Do you have any suggestions to make a quick snack for breakfast?

Dei N.
Fruit is G.O.A.T, my #1 choice, like a banana or apple to give you that bit of energy before a workout or work. Nuts, like almonds or your favorite trail mix, is great and full of protein too.
Crow N.
A quick snack should be energizing, but it’s okay if it’s just your favorite snack food.

Things like eggs, pop tarts, French toast sticks, heck you could even just have a handful of goldfish and call it a day. Just be sure to eat more later. Especially if you’re exercising because your stomach is going to produce more acids if you’re exercising and you’re gonna feel that in the back of your throat

Letitia G.
I feel a breakfast which is a little light ,but also fullfiling would be great,as heavy breakfast may make it difficult to perform quick actions required ,so eating light breakfast,like flattened rice ,in india . It's like a combination of light of a breakfast and also the energy and fullfilement of a rice.
Macy S.
Some quick breakfast foods I eat are usually maybe a bagel, some fruit, a granola bar, and maybe some toast w/ peanut butter and bananas.