑, greens 🥬 and spices. So, you can choose whatever u like and mix them in different ways 😉 enjoy your breakfast 🍳
Shelley Y.
I believe that breakfast won’t get boring if a person eats different things each day that tastes good, is healthy, and is filling for the day. Breakfast is the most important meal, so just be sure to eat something that works well for you 💜
Cariana Y.
Well, the Japanese have a philosophy regarding the art of finding enjoyment in the ordinariness of their every day Lives. I think if the food is starting to bore you, you need to actually start looking up more complex recipes, or trying interesting breakfast foods you never thought you could cook- like eggs Benedict! Other than that, just actually forcing yourself to find pleasure in strange small things, like you've never seen them for the first time; the colour of a strawberry when you bite into it, etc! Slowing yourself down and pretending to be an alien doing everything for the first time, making sure you cook everything perfectly. There is a lot to be said for boredom; your life can't be 100% engaging, new and different all the time! It may seem contrived, but sometimes you have to force special newness on those things that bore you. Barring that, learning to be okay with boredom isn't the same as giving up. Breakfast might be the most calm part of your day! Enjoy that instead of seeking gratification 🙂
Isabelle O.
I get very bored of breakfast foods and so I used to just skip it, but then I realised you don’t just have to have breakfast foods, you can have anything that has the right nutritional value for a healthy first meal of the day so that’s something I guess
Kristy Y.
Well to be honest there isn't really a special trick, but if you want to have a more enjoyable breakfast, you can try to create new breakfast idea for each morning. Or if this isn't enough for you, you can watch short videos to past your time( for me, I like to watch TED talks).
Claveta S.
Yeah it can sometimes I recommend experimenting with your taste buds like try new healthy breakfast recipes try finding what suits your taste and make those more often, plan your meals the day before or things like one week meal preps which you can find online is another good option! I hope this helped
Ma Lia E.
Personally, I like eating the same things because I don't have to think about it. However, if I did get tired, I would just switch up ingredients. I have oatmeal as a base, but you can add whatever toppings you want for the day. Instead of sweet, you can go for savory.
Nikos Y.
Switch it up every now and again. I was eating granola but after a while, I found it a chore I dreaded. Now I'm having some fruit and a Greek Yoghurt.
Livramento Q.
I have about 3 habitual breakfast, 2 of which can be meal prepped. If you're into porridge or omelette, you can easily change the toppings. (Ever tried sweet omelette? Delicious!)
Having 2/3 recipes in mind means you can change it every few days, just when you got bored of your previous recipe. And on the weekend, take time to do something completely different, it will break the routine.
My morning smoothie is always the same. I think of my breakfast as a ritual, more than anything.
Alicja Y.
Eat different things on different days. I usually have at least two types of healthy cereal (bran flakes, muesli, porridge oats) in my cupboard, then you could easily make eggs in 4 different ways (fried, scrambled, booked, omelette), then there's yoghurt or cottage cheese with fruit/nuts… The possibilities are endless! 🙂
Reese N.
I add different vegetables and spices to change up the taste. I also eat things that aren’t considered “breakfast food” ; for example zucchini with potato and eggs is one of my favorite
Elliot C.
I would suggest to keep trying different things. If you like overnight oats, you can make apple cinnamon flavoured ones one day, coconut mango the next, almond and peach, etc. Have a few different healthy breakfasts that you can mix and vary.
Cecilie F.
Except on weekends, I don't really bother about it and hence not bored. I stick to practically the same meals during the weekdays.
Selma N.
Jazz it up with different seasonings and pairings you wouldn't see at a restaurant. For example. Grilled asparagus with your scrambled eggs, chorizo and toast. Or a whole papaya carved out with avocado and your favorite type of egg in the center. I use different seasonings every day like salad seasoning, mesquite, paprika, and sazón
Christine G.
