What are some good and easy to make vegan meals.

Rafael U.
Starting from avocados, toffu, oatmeals, and you could also try these "Impossible Burgers" they're fully no-animal meat and seems delicious.
Emily S.
Salad, if u chop up some vegetables that u like, enough for a few days, u can put them in zip lock bags and store them in the fridge for the next few days, that way u can just grab a handful of each veggie and chuck it in a bowl then your good to go! Hope I could help👍🏻
Anastasiia F.
Toast with any nut butter, jam or avocado.
Banana-based smoothies.
Protein or energy bars.
Oatmeal with fruits, seeds or nuts. I like to add oatmeal or buckwheat milk to it so it is lighter.
By the way, there is a list of quick snacks in the jorney section here, and there is a tasty smoothie recipe.
Ellen F.
I'm not really the right person to ask this, since I don't follow a vegan diet. I do however really like Niomi Smarts cookbook and YouTube channel, and she makes all vegan stuff.
Earl Q.
I am not vegan; but I will try. It should be something with a protien substitute like tofu or nuts. A garden salad could be one. Another is maybe an omelette with mushrooms, cheese, and spinach on it. Another are green smoothies where you can add nuts, chia seeds and fruits to it. Anything that has no meat but may have substitution to it to balance the diet and to make sure there's protien in it.