May you give me some examples to eat in breakfast?

Ethel Z.
I tend to opt for a plain, unsweetened granola/muesli, and add (again, unsweetened) dried fruit and seeds to spruce it up, as well as milk. Any milk will do, this depends upon diet and preference – as long as your meal isn't too dry. Half/a full pint of water accompanies my breakfast too, on the side. 🙂

Enrique C.
I make two eggs, one egg I remove the yoke, scramble it up and eat it on a flour tortilla. I add some salt peppers er and hot sauce for a kick to my metabolism.

Asta P.
I eat granola and fruit with greek yogurt. Or a hard boiled egg and some spinach. On the weekends I might make a vegetable omelette. I try to make sure that my breakfast has more protein than it has carbs or sugar, and that's my primary priority.

Dragan X.
Tente comer oq vc gosta, uma torrada, um ovo , um cereal, um nescal.
Mas tente sempre combinar coisas saudáveis junto, por exemplo, como o cereal mas com uma fruta. Come a torrada mas com margarina ou cream chees. Evite coisas q te dopem ou te faça sentir inchado e desanimado mais tarde, beba um duco ou água ao invés de leite ou café.
E sempre busque algo q te satisfaça fisica e espiritualmente, lembre tropeços e quedas existem, mas só ganha a corrida quem se levanta e recomeça a acelerar

Penny T.
My favourite healthy breakfast is a bowl with:
A smoothie made with 1banana
1/2 (mango or kiwi or papaya or strawberry or every other fruit you like)

A little spoon of honey

Some granola with seeds

Francis U.
I definitely like fruit in the morning since it’s a very on the go breakfast. But sometimes I like to eat cereal cuz I like cereal. So I think it depends on the day and I definitely need to be switching it up or else I don’t think I could keep it up.

Ruby C.
Hi there! I'm Martina. I don't know much about breakfast but I'm trying to do my best to eat an healthy and properly breakfast when I wake up. Yesterday, while I was at the supermarket, I realized that all the peanut butters in the shop were plenty of salt, sugar and additional fats so I decided to make my own homemade peanut butter. It was great and extremely easy to make! So this morning I have eat a bowl of spelt with an apple and a little bit of peanut butter. It tasted really great. Maybe you can try to eat some non processed cereal with fruit and peanut butter. Peanut butter is really great because it is a little bit salty and it is a food pretty proteic. I hope you had find all of this useful, have a nice breakfast!

Conrado E.
A good breakfast could consist of oatmeal, eggs, toast, or a fruit of your liking. Don’t like eggs? Find a different food that is comfortable to you. Don’t fall into pressure to eat eggs if you don’t like them. There are plenty of other ways to enjoy a great breakfast! Remember though, whole grains are healthier for you and trans fats are very bad. Have a great breakfast! 🍵☀️

Harold Q.
Boiled egg and an orange, apple and Wheaties, assorted fruit (mango, strawberries, blackberries) mixed with vanilla non fat Greek yogurt
And a cup of coffee every morning

Veronique Q.
Hi some of the breakfast i made are easy and simple i had some toast with butter and apple sauce, another one scrambled eggs with sausage bacon bits and maple syrup added in it(you can add ehat you want) i cooked it all together and put it in a wrap you can add fruits on the side to go with that

Reno P.
Smoothie: blueberries, strawberries, protein powder, half avocado, half banana, flax seeds, chia seeds, almond milk, kale

Judd A.
Hey there.
The best breakfast is eating protein to fuel your energy and help you feel energetic for a long time.
Egges are common and well known and full of protein.
You should avoid food crashers like pancakes, donuts or anything sugary because it boosts your energy up high and in no time it will fade as if you ate nothing.
Go for proteins.
Best of luck for you.

Christine G.
I'm not a huge breakfast person, so it can be difficult. Fruit has been great, even a fruit smoothie! I use frozen fruit, Greek yogurt, honey to sweeten, then juice or almond milk. It's easy to add flax seed to as well, and some combos are delicious with peanut or almond butter for added protein.

Other than that, I do Greek yogurt with fruit (blueberries, raspberries…something I can just throw in there), a little honey and occasionally some granola. Then half of a whole wheat bagel with peanut or almond butter as well. I don't eat much overall and have Crohn's, so it can be difficult for me to find something I want to eat that is also good for me and that my body will tolerate. I start with something I love and know I can tolerate (fruit and peanut butter) and see how I can add to or adjust it to make it a breakfast item.

Kayla N.
I love the classic avocado and egg on toast, sometimes avocado, a slice of cheese and tuna is great on toast as well. Any kind of fruit smoothie is a great idea also. I usually buy the Boost smoothie packets from my supermarket, which are quick and easy to throw in the blender as it’s already prepared with all the frozen fruits I need. All I have to do is add milk. Cereal is a great and simple breakfast, for example Special K, Weetbix or Oats with some Almond milk. Banana pancakes are a great one. You can find recipes online, it’s a healthy version of original pancakes and full of protein. Protein bars are great as well, along with your favourite smoothie or a glass of almond milk. Hope this helps 🙂

Oana E.
Lately I like breadsticks with hummus and cauliflower, or some fruits, or greek yogurt with oats, raisins, walnuts and banana.

Anne N.
Some breakfast ideas are: fruit, biscuits, tea (with honey instead of sugar and if you want some orange juice, it’s delicious), yogurt, smoothies, milk, bread/crispbread with jam(and butter if you like it) or chocolate (The vegan one is really good), cereal/cornflakes..Instead, if you prefer a savoury breakfast, you could eat: eggs, toast,cheese,omelet,sandwich,everything joined by a beverage. (Juices,water with lemon, milk, tea, coffee..)

