What are some great vegan options for breakfast?

Magarete J.
Iam sorry to say but, I'm not sure what there is out there for great vegan options. My best bet is to look around the Food Network,Cooking Channel,Cooking shows onPbs(like Martha Stewart to Americas Test Kitchen&Cooks Country)websites or shows on tv, also Racheal Rays tv show as well could help you out. I'm not vegan, just a good old fashion meat, potatoes, veggies, fruit, herbs and sweets kind of person.
Berta Q.
toast with mashed avocado and salt and pepper and tomato, a smoothie of bananas, berries, and kale, and there are lots of recipes on pinterest! that is where i find most of my inspiration 🙂
Franz F.
Here are some interesting ideas. Be sure to choose the healthy ones! https://itdoesnttastelikechicken.com/30-vegan-breakfast-recipes-that-arent-smoothies-oatmeal-or-energy-bars/
Absal O N.
I really enjoy overnight oats with soy yogurt, but if you want to go for more protein, you could try scrambled tofu or a chickpea salad (chickpeas, tomatoes, parsley,…). Enjoy! 🙂
Ramon J.
I think that oats are a great option if you like them. There’s plenty of options to customize them, too. I like adding pomegranate to mine this time of year.
Debbie W.
Steamed rice, steamed veggies like string beans or spinach with little salt and lemon juice, plus overnight-marinated tofu are heavy enough to get you through half a day.

I tried eating overnight oats like most comments and posts I've read on vegan websites and groups recommend, but I found that it didn't make me feel as full as I would with a rice breakfast.

I've always been a breakfast person, and I noticed that I what I eat in the morning tends to influence my appetite the whole day. So I've learned that if I've eaten well during breakfast, that's an indicator for me that my day is going to be great. So for me, that means eating rice and veggies with protein.

Hope this helps.

Mathilde W.
A healthy soup to reestart all your organs: green onions (cut small)
Cilantro (cut small)
And fresh garlic
Salt and water ! It will make you feel really good along with a lot of fruit only of one kind and maybe get some rice cookies with chia seeds.
Jayden W.
I’d highly recommend some type of protein in the morning and carbohydrates for energy. For instance, Sweet Earth’s Vegan breakfast burritos or Benevolent Bacon, soyrizo, sweet potatoes, legumes, nuts, oats, nut butter, banana, oatmeal breakfast cookies or muffins, and/or alternative milks. You can always combine any of these items to make a delicious quick breakfast. Search for some vegan recipes to make or concoct your own.
Daniel U.
So great vegan breakfast could be smoothies or maybe a sandwich with eggs avocado pepper salt I hope that helped bc im not vegan so im not sure what food to say
Tommy U.
I usually have rolled oats with oatly milk and a topping, either dark chocolate, bananas or maple syrup but there's tonnes to go for (nuts and seeds and dried fruit and all sorts)
This morning I was in a rush so I just grabbed a banana and I feel better for it, you can also have apple slices with peanut butter and seeds (my friend does this)
Also avocado on toast is a good one!
Aaron P.
Vega One protein shake made of pea protein and other vegetable proteins. Tastes great and has lots of omegas to help with stress.
Udo X.
Nuts and fruit.