instead of eggs and baco what do they eat to get protein? is juice better than milk?

Kathryn N.
Juice is healthier then milk but would not give you protein so I would suggest having a glass of milk each night because it is good for sleep and you get your protein. However, if you’re like me and you don’t like milk then I suggest just adding chocolate powder to make a chocolate milkshake or make yourself a hot chocolate. Basically anything with milk is a good source of protein and calcium, hope this helps?!
Eliza Q.
My go to is a breakfast smoothie, i add yogurt, frozen fruit, frozen kale cubes, hemp hearts, chia seeds, omega 3 oil and a scoop of protein powder. Juice isnt great, it often has added sugar. Instead of juice go for the whole fruit or fresh press if your really craving juice to avoid the extra sugar!
Magdalene Q.
Nuts are packed full of protein and healthy fats. Freshly made juice is better than milk; however store bought juice is full of sugars that aren’t healthy for you.
Natalie R.
I would sometimes put oats in my breakfast or a few chicken bits. If you're vegetarian you should try researching natural protein foods. Or just go for a bowl of fruits!! 😄😄
Noah G.
Hi! All whole foods have protein. Meat and legumes has the most. Veggies has more than fruit.

Choose fruit over juice, it contains more nutrition and fibre.

For some people dairy products cause acne, water and plant based milk is better if this is the case.

Lauren Z.
Okay, I usually eat light pancakes with honey and walnuts, because they give you enough energy for the day. I prefer juice, but I don't know if it's better than milk. If you're on a diet, I'd definitely choose a juice, it's way better and, thanks to what you ate, you have the necessary energy before you get to lunch. (Sorry for the english, I'm from Italy 😅😅)
Brigette O.
I often eat yogurt and a granola bar, or sone other type of grain, and fruit. Juice is high sugar, so its not going to provide protein. Milk does. Eggs are still a good source too.
Steven N.
Beans, chicken. Juice should be watered down, otherwise it has too much sugar. If you are on a keto diet, the fatter the milk, the better, if you are just watching out from the calories, drink skimmed milk, or low fat milk, containing around 1% fat.
Mabel P.
Chia pudding and fruits. But I am still searching for premade breakfast ideas, so I something that I can easily prepare the day before and have more time in the morning.
Kirsten U.
I really like chicken and turkey you could also have legumes they're a great source of protein. I would say milk is better for you because you get calcium for your bones and there are so many different kind fibrils to try instead of regular cow's milk like me I'm lactose intolerant so I use lactaid and there is also almond and plant based and so many others and also juice usually has a bunch of added sugars
Colleen Q.
I usually cook up some scrambled tofu with a little turmeric and then a side of Beyond Meat sausage. It’s great source of protein.
Bobbie J.
Avocado on toast or breakfast sandwiches, beans can be put in omelets, etc. Also, hummus on toast or wraps. Smoothies can easily include things like protein powder, kale, etc.
Illana B.
Water is the best, if you drink juice, stick to a cup a day and make sure it's fresh squeezed, not by concentrate. There's so much sugar in just one cup! Coffee and tea are what I stick to outside of water. As for breakfast, try some homemade oats with fruit and nuts with some nutmilk or water. Or some boiled eggs in a salad! Or scramble up some eggs with spinach and peppers. All very wholesome and protein packed. I use protein nutmilk which adds a boost of protein in my oatmeals
Marion N.
Peanut butter is a great protein that will leave you feeling full. It's delicious with fruit like bannas that can kick start your energy. I personally like to have a cup or bag of raw almonds, pecans, walnuts, and unshelled pecans ready in the morning. (the unsalted kind) Having these ready can save a lot of time and can offer a few more health benefits than regular old peanuts. As far as milk or juice goes.. milk has that protein you were asking about. I'd encourage fat free milk. I promise if you like regular milk you can enjoy it. Those taste buds won't be able to tell a difference after a few weeks. Now juice tends to be just as sugary as soda. I would try not to drink too much and opt for fruit which isn't nearly as sugary and has fiber.