When breakfast gets boring, I mix it up with vegetables!! Kale has a great, mild flavor when added to smoothies or eggs. Fresh sliced tomato is to die for with hard boiled eggs, olive oil, and seasoning. Sweet potato is amazing for breakfast – mashed with a little honey, sliced and sauteed with butter, added to pancakes in place of the oil. You'd be surywhat delicious options you can find when you look outside the box. And they're usually healthier choices! Try something crazy!
Hans Rainer Y.
I try to alternate different food. My breakfast on the weekends is different from my breakfast during the week days. There are moments my body is craving more salty foods in the morning and other periods is more sweet. I try to play with that.
Marilou E.
I find porridge is a good option because not only is it one of the healthiest options for breakfast but you can add different things to mix it up. A few combos I like are
Apple and cinnamon.
Blueberry and strawberry.
Banana and peanut butter
Passion fruit and mixed nuts.
Raspberry and honey.
The options really are limitless.
Clarence J.
Look up what people eat for breakfast in cultures other than your own. Spice up your breakfast routine by eating an Indian/Japanese/Mexican/etc inspired breakfast every now and then!
Maddalena N.
Simply, I love eating, to me it's a pleasure. I eat everything. So I don't need to change everything, it is normal to have something that vary and something that stays the sameeveryday. I need hot drink for example and i prefer coffee than tea in the morning, all the rest can vary but I can also appreciate the comfort of having the same thing every morning: it gets the breakfast preparation easy and quick.
Sara Z.
I tend to make overnight oats each night, but I add variety by adding different flavours. I buy bags of frozen fruit and mix them up, add chocolate chips, different flavours of yoghurt, seeds, and other toppings to keep it different. Top tip – heat and mash the frozen fruit before mixing with the oats, then add the yoghurt, the fruit juices make such a difference! My favourite combo – forest fruits and dark chocolate chips 🤤
Maria Z.
Try more variation. If you eat the same breakfast every day, you will get bored. So try variating between different types of breakfast every week, and make something special on the weekends to look forward to
Lisa Q.
If you change it up every two days or so you won't get bored as fast, try new food combinations & find new recipes, also try eating things you love rather than just eating any food, hope it helped! 🙂
Calvin P.
I try to switch things up, eat something different everyday. But they’re still the same foods throughout the week if that makes any sense
Alanis C.
Oh I dont know I've just become a huge fan of the old fashioned oats and now stay away from the packaged ones and i love my blueberries and banannas w a dash of cinnamon and drizzle the pure honey and Im good 7 days a week!
Sue P.
That's a great question. I don't know. I don't really mind eating the same thing every morning. Breakfast serves the purpose of fueling my day, so I don't really need it to entertain me. Dinner is the meal I like to savor and keep from getting repetitive. For Dinners I use different recipe sights, cookbooks, and apps like Taste and Allrecipes to keep meals interesting. I also use meal services off an on to learn new techniques and flavor combinations. I print anything I like and put it in a binder. Then, when I want to pick a meal a flip through the pages of the binder to choose something. I already know I like it because it made into the binder. Overtime I've filled it with over a hundred recipes, so I really never end up eating something more than two or three times in the year unless I want to. I would think you could do something similar for breakfasts. The trick is going Analog for the actual collection of recipes, and printing them out. I found keeping things digitally didn't allow me the same experience as "flipping through" a binder.
Cassy N.
Breakfast is my favorite meal. It has coffee. There is such a variety of breakfast items, bagels,oatmeal, cereal, bacon, eggs. Oh, I love the eggs. I have my favorite of scrambled eggs most mornings and I do change it up. Sometimes I add curry powder to my eggs or salsa.
Lieselotte S.
I would suggest a change of mindset. Look at breakfast and other meals as a way to give you energy and a means to an end. Breakfast is just a small part of your morning routine so even if it doesn't excite don't worry, just acknowledge it in your mind and say, this is boring, but this doesn't define all of my morning. Say to yourself, it's ok breakfast is boring. I'm ok with that. That will free you up to think about other things and move on to something that does excite you. Breakfast is just a meal. Hope that helps. Now go live the best you!