Is cereal (with things like fruit and chia seeds) a healthy breakfast?

Naja C.
Yes and no. Certain cereals can be healthy, but most contain high amounts of sugar and can have the opposite effects of what you want a breakfast to provide.
Louison Z.
Yes of course a good whole grain cereal with no added sugar and lots of fruit especially berries and add some Greek yogurt for protein
Lena Y.
Not necessarily. If it’s a while wheat cereal you should be good, but check the packaging because some cereals claim to be healthy and really have tons of sugar and carbs. But all in all, I would choose a healthy, plain cereal and then add the fruit to make it healthy.
Isolda F.
Yes but check for added sugars. And too much fruit is not a good idea. It healthy but it’s still a lot of sugar consumption. Most importantly don’t stress out about food or being on a diet that’s probably more unhealthy then eating the wrong food every once in a while. How can you notice the amazing benefits of eating healthy whole foods when your miserable and stressed out all the time.peace
Cathy O.
Yes, only if there is no added sugar or other sweeteners (glucose syrup, sucrose etc). The best is to buy one with the shortest list of ingredients
Marcus Z.
I don't think so, as cereal has a larger dose of sugar, meaning it gives a spike and later you'll have a drop in your energy levels
Michele Y.
I think it depends on what kind of cereal you’re eating. A lot of cereal you buy in stores have high sugar content. So I would look for organic cereals made from oats and other natural things with low sugar content!
Amy U.
Hi! Yes it is, cereal combined with fruit and seeds will give You an energy boost in the morning! Good luck, You CAN do thisssss
Hans Z.
overall it's healthy but protein is important so you would need something like chia seeds to get that boost of protein. I prefer eggs instead though
Jacob O.
No, because it most likely has a lot of unhealthy sugars in it. Try and opt for a smoothie with berries and yoghurt with honey for a more natural sugar intake. 🙂
Meghan S.
It depends on the cereal. Low sugar and high whole grain cereals are definately a good medium for fruit, seeds and protein powder.
Cameron U.
It can be, but it is good to check the sugar content in the cereal. The fruit will have enough sugar, so a low sugar cereal would be better.
Suzanne E.
A cereal with fruit and chia seeds would be considered healthy as long as there are a few more thing on the side with it. Things such as vegetables or different kind of nuts. Also, having a meal that has a little protein in it will give you the needed energy to keep you going throughout your day. Thank you very much .
Victor P.
It's a healthy breakfast but you should choose oats or cereals with less calories. Bcoz fruits already have lots of sugar
Lya E.
Can be but all depends on the cereal itself and type of milk and calories, fat, etc.. I prefer steel cut oatmeal with blueberries or banana and a drop of agave.
Adam X.
That depends on the cereal. Oatmeal with chai and fruit is definitely a healthy choice. Keep the sugar out and stick to a single serving. You can add things like protein powder to ensure you stay satiated longer.
Isolina B.
I would say so. A healthy breakfast can be many things . I go for a porridge based breakfast with fruit and it keeps me full and satisfied.
Teresa T.
Depending on the brand, I'd say yes. You want cereals with fibers in them, ideally something rich in nutrients and vitamins, maybe with pieces of nuts mixed in them? Vector is a good example of what I'm describing.
Agathe E.
I think that it is ok to have it as long as it keeps you full for long but i don’t really like cereal + i’m lactose intolerant
Traute C.
Cereal with fruit is a filling breakfast and better than nothing. Dieticians suggest you eat your biggest meal of the day at breakfast time rather than dinner, so you have all day to burn it off and helps sustain your energy during the day. If possible try to use a cereal with low sugars.
Ria C.
Yes but check how much sugar your cereal has as some popular cereal brands have a lot of sugar. Easy alternative is to switch the cereal for some oatmeal😁
Nicklas P.
Partially, yes. It forces you to combine all the daily-necessary vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins in just a single meal. It helps you not to get hungry quickly. It is also quick and easy to prepare, especially for the ones working in focus.
