Do you think sitting down for breakfast is important, or would you rather get your day moving?

Noah Z.
I would rather start the day moving. We often sit during day, such as driving, working in the cubicle…etc. I stand or walk whenever I have the chance.
Tobias X.
I know that sitting down is recommended, but I tend to have a smoothie and kind of bring it around with me as I do other things to get ready for my day
Maur Lio A.
Sometimes it seems like I don't have time for breakfast (for days like these I keep things ready to grab and go: container of cottage cheese, fruit, eggs).

I year or so ago I decided to lose weight (I lost 60 lbs). I'd long made lunches for others, I started making lunch for myself too, I started buying special (healthy) stuff just for me. In short I started making a commitment to myself and prioritizing things that will make me stronger and happier.

Preparing myself a nice breakfast, sitting down with myself to enjoy it doesn't take all that long, but it does change how I am the whole rest of the day. It's worth the extra few minutes of sleep (you're really not getting any more rest when you hit the snooze button).

Ted U.
The most important decision is not How you eat, but What you eat.
For example: a healthy breakfast smoothie on-the-go is far better than a sit-down meal of bacon & eggs.

Make healthy food choices, most of the time, and you'll be fine 🙂

Christian C.
I like to sit down and eat, but it feels more satisfying to do after I’ve exercised. I currently eat in front of the TV a lot. But I miss sitting down to meals. My best morning routine would involve just getting up and going to my workout. Coming back, walking the dog. Then making tea and eating breakfast while reflecting on my day ahead, then shower and head out.
Ilza Z.
i think sitting down for a breakfast is important in order to get all your nutritions and to have a good start to the day
Matthieu E.
Sitting down for breakfast gives you time to take a moment in the morning, enjoy the quality food you’re eating, read the paper or a book for a few moments, and chill. Otherwise, the morning can become one long sprint. I like the break between getting ready and driving to work.
Theo E.
I think it is important to sit down and have breakfast. It helps me feel in control and gives me time to reflect on the day ahead.
Alison E.
I don't think it's important to sit down during breakfast. I spend too much time sitting while working, it's healthy to spend more time standing.
K Te J.
I always have a big breakfast sitting down. If it is a big breakfast and I didn’t sit down while eating it’s generally an easy quick less healthier option for me
Mona U.
I would rather sit down and be able to savor my meal. It also helps me reflect on my day to come and mentally prepare myself for it.
Frederik W.
I believe sitting down for any meal is very important. Unfortunately breakfast is one of those meals that five out of seven days a week I’m usually eating it on on go. But keeping it a healthy choice at least.
Darrell U.
Sitting down means, I’m taking time to have a good breakfast with my wife, rather than having breakfast “on the go” So, it’s important.
Ewen T.
I do a mix of both in the week depending on commitments, although prefer to sit down and enjoy more time to appreciate the food.
Landon W.
I intermittent fast and skip breakfast but if I did have breakfast I would choose to eat low carbohydrate, high nutritional quality food – otherwise why bother right? So sitting down and eating mindfully to me is symbolic of wanting to put the effort in the first place
Maeve Q.
Sitting and enjoying your breakfast will help you prepare for the day. You have time to gather yourself and review your tasks for the day.
Rosie E.
Absolutely! I feel more energized each day. I have also seen weight loss as well. It makes me think about what I put in my body to help me feel my best.
Eufr Sio Z.
It depends on how many hours that i have for that particular morning. Most of the days, i will be on the move and hv my breakfast in the car.
Austin T.
I prefer to have breakfast sitting down, personally. Either at home or at my desk at work. In general, I don't eat while moving around. But everyone is different and if eating something light while on the go is fine with you – go for it!
Norman Y.
Sitting down at table it counter us important. Ur provides an opportunity to pause and think about what you're eating as well as mentally prepare for the day, check out the news or what's happening with the family for the day.
Airum O.
Sitting down of course! I used to eat my breakfast while I work, and usually I got interrupted by urgent tasks or became too busy and never finished the food. Which eventually turned out to be an ache in the stomach and destroyed my day 😂
Abbie O.
I don’t consider breakfast important, I think overated. Although I do enjoy eating a big breakfast… and I feel great when I do.
Isabelle W.
Breakfast is very important so that you can get your day moving, what you eat in the mornings gives you energy to keep going throughout the day so you won’t feel tired and such.
Benjamin X.
I think it’s important to sit down while eating because u have time even though it may be little to kind of relax and breath before you take on the day ahead.
Loris E.
Breakfast is most important before getting your day moving. If moving means exercise, then split the breakfast into two. Have just water/tea/coffee before exercise and have fruits/oats/nuts after the exercise.
