How soon after waking up is a good time for breakfast?

Salazar A.
A good time to eat breakfast is within half an hour of getting up. That way it is one of the first things you do and you won't forget to.

Johan W.
Atfer drinking water, making my bed, and taking care of anything urgent, I like to have breakfast then. So, around 15-30 soon after waking up.

Christina N.
It depends really, I try to have breakfast after my morning routine – stretches, shower, dress, makeup, hair – so probably an hour after waking up. I usually multi task once I’m dressed and pop in and out while doing my makeup

Sara U.
I prefer to wake up and stretch through some Yoga for five minutes and deink my glass of water before breakfast; giving my body ten minutes to wake up before having my breakfast.

Hana Z.
I used to hate eating when I woke up. I'd feel sick and not want to do it. But now I eat pretty much as soon as I get up. At first it was to get the act of breakfast just out of the way, but now I enjoy it. Once I've had some water, I get onto making breakfast. It's usually about 20-30 mins after I wake up.

Jessi Z.
I always try to wait until I'm actively HUNGRY for breakfast. I also do intermittent fasting at 12/12, so sometimes it's another 3 hours before I'm allowed to eat. I always enjoy it more when I'm actually hungry for it.

India E.
Eat whenever you’re hungry. I’m hungry as soon as possible wake up but others like to wait until they need food. I just find that eating when I wake up gets me going and gives me a reason to leave bed.
As long as you’re fostering a healthy relationship with food.

Edward A.
As soon as I wake up, I drink water then jump in the shower. As soon as I get out of the shower, it is time for breakfast.

Niko A.
Disclaimer: I am not a health professional or a nutritionist.

The general recommendation is within 1-2 hours of waking up. However, that is just a precautionary rule of not waiting until you’re ravenous and overeat. I feel one should adjust to one’s body cycle by eating around the same time daily. Just one has a sleep cycle, one has a food cycle as well. Depending on your health and physical goals these guidelines may change. If you’re not a breakfast person, something small is better than nothing at all.

Kordula Z.
Personally, I like to have a wake up routine before eating. This includes a 5 minute exercise session followed by a shower. Then I rehydrate and get stuck in to a healthy breakfast

Chris W.
I eat breakfast right after my shower. It’s usually about an hour after I wake up but really it’s as soon as I get to it in my morning routine. There is no “too early” for me. I’d eat breakfast as soon as I woke up if that worked out but I don’t like to eat before working out and after working out I like to shower so breakfast is third in line.

Ana Q.
I usually do 1 hour, because i meditate, stretch, do skincare, and interact with my pets. Anytime you feel hungry is best. Listen to your body have a great day! Blessed Be!

Flora G.
Well, i dress myself first and drink a glass of water so that makes me less hungry. I normally eat 30 min or an hour away from when i woke up

Sheanna O.
When I wake up I like to send a positive good morning message to my favourite people. I then do at least 30 minutes of exercise. After my workout I take my medication and have breakfast

Rico S.
A nutritionist would say 30 minutes, but I eat when I'm hungry, usually after I drink two glasses of whater, around 2-3 hours after waking up. I believe everyone has his own type of metabolism.

Benjamin W.
It depends on the day. I usually eat within an hour of waking but since yhe lockdown, i have been holding off until 10-12

Imogen B.
I usually listen to my body about when to eat, I start my day almost immediately with water, and then usually a cup of tea but usually make sure to have eaten something within the first hour of waking. I hope that’s somewhat helpful!

Jeannine Q.
I like to have breakfast about 30 minutes into waking up. It gives me time to get out of bed, brush my teeth, and cook breakfast.

Adrize Q.
Is hard for me to wake up, , I’m drinking my water, have a bath and then an unsweetened green tea. Still not hungry, so I wait until 10:00 am and have a healthy breakfast, it is when I enjoy it.

Lila Y.
As soon as possible but within one hour. I prefer to eat after exercise so my priority is exercise then eat and then get ready for the day.

Leroy N.
It can depend on your personal preference. I think the advice I read was within an hour of waking up. I try to drink a glass of water, Meditate, and do a short exercise/walk; then I get into breakfast and coffee after that. Doesn’t have to be the same routine every morning either. Good luck