Are there any prep ideas to get breakfast ready on super busy mornings?

Victoria S.
Do everything you can to have breakfast prepped the night before. You can do overnight oatmeal, have your plan and what you will make or do ahead of time.

Gary P.
Yeah, you have to think of what to have for breakfast before the morning and get them ready before the morning, and it should be something you can eat on the go but healthy as well.

Brent O.
U can prep something like a fruit yogurt parfet the night before. In the morning I just add granola and voila. U can also pre make hard boiled eggs the night before and in the morning it will be ready

Noe T.
If I know that I have a very tight morning schedule the next day, I prepare my plate at night, stretch film it and keep it in the fridge. If I don’t have time even for that, which is rarely the case because you can always wake up 15 min. earlier, I grab a pack of yogurt and a handfull of hazelnuts. It keeps me full for a long time.

Alexis N.
Hi- congrats on deciding to eat a healthy breakfast! Celebrate that decision!

Before a few weeks ago, I hadn’t consistently eaten in the mornings is 10 years. I’m not a morning person; I tend to wake up late and rush out of the door. Breakfast isn’t a priority to my half-asleep brain.

My secret to finally jumping on the breakfast bandwagon? I make it the night before, and my partner shares the load. Usually, I scramble a couple of eggs for each of us and warm them up for a few seconds in the morning. She does it on days I’m running late, so I don’t have to be perfect to stay on track! That setup takes away the effort from eating- and I make my eggs taste good, so I actually want them!

Sometimes, if we’re both running late, we’ll grab a piece of fruit or healthy-ish granola bar and eat it on the way to work. It’s not ideal, but it works in a pinch. I’d definitely recommend having those as a fallback, especially if you don’t have someone to help on the inevitable slow-moving mornings.

So conclusion: I spend 10-ish minutes prepping the night before, which means I only need about a minute and a half in the morning for a great breakfast. I have two fallbacks- one social, one quick & easy. I hope that serves a a good starting point! Happy living well!

Blu N.
Night before!! Things like overnight oats can be made the night before and if you're really in a rush you can bring it on the way to work.

Adam B.
Have ingredients prepped the night before for easy cooking and less time spent in the morning. For a super busy morning I also have Jimmy Dean's breakfast croissants in the freezer as a back up. They aren't the healthiest breakfast and don't have the satisfaction that comes with making my own breakfast, but they do the trick and they still count for protein, dairy, and carbs.

Nina I.
If you like oats/porridge in the morning you can prepare oats the night before and leave frozen berries in a cup in the fridge to defrost. In the morning just put berries over oats and drizzle with honey.

Clairta Z.
I find prepping food on Sunday nights help me through the week! I make mini fritatta muffins packed with veg on Sunday then keep them in the fridge for up to 3 days! They take about 1 min in the microwave to reheat for a quick, tasty and healthy breakfast for busy mornings – particularly good for the Monday morning rush! For the last couple days of the week, I chop up some fruit and plop a few teaspoons of peanut butter on top! It's super quick but if you have no time at all, you can always chop the fruit up the night before and keep in the fridge to grab in the morning.

Gerry E.
Yes. First thing I do is to drink a glass of water. In this time or maybe last evening I prepare a shake with banana and Kiwi or strawberry or what you like. I prefer almond milk or soya milk. You could do a chia pudding in the evening and you could eat with some fruits. Or you could eat some fruits: apples, pears, bananas.
You could eat some seeds or nuts.
That's my solutions when I am in a hurry.
I hope you could apply in your busy mornings.
Have a nice day!

Maximiliano C.
I boil about 4 eggs a day and only take two so that way I have some for those days that I am short on time. I also purchase granola cereal to use as a topping on my yogurt as a boost

Herminia F.
Maybe buy some cereal and fruit, it won't take you much time to pour milk and cereal on a bowl and throw some bananas at it.. and while you eat that an egg can be boiling!

Valeska P.
Overnight oats! You can do them the night before and they'll fill you up and satisfy you in no time! Besides, you can add any topping of choice to make it tastier and more you 🙂

Harold X.
Well yeah you can switch youre waking up routine to 5 AM for example: mine is 4 but the Exam weeks i really dont plan to do breakfast so i just take energy and vitamin pills

George J.
I like to put my muesli/granola/cereal etc. in the bowl the night before, and bring it into my room along with a spoon, some fruit to go on top, a knife to cut the fruit, and some (soy) milk in a jar with a lid, so if I'm struggling to get out of bed and don't have much time I can still get breakfast out of the way 🙂

Chelsea G.
Overnight oats are a dream! I prep a few mason jars worth at the beginning of the week and they’re ready and waiting for me to grab on the way out the door. And there are TONS of great recipes online. Chocolate peanut butter is my favorite so far!

Amaury Z.
You can try meal prepping breakfast burritos if you need something to grab and go. Freeze them and microwave them when you get to the office. Personally, though, I don’t like the taste of the reheated burritos.

I also prepare my coffee machine the night before so that all I have to do in the morning is press the start button. You can also try overnight oats.

Additionally, I don’t know what makes your mornings super busy but maybe the solution isn’t finding quick breakfasts but fixing why you have super busy mornings in the first place. Even if you find a quick breakfast solution, a super busy morning may leave you frazzled and reactive, rather than proactive, throughout your day. So I think what you should really be doing is waking up a little earlier to ensure a calm start to your day, where you’re in control and setting the pace.

Lisa N.
Precooked oatmeal in the fridge – it usually turns really thick when cold, so in the morning just add hot water from the kettle for the right temperature and texture! Add some fruit and milk and you’re good to go!

Ali R.
Make eggs in the oven, in small cake/cupcake molds, keep them in your fridge in a plastic container with some sliced turkey, then in the morning, toast an English muffin, throw the egg in the microwave 20s, then slap the egg and the turkey in the English muffin, and go!

David X.
I used to cut my vegetables up on Sunday and put them in a Tupperware. This was for my breakfast burrito which takes exactly three minutes to make, another three to eat and two to clean up

Charlotte Y.
Get a little egg boiler and set it up to boil a couple of eggs while you get ready.
Or eat leftovers from the day before.
You can also skip breakfast. We never used to eat breakfast or 3-6X a day. Thats a modern habit, and look at the state of peoples health and weight.

Evi F.
Avocado eggs works really good for me. Grabbing an avocado is also a start. Make sure I have them ready. Or salmon is great too.

Urbano O.
Finding stuff you can make the night before is always a good option, like overnight oats. Otherwise, an apple with peanut butter, or a smoothie with frozen fruit/greens

Allan E.
Well I consider that it is not about the busy day you have, it’s about the awareness you have about your body, the routine you handle and to prepare a good breakfast you just need 10 minutes so in those cases I suggest you go bed 10 minutes earlier than usually.. good luck

Daisy A.
have fruit at hand! berries apples, bananas, anything that has a slow sugar release. and if you have enough time in the morning you could make eggs. i’d recommend boiled if you want it quickly. nuts are also great to fill up on quickly.