Daisy X.
I don’t typically eat breakfast but I think sitting down to a meal is important because it allows you to be present in the moment
Ugo Y.
Sitting down is important as its the 1st meal of the day that would keep you energised for rest of the day. You must jave it sitting. Or any other meal, in order to prevent bloating.
Jonathan C.
I believe that moving first thing in the morning with water will boost your metabolism, and then eating a healthy, energy-boosting breakfast.
Ursula G.
Both options have merit. Some days to sit and enjoy breakfast is a great feeling. Other days, I would rather crack on it, grab and go fueling feels productive. I like to prepare for both. Contrast is good in my world.
Laurine Q.
I love sitting down to eat it seems that I eat better when I’m not rushed. But some mornings cannot be helped to eat on the go.
Herman Z.
yeah, because it gives you time to think about the day ahead, be in the moment and allows you to appreciate what you are doing.
Nelson U.
I think sitting down for breakfast is the better option for me. It gives me time to relax and wake up already feeling rushed. I can think about my day or not think about anything but eating. I have a beautiful view outside my window and I would love to just sit, eat, relax, and look at the view and just remind myself to take things slow. Not everything has to be rushed. I feel like I’m always rushing out the door but I hate the tone it puts on my day.
Charline E.
I think the routine of eating breakfast is helpful, but there’s also a benefit to getting out the door early. The earlier I wake up, the easier it is to eat breakfast and take a little “me time” and I think that’s incredibly valuable!
Almerindo Q.
I prefer to sit down to a nice breakfast but on work days it's easier to just get going… so… I switch between long and short depending on whether it's a workday or weekend.
Nevaeh Y.
Sitting down for breakfast is important no doubt. When you see full day challenges may be you are so worried that you skip breakfast but think if you spend only 20 minutes for breakfast your mind and body requirements will be fulfilled and it works more confidently. You will not listen any beep of empty stomach while working on job means you will feel more concentration on your job.
Emma C.
I prefer to get breakfast in. It allows me to stop for a few or more minutes to contemplate life, meditate/pray, and to develops a mindset of growth rather than reaction to the coming day.
Signe B.
It depends, if I’m really tired and unmotivated I find it helpful to sit down for a calm breakfast, but if I’m motivated to get started with something I usually try to get it over with fast.
Meghan G.
I think it’s important you have a sitting down breakfast ,think about your day a little,read something ,have some inspiration quotes and calm vibes before you being the day. I know that in most cases we don’t really have the time to do that but whenever you can wake up a little earlier and have a sitting down breakfast think about all you want to do that day , how will you do it , organize yourself, say some positive affirmations to the mirror like I’m going to to do amazing, I’m strong, I’m smart, I’m beautiful, I’m a boss , I can do this , whatever you wanna say ,and do all those kinds of things and start your day a positive fabulous way.
Elizabeth O.
Sitting down and having your moment for breakfast has helped me to slow and prepare for the rest of my day. It is a fantastic practice and helps to calm my mind.
Lucas T.
I think if you AT LEAST drink water and have a protein shake of some kind in the morning that can be enough. The point about breakfast is the protein to give you energy for the day. It's more about what you're eating than the time you spend eating. If you skip breakfast then you will be more tired later.
Denise Q.
To be honest, I think that every meal is very important and sitting down for breakfast should be a pleasant habbit and a contribution to a productive day. It’s important to enjoy what you’re eating and you can even read news of spend time with people you care. It’s healthy.
Maxence Y.
I think eating a decent, protein packed, or less sugary junk food style breakfast is an important part of surviving any kind of day. So something like a boiled egg and toast with peanut or another nut butter of choice is a great option especially if you only have a few minutes before you have to be out the door for work, school an appointment, etc. Another good idea is investing in a good yogurt, cereal container and filling it with your favorite yogurt and a granola and fruit if you would like and taking it with you to eat at your desk at work, or between classes, or even while at your appointment. An even better option would be to meal prep your breakfasts the best you can for the week. So if you know you're looking for toast and a nut butter and a boiled egg then boil all your eggs for the week, and make your toast each morning before walking out the door. There is always a way to figure out how to make breakfast work into your schedule, such as eating in the car on your way to wherever you need to be in the morning, or making sure you aren't hitting snooze more than is necessary so you can work in your morning routine and add breakfast, find what works for you, but don't skip breakfast or mid day will roll around and you'll be wishing you could be napping instead of accomplishing your midday obligations.
