What is a quick, healthy breakfast that you prefer?

Kenan G.
Oats with fruits and honey. You can even make it from the night before so it's ready in the morning and have some overnight oats. They all great and easy to make and you can create variety by changing the fruits, add some chocolate or change the milk you're using. Simple and straight forward
Kelly W.
I quick yummy breakfast can be 2 boiled eggs a fruit bowl of ( blueberries, strawberries & banana) with 2 pieces of GOOD OLD (“Dave s Killer Bread” 21 Whole Grain and seeds) Some tea or a Nice cold glass of water…
Dawn Z.
I really like raisin bran with some milk. Some mornings I also have a bowl of plain yogurt with fruits and nuts. I usually have a cup of vanilla iced coffee as well and then I’m on my way!
Morgan Y.
I prefer fruits, because I don’t need to prepare, is just eat! Now it’s blackberry time, and we have a blackberry tree just in front of our house 😌
Roberta C.
An Italian caffelatte with my favourite Italian cookies or a typical pastry like bocconotti. I’m Italian so my breakfast is always sweet
Torcato C.
Hi! I love Rice bread from quacker with an slice of vegan cheese, vegan Mayo, and veggie salami slice you can addd eggs or in my case tofu if I have more time and of course I’m working on being vegan but if u aren’t you can use regular Mayo, cheese and meat! Rice bread by quacker guarantees an easy breakfast and a non caloric meal! Hope it’s has been easy to understand ❤️