What do you eat on mornings where you feel nauseous or don’t have an appetite?

Clarinda I.
Fruit usually helps – it’s easier to talk yourself into eating one blueberry (and you can always eat one more and one more and… you get the idea) than for example an egg. When I’m feeling sick or when I’m not hungry or just don’t want to eat, small fruit (or fruit cut into small pieces) is my best friend.
Edelbert E.
I have only just begun my long journey to goal. So far I have completed the water drinking challenge and the Breakfast in the morning challenge. Tomorrow I begin my exercise challenge. I haven’t yet encountered nausea in the morning but sometimes I don’t feel hungry in the morning. When this happens I eat a small breakfast anyway. I rotate between oatmeal w/walnuts with raisins, sunny side up eggs on Barley toast, and yogurt & granola. My Fabulous app has helped me to make the morning habit of eating a healthy protein mindful breakfast a new foundation in the re-building of my life.
Andreas B.
I feel like any sort of fresh fruit always seemed more appetizing than eggs or cereal on days that I didn't have an appetite.i could eat small amounts and it felt fresh versus heavy and boggy
Al Vio S.
Well, it’s hard, but I try when I can. Since I take meds in the morning, my tummy just doesn’t feel like munching something down. If I’m able to and not running super late, I try and grab a granola bar and maybe a piece of fruit. Grab and go snacks are good for someone like me to have when I’m not in the mood for breakfast. I like the Rx protein bars because they are low in sugar and have 10-12 g of protein. I also like having a cup of tea and a cup of coffee when I’m at work. I should probably invest in a Keirig machine, and always make sure I have breakfast bars on hand just in case. That way I can be sure I’m taking care of myself even if my body is making it a little more challenging.
Else X.
Depending on the reason, a more general option would be saltines, rice, or some toast. Limit the amounts of fat content and try to keep it protein rich.
Anolido P.
I typically do have some type of appetite in the morning. But, if it’s less than usual I’ll just do a protein+fruit smoothie. I’ve been trying to do a yogurt/granola combo and sometimes get too full so I’ve been making smaller portions…it does take some time to get used to eating breakfast. Good luck!
Leonard Q.
This is hardly ever for me, as I always look forward to a big breakfast. But on weird days, I will make myself a Spark by Advocare to give me my daily dose of vitamins. And then I will typically make myself have some sort of fruit.
Krin X.
I drink tea or just warm water. Warm drinks are better than lukewarm or cold water. After I feel better then I'll have a late breakfast that is not too heavy that it destroys my appetite for lunch.
Julie A.
If I feel nauseous or don't have an appetite I usually have some water or a glass of tea ….then if I can eat I have yogurt and some berries
Barbara F.
Some fruit and perhaps an yoghurt. Hopefully I’ll have a better appetite later in the day to compensate for the small breakfast.
Calvin J.
I prefer listening to my body and holding off on eating solids until I’m actually hungry. On days I know I will need all the energy I can get, I make a green juice with kale, cucumbers, celery, aloe vera juice and coconut water and then either drink it on the spot or take it with me.
Luna S.
I don't eat right when I get up. Usually if I'm not feeling hungry right when I get up, I am feeling hungry by the time I've been up for around 2 hours. If you're feeling nauseous, find things that help settle your stomach and keep them on hand. I keep peppermint candies personally; others like ginger candies or pickled ginger slices. In a pinch a cracker, piece of bread or some applesauce can calm down your stomach enough to start feeling hungry. Even warm water can be soothing on a delicate tummy.
Clarence P.
Appreciate that you even have time to have breakfast. I start work at 5am every day and live with my parents so i can't make any noise. Most mornings is either nothing or a ham and cheese roll. If you have time to eat just fucken eat!!
L Onie G.
My appetite is a weird little thing as it's almost 0 in the morning.
Usually I eat something light-ish, like oatmeal or a sandwitch with meat, cheese and vegetables in it, but when I know it's gonna be a long day I eat eggs (2-3 maybe 4) with wholemeal bread (1-2 slice should be enough) .
Always keep an eye out for portioning as you don't want to be full.
Good luck! 😊

Ulrike X.
Normally I don't have an appetite in the morning and I skip breakfast all together. However I try to eat something small like a granola bar or some ham and cheese just to get my day going.
Ivaldo F.
I think that would vary person to person, as somebody people have sensitivities to certain foods, i.e. gluten, dairy. But for me toast with a fried egg is usually very digestible.
Na L S.
As recommended a handfull of nuts. I will buy some dried cranberries to mix it with. Alternatively i can eat an apple or banana
Emily P.
I always have an appetite in the morning but if I did feel nauseous, I would eat yogurt and berries because it would go down easier than a solid.