Do you have any healthy, low-cost breakfasts that are fast to make?

Tucha P.
I don’t know about you, but I really love oatmeal. You can add any fruit you feel like so it’s definitely healthy. Another go-to is some toast. I personally love avocados, mayonnaise and ham toast. All you have to do is take some avocados smash them and put on the toast, add mayonnaise and ham on top!
Muaza Z.
In a pan put these in the following order-
Olive oil (or any healthy oil)
Some diced onion
Some diced Garlic
Diced Tomatoes (plus add in if you have any other veggies)
Add salt, black pepper, chilli flackes
Add soy sauce
After a while add one (or more) egg over it , sprinkle salt over egg
Cover the lid in low flame
You can add some cheese too.
It literally takes less than 20 min for one person
You can eat it just it or with bread
Elizabeth C.
I buy easy, light, on the go breakfast. I can’t really eat a lot in the morning plus I’m usually running late so my go to breakfast meals are: fruit cups, yogart, parfait w fruit, granola bars, breakfast cakes, honeybun, coffee cakes, etc.