What are you favorite high protein and high fat vegan breakfast recipes?

Maisie T.
I'm not too sure on this one. But I usually have two fried eggs with a handful of spinach and some banana/berries on the side.
Bella N.
So avocado is perfect for a high good fat vegan breakfast!

Recipe:avo 3 ways Vegan

1.get some nice and ripe avocado, mash it in a bowl with a bit of lemon juice, and spread on a toast of your choosing(I like paleo) .
Then make yourself your morning matcha, tea, or coffee and you are good to go!

2 avo pudding

Get maple syrup, cocoa powder, and well some old avocados

.5 tablespoons of maple syrup,
.3 medium sized avocados
.1 cup cocoa powder(you can add more if you’d like)

If you want you can try to whip it all up in a blender or food processor, but a good ol fork works fine.mash or whip until smooth and creamy, it is perfect with some frozen fruit!and you won’t even tell that there’s avocados in it if you don’t like avocados.

3.on another planet avo toast

Mash up one whole avocado and 1/2 of a tablespoon of lemon, then spread on toast, add hemp hearts, pepper, salt, and a little love.
Then to take it to another level top with a vegan egg.

I hope you enjoy!

Sheri Z.
A tofu scramble with veggies and avocado is so delicious, but my go-to for a quick and easy healthy vegan breakfast is oatmeal with blueberries or some other fruit, or maybe peanut butter toast on whole wheat bread with banana!
Sil S.
Unfortunately for yoy, I'm not vegan so I don't know many recipes that could go with your eating habits, but I hope my suggestion can still be useful: I love lupin flour. It is high in protein content, when compared to other flours. I use it in my pancakes to avoid mixing them with eggs, or I put it in my porridge when I don't feel like adding yogurt to it. As for fats, my go to choice would always be nuts or dark chocolate 😀
Navid N.
I'm not vegan, however I know that avocado is hight fat fruit that contains protein two but unfortunately I'm allergic to it. So, I would choose some nuts specially almonds which has more protein comparing to other nuts.
Pascale F.
Firstly, I eat a low fat diet, but I would recommend a smoothie made with strawberries and banana and vegan protein powder and if you want to up the fat content, you could add ground flax seeds or coconut oil.
Danile Z.
Hi! Some bread, cheese, dates, and a cup of tea. I love date٫ a small pearls full of energy and protein and fats you need to start a fabulous day!
Nat Rcio E.
Milk+banana+cocoa powder +sugar thick bananacocoa

Varan bhaat Bhaji poli


Idli sambar Chutney



Wanda Z.
I love making tofu scrambles with hasbrowns and lots of fried veggies and vegan sausages on the side. Breakfast burritos with beans, veggies, tofu scramble, and cheeze on whole wheat tortillas are another good idea. I also love to make chia pudding with oatmilk and berries the night before.
Bill F.
While I am unfamiliar with a vegan diet, I would recommend peanut butter and apples or another fruit. It’s very filling and depending on your peanut butter, you can get in quite a bit of protein. Another great breakfast idea is overnight oats. The main ingredients are oatmeal and milk but after that, you can add what you want. I add lots of protein powder and banana so I can get the full effect out of this nutritious breakfast. Try looking at some recipes online!