Lisandra Z.
Depends on the actual cereal. The more natural it is the better. Which is why I make my own porridge from plain porridge oats
Mylan C.
Yes! Check to make sure the cereal is low sugar, though. And in general, keep an eye on your full nutrition, so make sure your cereal has some protein in it!
Sandro O.
Yes! I love making a chia pudding with almond milk, cinnamon, and berries. You can prepare it the night beforehand and have a fast, easy and delicious breakfast the next morning.
Roberta T.
If you are trying to eat healthy, then plz select a healthy version of cereal like granola or Museli (with no artificial sugars), then yes. It will be a very healthy meal with all required nutitional value
Filinto F.
Yes, cereal is a great way to start the day with a healthy breakfast. Just be careful to check the cereal doesn’t contain a lot of sugar. Plain muesli or pats are the healthiest option and adding some fruit for a natural sweetener is much better for you than sugars.
Samuel Q.
Cereals vary and some are healthier than others. It's important to look at the nutritional content to see how healthy an individual cereal is.
Jessie T.
It truly depends on what the sugar content and how natural / organic this “cereal” is. Generally cereals have a lot of sugar and chemicals we don’t know about. It’s best to find an alternative like healthy granola or toasted oats with your fruits and chia seed. Make it w fun experience
Sacha A.
It depends on the cereal you eat with it, if it is like Frosted Flakes or something very sugary then no, but if it it a healthy cereal like Cheerios or something with lower sugar than yes
Irma Z.
Yes, it is healthy IF this cereal doesn't have too much ARTIFICIAL sugar (<10g per bowl) and saturated/Trans fat. Also, make sure it is adequate for you and aligns with your goal.
Lena E.
Yes, but only for the right body type. Not for me though, because I need to consume fewer carbs and lower my glycemic index
Nicklas Z.
I think so, as long as the cereal is low in sugar and high in protein. I personally eat Kashi brand cereal most mornings with a banana or other fruit.
Claire Z.
I don’t think that cereal is healthy even is you add chia seeds and fruit. Cereal usually has a lot of sugars and other things that aren’t considered healthy.
Johanne B.
Yes cereal is a healthy breakfast especially with fruit and chia added. But you need to be able to pick a healthier cereal. Check ingredient lists and look for something with no added sugar and lots of fiber. I suggest Weetabix or a nice sugar free granola.
Hon Ria I.
The answer is yes! And you can improve the quality of that breakfast by choosing slow burning carbs, which are cereals like oats or wholemeal options. Adding sources of protein like yogurt will also help you feel satisfied for longer! Have an amazing day 🙂
Gustav N.
Of course it is – it's packed with fiber, vitamins, chia seeds also have omega-3 fatty acids and lots of antioxidants, calcium, magnesium and iron. Rolled oats are another great option. As long as you stay away from the highly processed kinds with added sugars, cereal can make an amazing breakfast 🙂
Aaron C.
You need to focus on slow release energy for breakfast. The most important thing though is to eat for what you're doing. If you're very inactive you don't need as many carbs. As for cereal, if you focus on whole grain, and ideally low GI grains, then that's the best. Most important though is getting sufficient protein in, as that's what your body needs regardless of exercise.
Zen Bia I.
It depends on the cereal. I started using only oats as cereal. And yogurt instead of milk. I also add different things in it, based on what i have in my kitchen. Like mixed seeds, chia seeds, psyllium, blueberries, bananas, or any berries as a matter of fact. If you keep the ingredients as natural as possible and sugarless, i would say it's a healty option, yes.
Ida O.
I would definitely count that as a healthy breakfast! Well unless its a really sugary cereal, but then still you could have other healthy foods with it. I personally love cereal for breakfast because it’s quick and delicious! I hope I have been a help for you! 😊
Sophia O.
It depends. Somebody cereals are coated in sugar, so no matter what you put in it, it won’t be healthy. Go for some homemade granola or make sure the cereal you have isn’t not coated with sugar.
