Yeah I am using this just to get me in the habit of eating breakfast who else is?

Sharleen F.
Its good to use this app to track your self, and the reminders, colourful graphics and ideas are helpful and motivating.

Merlin X.
Yes, me too, I tried already last year but suddenly my notifications got turned off and I got back to my old habits. Now I am using this to become a better person with healthy habits and I hope this time it works until the end

Aoi F.
At the beginning I had the same intention, but this app actually helped me to develop more healthy and useful habits, I might slack off sometimes but I feel like I'm getting there slowly. Hope you can make eating breakfast a daily habit! Good luck

Ellen E.
Before fabulous I only took a cup of hot coco now I wake up juste a bit earlier than normal to have a slice or two of bread. I have more energy to start the day now