Romy Y.
I feel schedules are taking over too much of my life if I’ve lost the ability to sit down and enjoy a meal, however short it may be.
Malone Y.
Depends on the day. I have such a long commute (an hour and a half) so I try to get going as soon as possible. I use my long commute to reflect and ponder my life, usually. On weekend says however, or days when I work from home, I like to savor the time with myself in the morning.
Caroline F.
I just like to get my day going. Would be nice to walk up early enough to have breakfast and sit down in the morning but I can never seem to get up on time or early then I have too.
Desiree F.
I'd usually rush out and be on time for the day rather than grab a leisurely breakfast. But on the days where there is enough time i love to grab something to eat
Lyam I.
I think sitting down to breakfast is important to start the day calmly and feeling on top of things; eating on the go makes me feel panicked and disorganised. I like to try to minimise distractions (not using my phone for example) so that I get some guaranteed time to myself during the day.
Amber O.
Sitting down for breakfast is extremely important. Eventhonght you’re slammed, try do it every single morning. No TV, no phone, no book, just sit down and have a fabulous breakfast. When what all your focus on is your breakfast, you’ll feel like you’re eating for real. It’s also good for your digestion. So try it!!
Logan P.
For me it's a huge priority to get breakfast each morning. I usually wake up hungry so it's not really something I can out off. I think skipping it only leads to me being cranky and less productive.
Ethan F.
I think breakfast is the most important eating routine in our daily lives, because this is the point where you start your day and a prepare for you day even if its a tough day or light day.
Valentim Q.
I enjoy both, depending on the day. I think the important part is what you eat (make sure it’s healthy!) and making sure the habit you create is sustainable.
Charlotte N.
Studies show that when people sit down and focus on what they eat, their body is able to digest better. Also, they won't eat as much nor be as hungry later on.
Harold F.
Sitting down for breakfast is very important. It gives a sense of prioritizing the first meal of the day. The brain records it as a important activity.
Abby S.
Sitting down for breakfast is very important , I notice if I wake up on time and get my routine going and eat breakfast without rushing my day is more productive.
Saban U.
I have personal chosen a specific place to sit down and have my breakfast. Sitting at that specific spot is part of my morning rituals.
Silas W.
I think sitting down is important because it allows you time to get your thoughts together for the day. Starting off the day feeling like your rushing isn’t a good thing in my opinion.
Krin F.
I think your first meal of the day is your most important. When you think of the work breakfast it means to break your fast. Your body needs the food to provide you with energy. If you make it a priority you are more likely to eat a nutritious meal rather than grabbing a coffee and a unhealthy snack.
Andreas Z.
I think sitting down is important for you to reflect on what kind of day you want to have and how to achieve. Breakfast gives you the energy to achieve your daily goals
Morgan S.
Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I usually wake up a couple of hours before having to leave the house just to have time to sit down and enjoy my breakfast and a big cup of tea.
Nevaeh Y.
Sitting down to eat with either alone or with family or friends is rather importante in my culture and something I appreciate. Doing it at breakfast is just a lovely way to start the day
Lily E.
I think sitting down to eat is important. It helps me eat with intention and awareness of what, and how much, I'm eating. Research shows that can (and in my experience does) help with weight control.
Arcanjo B.
Yes. I think it's important that you give attention to your food time knowing and appreciating what you're eating. This will give you the opportunity to start the day with gratitude of having food while many can't have it, and appreciating the 10-15 min breakfast in of itself. This inspires others too when you tell them or when they see you committing to something everyday.
While Eating breakfast on the go, you'll usually miss the gratitude and often you'll be in hurry and won't have the peace of mind.
Fiete Z.
Yes, sitting down would be better. Sitting down would help you stay in tune with yourself the selfcare your body need for the day.
Anne Marie F.
I would say that I rather sit down and eat my breakfast, so I can visualize my day while I am eating and I can organize my day in my head. I rather do it also because it’s easier for the food to get down, without rushes.
Frederick E.
Breakfast it’s one of the best moments of my day! It’s the time to start the day with a healthy and energetic food in peace and totally relaxed! It’s just my moment !
Natalie O.
Sit down and take time to enjoy your food definitely helps. If you don't have time, then make time. I am a student that has a lot to do to make it through. Just try to enjoy your food so you could feel full, and your body knows that you eat.