Should i include fruits on the breakfast since my body did not have food the night before

Zoe Z.
You didn't ate dinner wow
That's a really good start for you congratulations 👏i think that you should continue by drinking water every day when you wake up and it will be a good start eat some fruitsalad for breakfast with different fruits and a glass of water or a glass of fresh juice not coffee
Carmen F.
Hi there, I think it’s wonderful to think about what you fancy and what is healthy for breakfast. Once you find an overlap between the two of those, you are good 🙂 fruit can make a part of that but doesn’t have to, depending on your preferences.
Carlo T.
Personally I think that even if you miss a meal you have to act like nothing happened. The next meal you will eat the same and be happy for what you ate.
Billa C.
yes, it will give you extra vitamins and water included in the fruit which can help refresh yourself and get more energy for the morning. I tried it and i actually feel a difference, plus it will fill you up a little extra in the morning for an amazing start. i now have energy to start my work instead of lazing around.
Xrisanthi F.
I think that yes in order to get vitamins but on the other hand is not so necessary you can also eat brown bead with a little spoon of honey and peanut butter which either gives energy and then for brunch you can eat some fruits
Sammie Y.
Eating a balanced diet is part of self-care. I think breakfast should include whole grains to ensure you're getting enough fiber at the beginning of your day, protein, and fruit/veggie.
Jessica U.
Yes, if you would like a boost of something sweet in the morning. Paired with something like oatmeal or peanut butter then it's very healthy and more sustained.
L O Y.
Sure you do. Fruits have dozens of nutrients that help you kick off the day. Go ahead and eat dozens.
And don't forget to have dinner!!
Melinda O.
Yes, it's important to nourish the body with beautiful nutrients and vitamins to ensure all the cells, brain and functioning is working smoothly in the body, making me feel more telaxrdt.
Kasey O.
I reckon ypu should have either fruits in your breakfast ir a piece of fruit besides your breakfast. Not only will your body thank you for it but mentally you feel great having fruit in the morning.
Clara F.
You can include fruit as long as you are adding it to good proteins and fat to help slow the absorbtion/digestion of the fruit into sugars. Otherwise you will just end up having that spike of sugar and quickly following crash.
Dora E.
Yes you can.but you should know that fruits have alot of sugar and for your breakfast you must eat fruits with sth that has protein to slow down the sugar of fruits like a spoonful of peanut butter
Beth F.
In my opinion, yes! Why not? The natural sugar in the fruit will give you the necessary energy needed in your day without a hefty crash later.
Diana O.
You can include fruits. Whatever you do, do it in moderation. To have an apple or banana or something similar for breakfast is a great way to start the morning. However you must ensure that it is balanced with some healthy fats and protein. So perhaps some fruit with a little bit of egg and avocado. That way you ensure you have met all your nutritional needs. To eat only fruit might be a lot of sugar in one go!
Johnny Y.
Yes having natural fibres found in fruits and veg first thing in the morning can be very beneficial for your digestive system. Also it's a great way to get natural sugars first thing in the morning to give your body that extra little boost after being inactive for so long.
Carl W.
I would say yes, because it doesn’t hurt your body to eat fruits, not matter what. A simple and healthy breakfast idea in under 10 minutes is bread with avocado and eggs with a smoothie on the side. I eat this every day, and it fills you up and keeps you going until lunch. So again, my answer is yes. Fruit never hurts your body.