What sort of breakfast options are great for on the go?

Ricky U.
1. Peanut Butter and Multigrain bread
2. Any non citrus Fruit combined with coconut water
3. Coconut Water
4. Besan Dosas.. they are very instant
5. Keeping pulses for 3-4 days to sprout.. so instantly I can make a salad… moong salad is heavy
6. Raagi Malt, with curd drunk as chaach
7. Poha, wet it and mix with curd nd a chonk is all u need.
Beril G.
Actually I am not breakfast people but I try to have this habit with fabulous. I prefer to have breakfast after min 2 hours after my wake up. Also fresh fruit and vegetables are my first options. I am not big fan of bread or something like that.