If you oversleep or get busy in the morning and, therefore, don’t get around to eating breakfast until close to lunchtime, do you still eat breakfast-type foods or do go for lunch foods?

August E.
I have experienced this a couple of times. And what I often do but not always is to eat a combined breakfast-lunch type of food, especially if both meals are my favorite food.
Here’s an example of the meal I’ll be enjoying…
I’ll be having pancake plus bacon with eggs. Also, a single ricemeal with burgersteak topped with mushroom gravy and corn and carrot sidedish plus juice to drink

Viola S.
I usually don't have breakfast and I'm just waiting for lunch, but I'm trying to change that. I mean, I want to have breakfast every single day

Elise Z.
It usually depends if I'm going to be out and about doing a lot. If I am, I'll have a high protein "lunch" before I leave. If I'm not, I'll have a breakfasty "snack" then my regular lunch in a bit when it's time for that.

Maya E.
It typically depends on what I am in the mood to eat. Most of the time I will go start to lunch foods. I also prefer lunch foods over breakfast foods, and sometimes I’ll have the beat of both worlds with a brunch!