Do you eatbreakfast everyday, sitting down, daily? Do you skip it? Or do you eat rushed standing or walking?

Jason C.
Yes I do, breakfast is my favourite meal so I reserve 20 min for that every day. Sometimes I leave a bowl of overnight oats in the fridge the night before so I have them ready for the next day. If I have time I make eggs but if not, a bowl of cereal or oats with a fruit is great!
Vili P.
Honestly, I only consider my breakfast during my vacations. Else, I always forget about it, then I get surprised by my hunger in the break time at school. I try to plan ahead my meal, but I also fly away from that when studying gets too tough.
Tara E.
When possible, I eat sitting. Sometimes there's just no time so I have to eat on the run. However, I can't skip it. I get horrible hunger headaches.
Thomas G.
Of course!! I have brakfast everyday. It's also about my culture. I from Turkey and here we all have big, strong breakfasts! I wake up early to not rush to eat in the mornings. Also prepare my lunch for school too. I think gettig up aerly is key here. 🧡
Maeve O.
On days that I do have breakfast I tend to rush through it. However most days I skip breakfast which makes me compensate by having a larger earlier lunch.
Leslie A.
I think breakfast should be eaten while sitting and relaxed. But that is difficult for most. A healthy breakfast on the run is better than no breakfast!
Maya J.
I eat breakfast sitting down daily. I eat at a screen working which I should aim to do before in a more relaxed experience
Nikolaj F.
Generally, I skip it because I wake up too late in the afternoon, and that's because I cannot sleep early, I'm used to go to bed very late, and that's horrible, I need to avoid all night rotten distractions.
Hanspeter Y.
I drink a glass of water and then eat a serving or two of mixed nuts. Generally, I'm standing, as I graze on them while getting my kid's lunches for school ready.
Eugenia N.
So, I have a very funny schedule. I wake up early and have coffee, maybe a fruit, before starting the day. I'll then stop around 10 to eat something like eggs, or have a protein shake. I like to sit (especially with my coffee), but I really couldn't stomach -nor make time for- a full breakfast in the morning.
Paula N.
Usually, I sit down for breakfast but sometimes I need to rush if I have appointments and getting myself and my 5-month-old ready takes more time than expected.
Daniel R.
Do I eat breakfast everyday The simple answer is kind of yes I do eat something for breakfast but is it consistent am I preparing something good and healthy for myself am I sitting down at the table or at the island and enjoying the food hit my taste buds no rarely ever. The times when I do eat breakfast is usually when Alex fixes it for me and that's about 1 or 2 times a week. What I usually have for breakfast is a cup of coffee and eggs or something out of the fridge but nothing consistent. When I was most happy and making breakfast on a consistent basis was when I had just one thing that I ate which was eggs diced with cheese on top of them.
Armand S.
I can very inconsistent with a healthy breakfast. Some days I wake, drink a coffee and my first meal will usually be lunch. Although, depending on the week and my routine I’m likely to maintain a healthy breakfast(if I have the time). This seems to alter at the weekends when I go out for food and see friends, my food choices aren’t the best.
Dirce N.
It is veey important for me to sit down and make time to enjoy breakfast. I make it extra special when everyone in the family is off work so we get some family time as well
Nancy N.
I eat breakfast standing up. I make toast and eat a banana and or a mandarin orange while waiting for the toaster. I share my fruit with my Lhasa Apso dog while we wait, so I eat slowly. When the paleo toast pops up, I spread guacamole on it. (My dog also likes guacamole, as it turns out. I give myself full calories for the fruit and toast; the dog gets 5-10%.
Jamie F.
I eat b'fast every and a mixture of all of the above. When I'm being good i sit and have an omelette, sometimes toast on the way out and sometimes take some oats to work with me
Anna P.
Honestly I eat rushed standing because it takes me a bit to get lunch around in the morning. Then I'm eating in the last 15 minutes to get out the door before I'm even dressed.
Floor X.
I always try to take my time for breakfast. It is the most important meal of the day, and it helps me to start my day in a positive state if mind.
Ross J.
I eat it everyday, but somedays i can’t be peacefully eating so i have to rush it a bit. Im trying to change that but depends on my job
Kimberly U.
I give myself the opportunity to sit down and eat breakfast everyday -no matter what. My spouse works graveyard, so it’s the only sit-down meal we spend together before I go to work and they go to bed.
Catalina V.
Personally, I LOVE breakfast. I always find time to eat in the morning but those few times a real meal isn’t an option I’ll make a quick protein shake or a fruit smoothie and have breakfast on the go. I like to sit down, with the tv off and think of the day that’s ahead. Maybe note my daily goals, practice languages on Duo and talk to my family 🙂 ideally I like to spend about 45 minutes having breakfast.
Theodore J.
I eat sitting down every day, making time to plan out my day, catch up on the news and prepare my mindset for the day ahead
Cecil G.
Most of the times, even if I eat not much, I sit to eat and drink coffee.
Few days, if I eat in a rush I eat a banana standing.
Mariam P.
I try to eat breakfast everyday. It’s usually fast and in the go. Most days though, I’d I’m not being intentional, I skip it. I know, that’s not always good.
Gunhild I.
I eat breakfast everyday, though most mornings during the week I fix some bread-to go and my travel mug with coffee. I rarely sit down during the week. But at weekends I take my time and usually have a bigger and more relaxed breakfast.