Is it okay to eat toast with your breakfast?

Alexandra P.
Of course if u enjoy it ,maybe you can complement it with something else , it's more than ok , little pleasures make the life better, enjoy your toast .
Tag G.
Is there a reason why it wouldn't be?
Here are the too five reasons NOT to eat toast with breakfast:

1. You have a white shirt on and you can't eat toast without jelly.

2. You’ve only eaten cereal, oatmeal, or another carb filled food. Don't add toast to that.

3. You're on your way to a meeting and eating in your car. Too many crumbs!

4. There's only one piece of toast left and your partner or roommate hasn’t had breakfast yet.

5. You need that slice of bread to go with the soup and salad you’re planning to eat at lunch.

Maia N.
I think it’s okay, though I do not like eating toast for breakfast. Starting your day with something fresh, like fruit, is more ideal.
Jade P.
yes, toast especially ones in high grain are really good for you I don't know why but I just know they are. Also iñEzekiel bread is a great low calorie and still healthy supplement for regular toast
Storm N.
I don't know. I love toast so much, and I know bread is not very health. Therefore. I eat it at the breaksfast, so that I can digest it till the end of the day.
Lisa T.
It is okay to eat one piece of toast with your breakfast. It is recommended you put half an avocado in your toast as the topping.
Maria N.
I think that it is. It is preferable to have a satisfying breakfast cause it is the most important meal of the day. I usually prefer yogurt with wholegrain oat flakes but once in a while I m havinga wholemeal wheat toast with cheese and
Karl C.
i normally do eat toast with my breakfast. i wouldn’t eat the white breads however cause they are processed i would choose the healthier options. i do wat toast with avocado or eggs so it isn’t bland. i steer away from nutella with bread or sweet spreads for the morning
Beryl Q.
If the toast you are eating is accompanied with healthy foods such as almond butter, eggs, avocado or fruits. It’s even better if it’s soy or linseed toast rather than normal white yes it is okay to eat toast in breakfast as long as it’s the healthier option to start the day : >
Jackie E.
Hey! It is 100% okay to eat toast with your breakfast! Whole grain toast is the best option. I often make myself toast with a fried egg on top in the morning because it's easy and delicious! If I have more time, I love adding fresh veggies in scrambled eggs and putting it on my toast. Yummmm
Carl W.
Sure it is. I think at this point it's more about just getting a routine going. Whole wheat is better. The carbs in it last longer into the day. But if you're just starting don't worry too much. You can switch to whole grains later.
Sofia F.
I suppose yes. Your breakfast should put you in a new day with great energy. So toast with butter and avocado or with something sweet. And of course if you like toasts it would be superb to eat what you really love😉
Olivia Y.
Well, if you like toast and it doesn't make your stomach mad, then uh… Yeah, buddy, feel free to eat your toast with my wholehearted blessing.
Billy E.
Yes , you can have a mixed veggeis toast and you can also have peanut butter sandwich and top it with some banana pieces or chia seeds
Brooklynn T.
Yes! I do lotsss. Paired with peanut butter it can be pretty high calorie and complement a green smoothie well. However, if you’re eating oatmeal or another high calorie high carb choice, maybe replace that toast with some light fruit or ditch it altogether
Maeve F.
I would say yes, as long as it's wholemeal as that is a good source of fibre. So with a good protein too I think it would be a good breakfast