What do you tell yourself or do to stay on track in restaurants? Or do you feel you need to avoid eating out?

Aariya X.
sue to covid i haven’t really been eating out as much, but when i eat out, i try to limit it to once a week, or if i eat out more than once.. at most 3 times a week… it has to be something healthy like a chipotle bowl or like a falafel wrap… i hope this helps!!
Clarence E.
i have struggled with eating disorders my whole life, and that has caused me to be absolutely terrified of eating in public because of the idea that people who see i’m fat are going to think badly of me seeing that i’m literally eating to survive. when i have to go to a restaurant because my parents don’t know about my struggles, i get extremely insecure and i always feel like crying. but i don’t try to eat “healthy” or track the calories. o try to enjoy it as much as i can. the only different thing is that i eat very slow, i don’t know why though.