What nutritional plan do you have for your breakfast?

Susan E.
on school days milk, almonds ,walnuts and one apple on holidays peanut butter and bread,one apple, milk, almonds and walnuts

Andy O.
I eat watermelon, avocado, tomato, with romaine lettuce. Or I make fresh fruit smoothie’s. I don’t eat my first meal of the day until 12 noon.

Eric E.
First of all ,I don't have a strict nutritional plan for my breakfast..
It's totally on my mood that what breakfast I would have ,some time I would cut just 2 apples and have as breakfast, other time I would mix some fruits in curd and have ,
Which is so mood refreshing 🤩
Sometimes I would make a smoothie and have in breakfast,it's totally on my mood that what I want to have as my breakfast but it must be very nutritional.