Thadd Us F.
Depends on the cereal. You obviously shouldn’t be eating fruit loops or something similar but I’m sure one of the more healthy brands out there would work.
Lee Q.
I think plain yogurt would be healthier. Usually, cereal has unnecessary added sugar, artificial flavorings and color, etc. But even eating fruits by themselves is good enough (for me set least).
Tatjana F.
Yes it is, it isn't something I prefer though. I don't prefer simply because I don't feel like it's a proper breakfast. I was raised on a breakfast that consisted of eggs and various meat products. Cheese and other milk products are also very common in my breakfast. Yes I should probably eat more cereal since there is no valid reason not to.
Sophia O.
Yes. That breakfast option is healthy. It gives you grains, protein, fruit and a healthy body. You can pair milk or water with it. This is also a really easy breakfast to make! If you’re someone who gets late and doesn’t have time to make breakfast, this is easy and takes no time!
Gudula A.
I would fell that if the cereal is fortified and open in sugar high in fibre it is healthy mixed with fresh fruit. You could also use porridge or yoghurt and fruit.
Raul S.
It's actually a great breakfast! Just make sure you buy cereal w/o sugar. I buy plain oatmeal and then add the stuff I like 🙂
Jesse O.
Since cereals provide our bodies with proteins and contain low amounts of fat and calories I think they must be healthy. And They're in fact delicious and crunchy and make perfect matches for milk as well.
Paula T.
I hunks but I would check the ingredients and if one of the top is one of the sugars then no.

An alternative is to have overnight oats raisins or sultanas all you do is put oats raisins also Taners and milk into a bowl the night before cover it and then eat it in the morning

Gustav Z.
It depends what kind of health value you're looking for. Most sugary cereals and many granolas are high in sugar and fat. Better cereals are multi grain and simple, like oatmeal or porridge. Seeds and nuts are healthy but are also high in fat. Dried fruit is also very high in sugar. Try and use whole fresh fruit or a sugar alternative which is lower in sugars.
Agnieszka E.
I guess so. Fruits are a very good and healthy option, and chia seeds are very good for your digestive system. Take care with cereals, it's better a low sugar option!
Jessica N.
I certainly hope so because that sounds amazing. I'm currently a baby on this new journey of mine so I'm still learning everyday. However I'm proud so far because I understand the importance of a good breakfast in the morning ♠
Lily W.
Yes, it is. Fruit is great to get jou metabolism started after the "fast" of not eating while you were sleeping. And seeds are a great source of protein and fibre
Kyle E.
Cereals are a good source of carbohydrates. Just make sure you don't over do the carbs and sugars. A small portion of cereal balanced with fiber and protein can be a good breakfast. For instance, mix cereal with your chia seeds and yogurt and you get a lot of nutrients. What makes a food unhealthy is when we have too much of only one element and too large a portion size.
Joan J.
Yes, but not sure if chia seeds is healthy. I only read some online posts but I'm not convinced
because I don't know
the source of chia
seeds. .
Rich E.
Yes, the cereal is mostly sugar, but the fryut adds vitamins and the chia seeds add protein sugar, but the fruit sdmmmads visiting
El A Q.
I believe so, as long as it’s not one of the really sugary ones (think Cocoa Puffs, Cap’n Crunch, etc.) and has plenty of nuts/other protein-rich elements.
Shannon Z.
I try to think of “healthy” as nutritious look at the box and look for things rich in vitamins or minerals. The best breakfast in the morning in my opinion is something that is high in protein and rich in vitamins like milk and eggs.
Jacinto A.
Absolutely cause cereals with whole grains contains food fibres that makes you fully longer and of course the nutritional value more so yes absolutely it's healthy breakfast
Quim S.
Not necessarily, if the cereal is loaded with sugar already, then no amount of fruit and chia seeds will make it healthy.
Louren O Q.
Depends what kind of cereal. Go for the types that you thought were gross growing up. Low sugar. Oatmeal is even better.