What is the most energizing food you can eat for breakfast?

Severin F.
One with complex carbs and protien that will burn slowly throughout the day and keep me from over eating later in the day
Tobias Z.
Eggs are probably one of the best things to eat for breakfast. They have lots of protein, which keeps you fuller a lot longer than a carb heavy breakfast. There are so many ways to cook them and add flavour.
Debbie J.
A hard boiled egg. Plenty of protein, cheap, easy to keep on hand. Pair that with a clementine and/or some plain yogurt. Keeps me going until lunch, no problems. For about a dollar.
Pri O O.
I really enjoy eggs, bread and cottage cheese at the moment. If I want something sweet i’ll swap the bread and cottage cheese for an apple.
Robert T.
The most energerizing I would say is probably some warm porridge but if you have time, two eggs, some rye bread and spinach give you more to start your day and keep you fuller for longer.
No Lie T.
Toasted homemade bread with butter, crumbled eggs (with pepper and cinnamon), one fruit of choice, coffee&milk with a little bit of sugar. I love it! 💗
Bob T.
Research show people who eat small amounts tend to live longer. I am not talking about obesity here at all.

Breakfast is important. However, animals actually work for their food by foraging and/or hunting, so I am not sure I buy into eating breakfast right away.

I can not say I am sure about best meal, but I always have fruit, usually fresh, with every meal. Water is critical with every meal as well. It hydrates and flushes your system and can get you alert in the morning if cold.
Protein will supply the building blocks ripped away by activity, even for the sedentary. "Safe fats", in moderation, provide your store of long term fuel; sugars, preferably from foods rather than spoons, (again, in moderation) provide your immediate energy.

In short, the best breakfast is one you research and design, one that does not impair longevity because it is solely based on flavor.
A "good ahead and kill me, but I want me goodies" attitude may seem empowering and heroic, but decline with age can be more, or less, miserable depending on your choices.
There is no "go ahead and take me, I'm ready for heaven" switch at the end. There is only decline, quick and miserable, or slow and enriching.

Mathias W.
I like to get a lot of fibre into my breakfast, so I'll add flaxseed over porridge, or if in a hurry, a pre-packaged wheat-based cereal without sugar or other additives. Really, you want something low GI for slow and steady release energy. Much of the time, I opt for granola which you can either buy or make yourself in big batches at the weekend and store in a plastic cereal box for convenience. That allows you to add some fruit and nuts if you like, and you can have it with milk or yogurt. I'm sure there's nothing wrong with a glass of orange juice or similar, although I prefer to start my day with tea.
Klemens F.
The most energizing breakfast I can have is one that's high in protein, moderate in fat, with some carbs from whole fruit. Eggs and bacon, with some spinach and maybe other veggies, and some low glycemic fruits such as berries, are an ideal breakfast for me.