What are some healthy simple choices for breakfast?

Annerose T.
Scrambled egg with zucchini and some curcuma. First fry the zucchini a bit and then add the egg and curcuma. I don't use any milk, but ofcourse you can;)
Cynthia N.
Eggs are the best breakfast food because they have protein which makes you feel fuller for longer. Protein is good for your brain. They also taste great!
Another item for breakfast is an omelet because you can put spinach and bell peppers in it, which have good vitamins. Having veggies in an omelet, helps increase your intake of vegetables.
Kerry Y.
I love eating mushrooms tomatoes and spinach all fried up. Trick is to burn the mushrooms so they not all soggy and add spinach at the end with some avo to finish. I always have with brown seedy toast but my next job is to try have less bread so gonna try cutting down to one slice. If you not vegan, eggs would be perfect on top xxxx
Michael T.
grab some quick oats, mixed muesli, almonds, chia seeds and whip up your own cereal with it.

Once that’s done, each morning cut up a banana, scoop some peanut butter, a little milk of your choice and microwave it for about 30 seconds.

You can also add frozen berries and a little honey.

Another cool thing is you can put a mix together in a small Tupperware container and leave it in the fridge overnight. Makes it a good overnight thing you can take to work without thinking about where breaky will come from.

If you don’t like banana, you can stew chopped up apples in a microwave for about 3 minutes with a little splash of water and cinnamon.

Hope that helps 🙂

Lauren U.
Oatmeal! I take an instant oat packet and add rolled oats and steel-cut oats to hot water and add some fruit. I also find eggs and toast with a piece of fruit is a great option as well. Sometimes I poach an egg in the microwave so there's less clean-up. Hope this helps!
Arthur T.
I'm keto, so a carb heavy breakfast is not for me. I choose protein-filled food like eggs or ham and a healthy fat like half an avocado
Mandy E.
1) Banana (peanut butter optional)
2) Hard boiled eggs (turkey slices optional)
3) avocado toast with olive oil, paprika, garlic salt & pepper (sriracha optional)
These are my favorites 🙂
Jim U.
I tend to go for something quick because my mornings are usually hectic trying to get myself and my daughter out the door. Eggs, toast and coconut milk yogurt are my go to. I can hit protein, probiotics and fruit all in one.