I don’t feel hungry when I wake up. It takes about 2 hours for me to get hungry. I want to eat intuitively and I often feel like having breakfast on the train, what type of food can I have as a healthy quick and not messy option?

Diane X.
Dried fruits, drinkable yogurts, rice/mais crackers, nuts. You can prepare all in a small reusable bag at the evening so in the morning you just have to grab it
Aish Y.
You can keep nuts like almonds, walnuts etc and raisins with you, if you are not allergic to nuts. Also Energy bars, or cheese cubes, beef jerky beef sticks etc. You can make a smoothie by blending yogurt, water, fruits/berries, nuts, etc n then add chia seeds. It's very filling and you can take it with you. Some milk shakes may be. Banana walnut milkshake. 🙂
Byron W.
Hi. I sometimes feel not hungry in the morning too! And I try to not to leave the house without eating something because that's obviously not good for my body. I advise you to eat something light like a boiled egg or some fruits ( an apple, a banana, a peach, some strawberries…) You can also have a protein bar , that will keep you energized until breakfast time.