Other breakfast ideas that are vegetarian and low carb?

Larry T.
Oatmeal pancake: grind the oatmeal until it becomes powder, add the banana in the processor to make the batter. Cook it as a normal pancake. Then you may top it with different fruits and nuts. Hope this helps!
Taylor O.
Egg muffin cups with 12 eggs, 1-2 c. cauliflower rice, loaded with 3-4 c. other veggies & cheese. (Broccoli, onion, bell pepper, green onion, cheddar cheese). Can also add a veggie bacon or sausage. Cut veggies into small dice & prerecook in a saute pan for 5 mins. Season w/ salt and pepper. Fill tins 3/4 of the way full. Bake at 350⁰ in muffin tins 15-18 mins. Serving size 2 cups ea.

Can also substitute blended tofu and nutritional yeast for eggs

Fab Ola Q.
Overnight oats are great, and a benefit is that you can experiement with tons of different recipes. Even something simple is also good like a berry smoothy!
Daniel Z.
Veggie sausages and eggs, flat bread ommelet sandwiches, oatmeal packed with fruit and maybe nuts, salmon and creamcheese and lemon pepper and cilantro on thin bread.
Jennifer Z.
So I’m a full vegetarian. As such I need to make sure I have enough protein in my diet. I’m a HUGE fan of shakes/smoothies in the am. They’re quick and easy and don’t require too much planning as long as you have the basics: some kind of low or non fat milk or milk substitute, non fat unsweetened yogurt (Greek is best), protein powder, and fruit or veggies. The cool thing is they’re customizable. I like to do berries, bananas, spinach, non fat Greek yogurt, two table spoons of protein powder or cacao powder, ice, and almond milk. And no you can’t taste the spinach. Also, you can do a coffee smoothie with oats and other ingredients, though that one is better with the cacao protein powder.

If smoothies/shakes aren’t your thing, try oatmeal. I like plain rolled oats, a tablespoon of raw honey, crushed nuts (almonds, peanuts, etc), fruit (banana or apple slices usually), sometimes I’ll add a bit of organic maple syrup for taste, and spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, etc). You can also put your oatmeal on top of non fat Greek yogurt to get more calcium.

If you eat eggs those are good for protein and you can put a hard boiled egg over avocado on toast. I like flax seed toast, and I like to mash my avocado and sprinkle a little salt pepper and garlic on them. This also works with scrambled eggs.

If you’re not down with eggs try JUST Eggs – completely plant based.

Vicki F.
Scrambled eggs, poached eggs, avocado on rye toast, fruit & yogurt, porridge & honey with nuts or seeds or fruit on top, vegetarian sausages, quorn sausages, muesli,fruit on its own.
Reagan W.
I'm not a vegan/vegetarian, but doing a bowl with spinach, tomatoes, quinoa, and whatever vegan cheese or tofu you like! A balsamic or raspberry vinaigrette is perfect too!
Eliot Z.
1. Rice crackers with peanut butter and jelly.
2. Any type of low carb crackers with cream cheese and arugula/spinach
3. Avocado & corn toast
4. Almond milk & healthy cereal
5. Vanilla yoghurt with raspberries and blueberries + crushed walnuts (or any type of nuts you like)
6. My personal favorite: veggie sausages with scrambled eggs and a side of vegetables, cucumber, tomato, soft carrots
7. Banana, almond milk and nuts smoothie (very yummy)
8. Yoghurt with banana, berries and muesli
9. Healthy sandwich: low carb bread, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, (optional: egg & tomatoes)
10. Mini breakfast salad: avocado, hard boiled egg, chickpeas, corn, cucumber, lettuce/arugula, cherry tomatoes and olive oil.
Melina O.
Hommus is great! You don't even need to waste money with tahini, if you have a food processor you can make your own! And then instead of spreading it on bread you can quickly grill some vegetables and spread the
Leonardo Q.
Plain oats heated with oat milk, with with dates, prunes or berries to sweeten it . Eat with some seeds like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and linseed. Eat it with a adicionar piece of fruit to give you even more energy, and lots and lots of water. Have a nice meal! :3
Basi O.
Almond butter or peanut butter in a smoothie or on rice cakes, or avacado on rice cakes or nuts in yogurt (milk or substitute milk.)
Ekkehart E.
For vegetarian and low carb breakfast I like to make Indian style curries with spinach or tomato or mixed vegetables. The rich flavors give me something exciting to look forward to. If you can eat cheese and yogurt, all the better.
Yasmeen P.
Well for my personal body, low carb isn’t really an option. Carbs help keep my stomach balanced because I have IBS and carbs don’t hurt my stomach most of the time. That being said I will give some ideas and then maybe a way you can make them low carb? First off is a breakfast sandwich, you can do egg with cheese (or vegan cheese), spinach, and a bun or you could use a lettuce bun. Another go to for me is vegan yogurt with frozen berries, chopped nuts, and a drizzle of honey, (you can add granola if you want). One I recently tried is using (not firm) tofu to replace scrambled eggs. I cooked it with shiitake mushrooms, some greens (spinach, kale,ect) or bell peppers (pretty much any stir fry veggie), tamari (or low sodium soy sauce / braggs, and coco aminos. Hope that helped!!! Remember carbs in a balanced diet are extremely important! You just have to choose the right ones!! Hope this helped💓🪴✨
Tanya Y.
Honestly I dont love breafast foods so I and more inclined to eat something like a bowl of soup or last night's leftovers warmed up. I love sauteed zoodles with a spaghetti sauce. I really enjoy a tuna fish salad or just a plate of almond crackers and cheese with some nuts and fruit.
Kristin F.
I meal prep a bunch of roasted veggies (I get a different combo each week, but my favorites are broccoli or cauliflower with leeks, green onions, squash, sweet potato fries, grilled onions, sautéed avocado chunks (so good and don’t brown like raw avocado does). I top with a fried egg and drizzle with an easy vinaigrette. If I’m craving more flavor, I sprinkle some feta over it. So satisfying and surprisingly low calorie!
Mairead O.
What about a frittata with spinach and cheese? Zucchini fritters? Or jalapeño omelette? All recipes can be googled pretty easy!
Tracy S.
I’ve been eating Magic Spoon cereal…it tastes good, tastes no effort because it’s cereal, but also has hardly any carbs or sugar. I buy it off their website.