Gabrielle P.
If you feel like chewing the go for an apple, banana, or oatmeal porridge (add honey or berries if you have a sweet tooth. If you're like me and hate chewing first thing in the morning, try yoghurt or a smoothie instead.

Lacy Y.
Overnight oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, scrambled egg as with spinach, onions and tomatoes. Avocado with an egg baked in the middle.

Meral U.
Some mornings I cook an egg and have a small bowl of cereal on the side. If I'm running late for work I'll put a frozen waffle in the toaster and spread some peanut butter on it or make some quick roll-ups of lunch meat and cheese.

Emily Z.
I’ve been enjoying eating oatmeal with apples and cinnamon. I usually drink water or tea on the side, but this morning has some coffee without adding a lot of sugar. Eggs and greens also make good options. I think that in general, if you stay away from very sugary options, and incorporate as many fruits and veggies as possible, you’ll be off to a great start! Also I like to make sure I’m well hydrated. Otherwise I tend to overeat. Hope that helps! 🙂

Eloane F.
Olives, cheese, cucumber, cherry tomatoes and a hand full of nuts served with black tea is my go to breakfast. But you must first desalinate the olives by keeping them in fresh water for at least two days. Bon apetit! 😉

Katrine U.
Eat your breakfast with vegetables. For example, mix your fried tempura nuggets with lettuce or a simple sandwich. Next, you can add fruits too. A rooled or instant oatmeal will taste better when added dates, strawberry and bluebeery. Also don't forget to add some protein meal like egg. That's all my idea for cheap breakfast that anyone can do.

Julie F.
Soy yogurt with fruits (whatever is in the season), oat flakes, nuts, whatever you have.
Toast with avocado and tomato.
Smoothie with soy protein powder (if you do sports), frozen fruit/veggies. Some seeds. Just like a milkshake, but healthy!

Valery Q.
Pancakes made with oatmeal instead flour, eggs, almond milk, banana and for the topping add some fruits like banana, strawberries and peanut butter

Alex T.
I eat an egg with avocado on whole wheat toast almost every day. Because it’s really good and has the right mix of protein, fat and carbs in it. So I’m full for a long time. To mix it up, sometimes I’ll make a smoothie with protein powder in it when I want something sweet. Or oatmeal with fruit and seeds when I want something else that’s easy. There’s lots of recipes online. I’d try out different ones until you find your favorite! Good luck on your breakfast mission 🙂

Estefania C.
I started making this breakfast smoothie it holds
1 cup soy milk
1/2 cup rolled oats
1 banana, broken into chunks
14 frozen strawberries
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 teaspoons white sugar

Marion P.
I typically always have some fruit on hand, then I have scrambled eggs or oatmeal. I add a few chocolate chips and craisins into my oatmeal to make it interesting. I’ll sometimes have some cheese or milk as well. However, if I have time on the weekend I might cook brunch or something.

Ana Z.
Porridge (oats and soy milk) + peneaut butter+ Cooked apple + chia seeds

Toast + peneaut butter + tea

Coconout yougurt+ fruit+ homemade granola

Homemade pancaques + peneaut butter + wild berries/ straberries

Ellie S.
I usually drink a homemade fruit smoothie with protein powder in it. If I don't have the time, I'll eat 2 bananas and a spoonful of peanut butter.

Lise S.
Greek yogurt with berries and granola, chaffles (which you can make ahead of time), steel-cut oatmeal with nuts and fresh fruit,

Cholena F.
Oatmeal and fruit is a go to but if a need an even quicker meal I go fo cereal and fruit. My favorites are eggs any style and recently I’ve been into avocado toast.

Romina F.
omelet with three eggs (made in a teflon pan with a splash of oil or better without), a small piece of cheese, a slice of pressed ham and vegetables full.

Gaya O.
2 pieces of whole wheat bread with almond or peanut butter and a fruit on the side.
Or, a bowl of oatmeal with fruit, seeds and almond butter.

Hector A.
1. Scrambled eggs with onion
2. Banana pancake ( 1 banana + 1 egg) no flour or milk.
3. Sandwich with egg and avocado
4. Fruit salad

Lucy F.
I usually have two poached eggs on potato scones with some green beans or broccoli on the side OR porridge with chia seeds (soaked overnight) and nuts and some fruit OR if I'm in a rush a banana with oatcakes and peanut butter.

Raimundo N.
A poached egg and slice of toast with a small glass of fresh juice. Oatmeal. 1/3 cup of greek yogurt with granola. A salad with walnuts and apple cider vinegar dressing.

Cece L.
It’s always good to eat something with protein and something with some nutrients to keep you full throughout the day, such as the normal American style breakfast (eggs, bacon, and a piece of toast). Oatmeal is also a great breakfast that you can customize with fruits and nuts. Granola and yogurt are also good breakfast items. Just make sure to include some fruits or vegetables in your breakfast as well as natural protein. Just having a good bowl of healthy cereal with some fruit on the side is a good breakfast as well!

Stacey E.
For me, breakfast is the kickstart for me to eat better throughout the test of my day. So, I like to add eggs for my protein, turkey meat, avocado on toast for my healthy fat and I'll add some fresh fruit to go with it like berries. Maybe orange juice.

April P.
A smoothie, whole wheat toast with avacado (no butter), fruit, healthy oatmeal, and other things that have many good calories.

Yi Z.
My breakfasts are usually very similar every morning:
Water,coffee and eggs. Sometimes I will have one toast with peanut butter and jam.l, but most of the time I try to skip carbs.

Valda O.
Recently I ate some sliced proteic bread with slices of apple and I think this is perfect to keep you energy for a long time. Also I use to eat some salty almonds and if it happens I have a piece of flat olive bread because in Italy it's really tasty.