What is the best winter vegetable for breakfast?

Sam Y.
Starting your day off with vegetables is a good kick start to the day it will keep you energized in the cold breezy weather,where we all tend to feel lazy and dont want to get out of our beds , try eating green vegetable salad like broccoli, lettuce , and also add a red to it by adding some tomatoes and topping it with your favourite seasonings this will give you the best taste you need in the morning club it with a hot cup of green tea in the foggy weather ❤💯

Afia N.
In my country we do not have the winter season. We only have a wet and dry season. However most of the veggies we consume include: carrots, corn, bell peppers, pumpkin

Asra N.
I think the best winter veggie for breakfast would be potatos or carrots, both have different reasons of why they are good, potatos you can make hash browns or pan fried potatoes